Best Chew Toys For Puppies

Best Puppy Teething Toys For Puppies: What Are They?

There are various types of chew toys for dogs. Some are made from natural materials like wood or cotton while others have been coated with rubber or plastic. There are also some that have been specially designed to stimulate your pup’s chewing behavior. You may choose one based on your budget, time constraints, and what kind of chew toy you want to give him/her (or her).

Natural Chew Toys For Dogs

These are the most common kinds of chew toys for dogs. These products are made from natural materials such as wood, bone, grass, etc. These items will not cause any harm to your pup if ingested. However, they do contain no nutritional value and can be harmful to your pup if swallowed due to their high sugar content.

Natural chew toys usually come in small sizes which makes it difficult for your pup to swallow large amounts at once.

Chewing On Wood Or Cotton Chew Toys Can Be Harmful To Your Dog

Wood or cotton chew toys can be very dangerous for your dog if swallowed. These types of toys are typically made out of wood or cotton fibers and may contain toxic substances such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony and other heavy metals. If your pup ingests these materials it could cause damage to internal organs and even death.

Plastic Or Rubber Coated Chew Toys Are Also Not Suitable

These types of chew toys are often made out of hard rubber or plastic and have a coating of thin metal. If your dog ingests a large amount of these chew toys it can cause damage to the digestive system.

Specially Designed Dog Chew Toys To Stimulate Your Pup’s Chewing Instincts

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Some chew toys have been designed to fulfill your dog’s chewing behavior.

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