Apoquel For Dogs – A Guide To Apoquel Uses, Side Effects And Dosage

Apoquel For Dogs: A Guide To Apoquel Uses, Side Effects And Dosage

The following are some of the most common side effects of apoquel for dogs. These are not all possible side effects of apoquel but they are the most commonly reported ones. If you experience any other symptoms after taking apoquel please contact your veterinarian immediately.


Difficulty breathing (breathing problems)

Feeling faint or dizzy when standing up quickly from sitting down position. This may cause falling over if it happens while running around. You will feel like you have been drugged if you take too much apoquel.

Your body may start feeling heavy and tired. The same thing can happen with apoquel overdose which causes collapse and death due to heart failure or blood clots in the lungs.


Muscle twitches (myoclonic seizures)

Nausea/vomiting. This may occur even at low doses. Some people report nausea, vomiting and diarrhea after taking apoquel.

This could be caused by the high amount of apoquel in your system causing stomach upset. Other possible reasons include liver damage or kidney failure. If you notice any unusual symptoms such as these then contact your veterinarian immediately!

Swelling of the face, paws (including between the toes), lips, eye and tongue. Itching and hair loss also occur in many dogs who take apoquel. These side effects are usually temporary and resolve themselves after the drug is cleared from your dog’s system.


Apoquel For Dogs – A Guide To Apoquel Uses, Side Effects And Dosage | thelabradordogs.com


Blood in the urine (hematuria)

Fever (pyrexia)

Kidney failure and liver damage (hepatotoxicity) are the most serious apoquel side effects. In fact, long-term use of Apoquel can lead to these problems. The signs may not be obvious at first so it is important that you report them to your veterinarian immediately.


Decreased appetite (anorexia)


Vomiting (emesis) These symptoms usually subside within a week of stopping apoquel. If they are serious then it is best to seek emergency veterinary treatment. Even if the side effects disappear after 7 days then you should still report them to your veterinarian as they may return after long-term use.

Euphoria, depression, suicidal tendencies.

Apoquel For Dogs: A Guide To Apoquel Uses, Side Effects And Dosage.

Apoquel is a relatively new anti-seizure medication used to prevent and control seizures in dogs. It is structurally similar to clobazam and is a type of benzodiazepine which explains why it is used for treating anxiety. It can also be used in the treatment of noise phobias, separation anxiety, social anxieties and other similar conditions affecting dogs of all ages (2).

Apoquel is only available via prescription and is not intended to be used without the supervision of a veterinarian. Owners should ensure that the tablets have been stored correctly and that the vet has provided the correct dosage for their dog. It is also important to follow any directions relating to when the drug should or should not be used, especially if your dog is taking other medicines (2).

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