Best Dog Gifts

Best Dog Gifts: Unique Dog Gifts For Dogs

Dog gift ideas are not limited only to dogs. There are many things that can make your pet feel special and happy.

Some of these items include; toys, clothes, food, treats, blankets or anything else that will give your dog pleasure. You may think that you have no idea what kind of dog gifts would be suitable for your furry friend but there are some great options out there!

1. Dog Toys

Toys are one of the best ways to show your dog affection and love. If you have a puppy then it is always good if they get something with wheels so that they can play with them while walking around outside.

A dog toy that has wheels makes it easier for them to walk around and allows them to explore new places without getting tired from moving all over the place.

If you want to give your dog something that they really like then consider buying a dog chew bone. These are very popular among dogs because they provide them with a nice treat when they eat them.

They are also great for training purposes since the dog gets rewarded every time it eats one.

2. Clothing For Your Dog

Dogs need clothing just like humans do too. While there are plenty of different types of clothing available, some dogs prefer certain kinds better than others.

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For instance, if you have a dog that stays outdoors a lot then you should buy them clothes that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

If you have a dog that stays indoors a lot then you can get them some sweaters or shirts that display your favorite sports team. The best thing to do is buy clothes for your dog based on their personality and the activities they like to do.

3. Dog Treats

Just like with humans, dog treats are a wonderful gift that most pets really enjoy. Some dog treats even have health benefits that can allow your pet to live a longer and healthier life.

Most dog owners give their furry friend some table scraps every now and then so this may not seem like a big gift but it’s the thought that counts!

4. A Collar

Every dog should have a collar. They can be stylish, funny or just plain ordinary but they always help owners identify and locate their pets if they ever get lost.

There are so many different styles and colors available that you’re sure to find one that matches your dog’s personality.

5. Dog Houses & Kennels

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If you plan on leaving your dog home alone for long periods of time then it might be a good idea to buy them a dog house or kennel. This will allow them to have a warm and comfortable place to sleep at night or if it gets too hot outside.

A lot of these structures can also double as outdoor doghouses if you’re looking to save some space.

6. Fancy Dog Bowls

Most dogs just eat and drink out of bowls that you can buy at any local supermarket but if you want to give them something a little nicer then you can buy them special bowls that are just for dogs. These bowls are more stylish and come in a variety of different colors and shapes.

7. Health Insurance

It may cost a little bit but health insurance for your dog might be well worth the price if your pet gets sick often. Like most people, dogs can get hurt pretty easily and if they need surgery then the bills can pile up quickly.

Health insurance for your dog will help pay for any medical bills that occur while keeping your pet healthy and happy.

8. A New Leash & Collar

Dogs are always growing and they tend to outgrow their collars and leashes fairly quickly. If your dog is still young and you don’t know its size then you should buy a new collar and leash so you’ll be able to easily identify your dog if it gets lost.

9. Toys

Most dogs love to play with toys. They keep them occupied, engaged and let them use up any extra energy they may have.

There are so many different types of dog toys available for purchase that you’re sure to find something your dog will enjoy no matter what its interests are.

10. A Dog House

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If you plan on leaving your dog outside unattended for long periods of time then you should make sure they have a dog house to sleep in. You can get these at most pet stores and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Chapter 3: Dogs & Babies

It should go without saying that dogs and babies are not the best of friends. It’s up to you whether or not you want to take the risk of having your dog around your infant but just remember that they are very different creatures with very different needs.

1. Always Watch Them

You should always watch your dog when it’s around your baby and you should keep them separated when you’re not around to supervise. A lot of dogs don’t like being poked and prodded by babies and they may end up hurting them without meaning to.

2. Make Sure The Dog’s Needs Are Met

You should make sure that your dog has everything it needs before you have a baby in the house. If you know your dog has certain habits or needs that aren’t going to be met because of the arrival of the baby then it might be best to find it a new home where it will get the love and attention it deserves.

3. Teach The Child About Dogs

Children love pets and dogs are generally easy to teach and learn from. You should make sure that the children in the home are taught how to treat and handle dogs.

They should know how to approach them, when it’s time to stop poking and prodding and other things of that nature.

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4. Be Prepared For Potential Problems

As with any animal, there is always a chance for a problem to occur. You should talk to your veterinarian and find out what the symptoms of a particular sickness are so you’ll know when to take the dog to the vet.

You should also keep the phone number for your local veterinary clinic handy in case something does happen and you need to call a doctor for your pet.

5. Respect Boundaries

Just because the dog has been living with you for a while doesn’t mean that it’s okay for your child to start treating it like a toy. Your child should be taught how to respect the dog’s boundaries just as they should be taught to do the same with other people’s property and pets.

6. Set Rules For Playing

Dogs like to play a lot and they can get pretty rambunctious. You should make sure that your children know how and when they can play with the dog and be sure to explain that playing with him too much or in the wrong way can be dangerous or hurt his feelings.

7. Supervise

You should always make sure that you’re around to supervise any interactions between your dog and your child. You never know when something unexpected may happen or if something may startle either party and cause a problem.

It isn’t uncommon for dogs and children to get along just fine but as a parent it’s your job to make sure that everyone is getting along and that the animals in your home are being taken care of properly.

These are just a few of the basics when bringing a dog into a home with children. Be sure to do your own research as well and always ask questions if something doesn’t seem to be quite right.

Training Your Dog

Dogs can be fun and enjoyable additions to a household but only if they’re properly trained from the beginning. If you’ve already got a dog then you’ll just need to follow these tips when it comes time to train them:

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1. Be Consistent

You should be sure to follow the same guidelines every time you want your dog to do something. For example, if you wish for your dog to stop jumping on people when they come over then you need to either tell it to stop or else punish it every single time it does so.

2. Understand Primitive Instincts

When training your dog you’ll want to be sure that you’re using language that the animal can easily understand. For example, if a child runs by the dog and they bark at it this could be out of fear.

In this situation you’ll need to train the dog that this is not something to be afraid of but fun and enjoyable.

3. Be Sure To Reward Proper Behavior

Once your dog has done something you want it to repeat, you should make sure that it knows it did a good job and get praise for it. This will help reinforce the behavior so that it will continue to happen.

4. Never Give Up

If you’ve been training your dog for a while and it still isn’t getting something right, don’t just give up on it. Instead, keep going until the dog has finally understood and you’ll be able to move on.

By following these tips you’ll be able to teach your dog all sorts of things to make its life easier and yours as well.


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One of the most important things that you’ll need to do when it comes to training your dog is housetraining. This simply means teaching the dog to go to the bathroom outside and not inside.

While this seems like it should be a given, it can actually be quite difficult depending on the dog:

1. Paper Training

The first thing you should do is paper train your dog. This means providing it with some newspaper in a specific area of the house.

Whenever the dog goes to the bathroom on the paper, you should praise it and give it a treat. This will help encourage the behavior whenever it needs to go again.

2. Watch For The Signs

You should always be watching your dog for certain signs that it has to go outside. If you notice these signs, take it directly to its spot and wait for it to go.

When it does, you should praise it and give it a treat.

3. Take It Outside Often

You should also be taking your dog outside often during the day whenever you notice that it needs to go. This may seem like a hassle at first, but it will help a lot in the long run as you won’t have to worry about it making mistakes whenever you forget to take it outside in time.


Dogs are known for barking and this can sometimes be quite the annoyance whenever you’re trying to watch TV or sleep. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of barking that your dog does:

1. Redirect The Behavior

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If your dog is barking because it’s hungry or wants to go outside, then it’s natural for these things. However, if it’s barking at nothing or at something outside, then you need to redirect its attention to something else.

For example, if your dog is barking at nothing, then throw a ball at it to get its attention away from nothing and to the ball. In most cases, this will work very well and the dog will be barking at the ball instead of nothing.

2. Train It To Be Quiet

You can also train your dog to be quiet whenever you want it to. All you have to do is simply tell it “Quiet” or “Shhh” whenever it starts barking and eventually, it’ll learn that when you say that, it should be quiet.

3. Distract It

If your dog just won’t stop barking for whatever reason, then you’ll need to distract it from that behavior. You can do this by doing something like throwing a ball at it to get its attention or taking it for a walk.

Remember, dogs are creatures of habit and if you take it outside every time it starts barking, then it’ll learn that every time it barks, it gets taken outside. This will indirectly housetrain it as well as train it to stop barking whenever you don’t want it to.


Many dogs chew on things like your shoes, the floor, or even your furniture. This can be very annoying and sometimes costly as well.

However, there are ways to prevent this from happening:

1. Give It Chew Toys

One of the reasons that dogs chew on things is because they’re bored. They need something to do and the best way to prevent them from chewing on your stuff is to give them their own stuff to chew on.

These are called chew toys and you can buy a lot of these from pet stores or even online stores.

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2. Make It Fun For The Dog

Dogs like to play and have fun. However, some dogs don’t really play with their owners.

If this is the case with your dog, then you need to make playing fun for the dog so that it wants to play with you. Some people do this by running around the house with a toy in their hands and their dog chasing after them.

Other people throw the dog’s favorite toy up in the air and pretend to “fetch” it for the dog when he catches it. A lot of dogs really like it when you chase them too so do that whenever you can.

Make sure that you have a lot of fun with your dog as this is the best way to get it to have fun with you.


Many dogs like to get into things such as your drawers, your furniture, or even your trash. This can be very annoying and if your dog eats whatever it gets into, it can make them sick as well.

Here’s how to prevent this from happening:

1. Keep It Out Of Certain Rooms

You should keep your dog out of certain rooms in your house such as the bedroom, the bathroom and especially your office if you have one. This is because most of the stuff in these rooms is not edible or is very personal and you don’t want your dog messing with it.

You should also keep it out of the kitchen unless you have it on a leash or in some sort of box or cage as dogs like to eat stuff that is typically found in kitchens such as food, trash, and toothpaste.

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2. Give It Its Own Chew Toys And Treats

Another reason why dogs get into your stuff is that they’re looking for stuff to eat. Food is typically found wherever people are so your dog will probably be searching your room for food if you always have some in your pockets or drawers.

The best way to prevent this is to keep your dog’s food in one specific place and to also give it chew toys and treats that are specifically for dogs. You can do this by buying special stuff from pet stores or making your own.

Homemade stuff can include things like peanut butter smeared on a rope, cooked yam, or even pieces of hot dog.

The best way to get around this is to give your dog its own chew toys and treats so that it isn’t searching through your stuff for them. You can also keep food in certain places that your dog won’t search through or you can even put an electric mat in those drawers or closets to keep your dog away from them.

3. Don’t Punish It Whenever You Find It In Some Room That It’s Not Allowed To Be

It’s very easy to get angry with your dog whenever you catch it in a room that it’s not allowed to be in. After all, you spent a lot of time keeping your stuff organized and now it’s just ruined.

However, this is exactly what your dog wants to happen.

3. Make Sure It Gets Exercise

Not all dogs get hyperactive when they don’t get enough exercise. Some of them tend to become very lazy and will just find a comfortable place to lie down and sleep in such as under a table or inside a closet.

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If your dog is one of these types and you don’t want it sleeping in certain places in your house, then you have to make sure it gets the proper amount of exercise every day.

Dogs get excited when you get upset and they want you to act that way. If it can get a reaction out of you then it will probably do it over and over again because it knows that it will cause you to yell or do something else that’s entertaining to the dog.

Otherwise, it’s going to find a place to sleep and it won’t be where you want it to be.

If this is the case, then you will have to learn to stay calm and collected whenever it happens. You should also try to find other ways of entertaining your dog and showing it that you love it.

So if you ever catch your dog in some room that it’s not allowed to be in or doing something else that you don’t want it to do, then the best thing for you to do is ignore it and walk away.

4. Just act like nothing is wrong and go do something else.

This way, your dog will learn that whenever it does do something you don’t want it to do, it won’t get any attention from you at all which is what it wants in the first place. You can also encourage it to do other things that are more beneficial to you such as sitting quietly without doing anything you don’t want it to do or even fetching the remote for you whenever you want to watch TV.

Get It A Playmate

Another thing that you can do is get your dog a playmate. This is especially good for dogs that are left at home alone all day because it will have someone to keep it company and give it something else to do other than getting into trouble.

You can either adopt or buy another dog, but if you own a male dog then you should probably get a female one or the two of them are going to end up having puppies.

However, your dog might be one of those hyperactive breed types that needs a lot of exercise in order to stay calm and quiet. If this is the case, then you want to make sure that you are giving it the proper amount of exercise in order for it to stay happy and not bored.

Also, unless you seriously consider yourselves to be dog breeders, then avoid getting two males because they are more likely to end up fighting with one another especially if they are both fixed. You will also have to be extra careful that they don’t end up knocking over any of your stuff and damaging it.

You might even have to take it jogging or go for walks with it more than you do now.

Sometimes, dogs get bored and they don’t know how to express this, so they start doing other things in order to entertain themselves such as chewing up your favorite pair of shoes or barking excessively.

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You can also get a dog that has been abandoned or lost by its former owner and is currently at the animal shelter. If you do this, then you will have to take extra care of it because it could be skittish around people if it has had a bad experience with them in the past.

Make sure to spend quality time with your new dog in order to gain its trust and it won’t be long before it’s happy and comfortable in its new home. This can be very annoying and it’s not good for your dog either because it needs to let out all that energy and doggy fun activities in a constructive manner.

You will also have to make sure that you’re giving it enough attention as well whenever it needs it and interacting with it.

This will also help it get rid of any nervous or separation anxiety problems that it might have.

If you are considering getting a new dog, then take a look at the different breeds and think about which one would be the best match for you.

For example, if you live in an apartment then a Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound is definitely not going to be the best choice because they need a lot of room to run around in.

If you get a young dog, then this will be easier to do since they tend to have more energy and need more attention since they’re still growing up. However, if you get an older dog, then it may already be set in its ways and be less energetic.

It probably won’t require as much exercise either, but you’ll still need to spend time interacting with it on a regular basis.

Also think about if you’re at home most of the time or not because if you are, then a herding breed is probably not what you want to get because they like to have a job to do and will make their own task which might involve things like chewing up your shoes or opening up your refrigerator.

You can even go so far as to adopt a pot-bellied pig because they are fairly clean, can be litter trained and can learn to do tricks.

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After you get your new dog, you’ll want to make sure that it stays healthy and does not catch any diseases or get injured. You can easily take it to the vet to get a checkup and have any issues they find treated right away.

Always keep your eyes out for any cuts or bruises on your pet since these can become infected quite easily and possibly require a vet visit. Plus they’re fairly intelligent, very social and get along well with other animals.

You will need to feed them a lot though because they are omnivores and tend to eat constantly. They’re also known for getting fat if they don’t get enough exercise which means you’ll have to take it for walks or put it in a area where it can roam around a bit.

Other options for pets are lizards or turtles because they are very low maintenance and self-sufficient. Dogs can even get heartworm which is a condition where the heart is attacked by parasites that get into your blood and are transmitted by mosquitoes.

These need to be treated right away or they can kill your pet. There are monthly medications that can prevent this from happening, so ask your veterinarian about this.

Cats on the other hand tend to be self-cleaning and not eat as much so they don’t get as fat as dogs do. They’re quite solitary animals though so if you do get one, don’t expect it to be social and always keep an eye out for hairball clogging up your toilet.

A hamster, guinea pig, or gerbil might be an option if you’re looking for a smaller pet. These are easy to feed and take care of, but they do require plenty of attention.

While some people do own lizards or turtles as a pet, these animals tend to have specific needs that not everyone is willing to fulfill so think carefully before you get one.

Plus if you’re not home all the time, then they might get lonely and sad without you. If this is the case, then make sure you get it a friend so it’s not so lonely anymore.

Before you get any pet, do some research on what exactly is involved in the care of that pet first. Otherwise you may find that you’re unable to provide for it properly and it may end up getting sick and dying.

Tip: Don’t just get a pet for the heck of it. Make sure you’re fully prepared to take care of it for it’s entire life before getting one.

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Also be sure to consider if you’re going to have enough time to play with it and keep it socialized so it doesn’t get bored and sad.

Chapter 4

School and Career

When you reach school age, your parents will need to make a few decisions on what school you’ll be attending since this plays a big part in your future. There are many types of schools you can go to from private to public and even online options these days.

Schools can be expensive, especially private schools. You may have to do some research on scholarships if you find that the school you want to go to is too expensive.

There are also technical and community colleges that you may be able to attend instead of a traditional university. While these aren’t quite as prestigious, they at least get you out of the house and may even open up doors to employment opportunities that wouldn’t be available if you had a degree.

If you’re lucky, maybe one of your parents attended the same school and they might be able to pull some strings to help you get admitted for free or at a much lower tuition rate.

You can also look into financial aid and scholarships which can help minimize the costs. When it comes to grades, it really depends on the school as some are more lenient than others.

This may be helpful if you had a few mediocre years in high school.

If you want to party for the majority of your high school years and barely scrape by with passing grades, then it doesn’t really matter which school you go to–you’re not going to have the best career prospects if you don’t at least graduate.

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For the most part, public schools are supposed to be “free”. However, there may be other costs that aren’t so obvious.

Many public schools have a school uniform requirement, which may cost a few hundred dollars. There may also be fees for things such as using their library or other school facilities which can add up in a year.

If you’re dead set on going to a public school, research the requirements of said public school and see if you need to buy any additional equipment such as a school backpack, pencil box, or even a computer. These may cost a few hundred dollars as well.

There are also after school activities that you might want to participate in, such as sports or music lessons. While these aren’t required, they can help to flesh out your college applications and give you something to put on your resume’.

If you’re interested in these things, then find out the cost of these activities and weigh the costs against what you can afford.

If you’re a good enough musician, you may even be able to get a scholarship for it. There may also be some paid apprenticeships in your area in the field of music if you wanted to go that route.

As for sports, there are a lot of free options such as jogging or even just playing soccer in the park with a bunch of friends. If you wanted to join any teams, the cost can rack up though.

You may need certain equipment such as a baseball mitt or join fees. Joining a team can also cost money for things such as travel costs or equipment if you need special gear that isn’t normally available.

If you want to pursue music or sports, try to find out the costs associated with it and see if you can afford it all. If not, you may have to pick only one in order to save money.

Also, if you’re already committed to a musical instrument or sport, then you may want to stick with that in order to avoid learning a new skill altogether. This can help save money as well as not worrying about the hassle of learning a new skill set.

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If you do join a music group or sports team, make sure you enjoy it because you’ll be doing it a lot. Don’t just join because your friends are in it.

There’s a chance you may not like it at all.

If joining an activity isn’t your thing, then you can always go with the classic hobby such as painting or writing. Doesn’t matter if it’s painting pictures or painting furniture, it’ll keep your mind occupied and you’ll have something to show for it when you’re all grown up.

If all else fails, you can always resort to doing things yourself such as fixing things around the house or building something. This may sound a bit too daunting, but there are plenty of online tutorials to help you get started and it’ll give you a sense of accomplishment when its all said and done.

In any case, you need to find something that YOU enjoy because you’re going to be doing this for a long time.

Too bad gaming doesn’t count as a hobby.

Part 3

Greetings and salutations young Padawan. If you’re reading this, then you’ve chosen the correct career path and are well on your way to becoming a fully-fledged hacker!

However, you are not there yet and there is still much to learn.

Hacking can be divided into three different types: White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat. While some people try to avoid this terminology, it is important that you understand the difference between them.

White Hat: These are the “heroes” of the hacking world. They are primarily concerned with keeping the internet safe from viruses and hostile attacks.

They expose security flaws in systems in order to pressure companies into fixing them. Occasionally they’ll perform harmless hacks such as changing a website’s logo to read “Hacked by #G33kz” but these are always quickly corrected, albeit after much bragging online by the White Hat who did it.

Grey Hat: The Grey Hats occupy a moral grey area. They aren’t out to destroy systems or steal information but they’re also not out to protect them like the White Hats.

Most often they’ll perform the same actions as a White Hat although for different reasons. Grey Hats do it for notoriety and to prove that they can. They’ll stay close to the line of legality or even cross it from time to time but they know when to stop before they’re caught.

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Black Hat: As you might expect, these guys are the “bad guys”. They are out to make money at the expense of others.

Stealing information is their primary goal but Black Hats are well known for unleashing viruses and other hostile attacks. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they’re having fun and making money.

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