Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach Issues – Tips And Reviews

Best Senior Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach Problems: Tips & Reviews

We have seen many senior dogs suffering from digestive problems due to poor diet. They are not able to digest certain foods properly or they suffer from vomiting because of it.

Some of them even die due to it. There are some brands which claim that their products will solve all these issues but unfortunately, they don’t work out well at all.

The problem is that most of the seniors are fed poorly quality food. These brands may contain too much sugar, salt, fat, preservatives etc.

So when they start experiencing symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting then they just get worse and worse until they die from it.

In fact there are several reasons why senior dogs vomit blood and other unpleasant things. One of the main causes is a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Another reason could be that they are eating too much meat. Meat contains a lot of cholesterol which can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

Another thing which can happen if you feed your senior dog meat is that he might become obese and develop diabetes. Diabetes is one of the leading causes for death among humans as well as animals.

So how can you prevent all these issues?

The best way is to feed your dog with senior dog food. You may be thinking that dog food doesn’t have the same nutrients as that of human food. But you are wrong. Nowadays, dog food contains more vitamins and minerals which are good for your dogs and help them remain healthy.

The best part is that there are several brands available in the market which produce these foods. You have to be very careful though because not every brand delivers good quality.

Take Good Dog Food for example, this brand has been delivering good quality food for several years. There are hundreds of positive reviews about it which proves that it really works.

Some of the most common issues which can affect your dog’s sensitive stomach are excessive gas, diarrhea or vomiting. These can cause dehydration as well as malnutrition.

They can also affect your dog’s coat and skin making them dry and dull.

There are several symptoms which you can observe if you know what to look for. If your dog is vomiting a lot or has diarrhea then he might become very dehydrated and this can be fatal if not treated immediately.

A lack of certain vitamins and minerals can also cause health issues and even deformation.

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Your dog’s diet needs to have the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, calcium, phosphorus as well as other elements. Some dogs are allergic to certain food so they should not be given that.

For example, if your dog is vomiting or has diarrhea then you should change his diet immediately. You should also consult your veterinarian before giving him anything.

The best thing to do is read the list of ingredients in a food product before buying it. The fewer the ingredients the better because it means that the brand is relying on actual meat rather than fillers and flavor enhancers.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is to not over feed your dog. Overfeeding can cause several health issues such as digestive problems, heart diseases and obesity.

Always follow the instructions on the back of the food packaging. If in case you have extra questions, you can always consult a veterinarian for advice.

Food for dogs with sensitive stomachs should have the following characteristics:

Protein rich – As discussed above, the food should be rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats. A good option is to feed your dog any kind of meat (chicken, beef, lamb etc) which has been boiled or cooked slowly.

Eggs are also good protein supplements and can be given to your dog.

Natural food – The next most important thing is that the food should be natural. There are several foods nowadays which are chemically enhanced and might cause harm to your dog.

Always check the list of ingredients on the package before buying.

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Additives – It is always good to add some supplements to your dog’s diet in order to improve his health. For example, adding boiled eggs or bananas will provide potassium which is essential for a healthy heart and immune system in canines.

Adding fish oil can help manage skin conditions and allergies.

Dogs can eat human food?

Many pet owners think that it is a good idea to give their dogs human food. This might have been true in the past when dog food wasn’t invented yet, but nowadays it is best to give them a balanced diet rather than relying on temporary alternatives. That being said, there are some types of food which you can safely give to your furry friend.

Raw fruits and vegetables are always a good idea. Carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli are good options since they provide fiber and many essential nutrients for your dog’s well being.

Other foodstuff such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes should be avoided since they are mostly carbohydrates and can cause health issues.

Just like people, dogs can be picky eaters and might not enjoy their food every day. In this case you might have to experiment with different food types in order to find a brand which your dog likes.

Keep the snacks for special occasions rather than making it a daily routine. Obesity is a big problem among pets nowadays so be careful about the food that you give to your dog and how much of it.

Obesity can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. It also affects their overall well being and can cause mobility issues.

Young dogs are usually very energetic and require a lot of food to meet their daily energy requirements. In order to determine how much food your dog needs, you should follow these steps:

Decide how much you are willing to spend every month on your dog’s food.

Find out how much food your dog needs daily in order to maintain his weight. If your dog is an adult, the package on his food container should have all the information that you need.

If your dog is still a puppy, you will have to calculate his requirements based on his growth stage.

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Calculate how much money you have available to spend on food every month.

Find a food brand and type which is available at a price within your budget.

Pro Tip: Always buy in bulk since it is always cheaper than buying from a pet store.


Just like children, pet dogs tend to get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. Regular grooming is important since it helps remove dead fur and other waste which can cause health issues if not taken care of.

Frequent brushing is also important in order to maintain a healthy coat and skin. It also reduces shedding and other problems which can arise due to a poorly maintained coat.

Grooming also increases the bond between you and your pet so it is an important factor to keep in mind.

There are many different types of brushes available in the market. You should choose one depending on your dog’s coat type.

For example, if your dog has long hair you should choose a bristle brush with hard bristles since a comb will just get caught in the fur and will be difficult to use.

If your dog has a short coat then any type of brush will be suitable. Dog’s with curly hair should not be brushed too often since the fur can become frizzy if too much force is used while brushing.

Brushing your dog on a regular basis will also reduce shedding to a great extent and will keep dead fur from piling up around your home.

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Regardless of your dog’s coat type, there are some areas which require extra attention.

In order to keep your dog healthy and clean, you should familiarize yourself with the following areas and brush them on a weekly basis:

Ear Care:

Most dogs tend to develop problems in their ears on a regular basis. This is especially true if you like to go on walks or runs in wooded areas since dirt and other debris tend to enter your dog’s ears.

Most of the time, these problems can be solved by simply cleaning your dog’s ears. This will also make it less likely for mites and other parasites to infest his ears.

Brush around the outside of your dog’s ears to get rid of excess fur, dirt and other debris. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean out the inside of their ears.

Wipe downwards until you no longer see any dirt. Avoid pushing too hard since you could damage your dog’s ear drums.

Finally, remove excess water or debris from your dog’s ears using a dry cloth or towel.

Since most dogs are not fond of having their ears cleaned, you may need to purchase a pet ear cleaner and do it yourself. These products are usually alcohol based and come in a spray bottle.

You should spray a small amount into your dog’s ear and massage the base of the ear to loosen dirt and other waste. This waste can then be wiped out with a damp cloth or paper towel.

If you do this process once every week or two, your dog’s ears should remain clean and free of excess debris which could lead to ear infections.

Nail Trimming:

Just like humans, dogs need their finger and toenails trimmed on a regular basis. When nails are left untrimmed, they can curl into the paw and cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for your dog.

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Trimming your dog’s nails is relatively easy and painless as long as you take it slowly and don’t push your dog around.

Begin by gently grabbing your dog’s paw and inspecting the nails. If they look OK then you do not need to trim them at this time.

When you do trim your dog’s nails, only trim a little bit at a time. If you do it slowly, the bleeding will be minimal and your dog will be less likely to resist.

Trimming your dog’s nails is definitely a task which requires patience and practice so don’t get discouraged if your dog struggles the first few times.

Once you get the hang of it, nail trimming will become routine for both of you.

Ear Care and Nail Trimming are just two of the most common grooming activities that you will need to perform on a regular basis.

Combs, brushes, shampoos and other supplies will be required in order for you to keep your dog looking and smelling his best!

As you can see, there is a time and a bit of effort involved in caring for your dog. You will also need to make sure that he has plenty of fresh water available at all times.

This all might sound like a big hassle to you but just think about how great it will be when your dog wags his tail every time you walk into the room!

When you think about it, a happy and healthy dog more than makes up for the extra work and cost.

When you are confident that you understand the responsibilities of pet ownership, move on to the next section where you will learn about the advantages of having a dog.

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