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Best Dog Nail Grinders: Conair Pro Dog Nail Grinder Replacement Tips

The most popular type of dog nails are those made from the canine teeth. They have a smooth surface which makes them suitable for all kinds of applications such as trimming fur or even making jewelry out of them. However, they do not last very long because they break down over time due to wear and tear.

You may want to replace your old dog nails with new ones, but there are several things you need to consider before doing so.

When it comes to replacing your dog’s old dog nails, you will first need to decide what kind of nail file you would like to use. There are two types of files available for dogs: one is a diamond sharpening tool and the other is a flat nicking tool. Both types work differently and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Diamond Sharpening Tool

These tools are designed specifically for removing worn out or damaged dog nails. They are usually used to sharpen dog teeth and can be purchased at any veterinary office. These tools come in different sizes and shapes depending on how much pressure you wish to apply when using them.

Some of these tools can only be used on certain kinds of nails while others can be used on all types of nails.

Nicking Tool

A nicking tool is a flat blade that is used to cut a dog’s nails. The tool is placed on the tip of the nail and a lever is moved, which makes a very thin incision into the nail. This process is repeated several times until the desired length is achieved.

These tools come in several sizes that are designed for different types of nails.

Best Dog Nail Grinder: ConairPro Professional Dog Nail Grinder

There are several different types of dog nail grinders on the market today. The most popular of these products include the petra dog grinder, the dremel dog grinder, the ferraguard dog grinder and the cordless dog grinder. Each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should take into consideration before making a final decision.

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Petra Dog Grinder

This tool is a small grinder that is designed for grooming dogs at home. It comes with several different grinding heads that can be interchanged depending on the type of nail you are working on. This tool effectively grinds the nail without having to apply too much pressure.

It uses a standard AA battery and can be used for a long period of time before needing to be replaced. The only major downside to this product is that it is noisy and may scare your dog when in use.

Dremel Dog Grinder

The dremel dog grinder is one of the most popular types of grinders available on the market today. This tool uses a small cylindrical grinding stone that spins at a very fast speed when the device is turned on. The grinder comes with several different bits that can be interchanged depending on the type of nail you are working on.

This tool is relatively quiet compared to other grinders on the market and can be safely used at home. The only major drawback to this product is that it uses a special circular grindstone that can be difficult to find when it needs to be replaced.

Ferraguard Dog Grinder

The ferraguard dog grinder is a small grinder that can be used to grind your dog’s nails. This tool uses a small blade to grind the nail instead of using sandpaper like other grinders. The tool is relatively inexpensive and can be easily replaced when necessary.

The only drawback to this product is that it uses a standard AA battery and only has a short operational time before it needs to be replaced.

Cordless Dog Grinder

This dog grinder is one of the most popular products on the market. The tool uses a small sandpaper disk that spins at a very high speed to grind the nail. This product uses a rechargeable battery and comes with a special guard to help capture the nail.

The only major drawback to this product is that it tends to vibrate excessively when in use and can be alarming to dogs and their owners.


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These tools are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. Some dog nail grinders are equipped with a handle for better control when grinding your dogs nails. These devices can be stored in small enclosures and don’t take up much space.

Other types of dog nail grinders are better suited for professional grooming salons that see many different dogs each day. These grinders are heavy duty and can grind through thick nails with ease.

How to Use a Dog Nail Grinder

Step 1: Get Comfortable The first thing you are going to need to do is get comfortable. Turn on some music, prop your dog’s foot up on a pillow or some sort of sturdy platform and make sure you have plenty of light. You may also want to enlist an assistant to help you hold your dog still.

Step 2: Sanding Discs vs Files Many nail grinders utilize sandpaper discs or emery grinding heads to grind your dog’s nails down. These products usually require the assistance of a file as well in order to achieve the desired length. Before you begin grinding, make sure to check your nail grinder for build up and remove any debris that could get caught in it when in use.

Step 3: Find the Right Length Before you begin grinding, you need to find a good length to grind your dog’s nails down to. You will need a set of nail clippers or dog nail clippers for this part. Once you have found the right size, write it down or remember it.

You will need to use this measurement again later.

Step 4: Start Grinding Begin by holding the grinder over your dog’s nail. Turn it on and allow the grinder to do the work. Be sure to move the grinder at a steady speed to avoid any snags or tears in your dog’s nail.

Step 5: Trim and Check When you are done, take a look at your dog’s nail. It should be smooth on the front end and may still have a point on the other. Take your clippers and trim off the excess material until there is no point anymore.

If you are satisfied with the length, you can stop here. If you want to continue, repeat these steps for each nail until they are all the correct length.

Step 6: Clean Up When you are done, you are going to need to clean your dog’s nails and the Nail Grinder. The best way to do this is with a buildup of soap and water. Be sure to allow time for the grinder to dry before putting it away.

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Step 7: Storage After your nail grinder has dried, you are ready to store it away until the next time you need to use it. The best place to store it is in the box or bag that it came in. You can also store it within easy reach so that you don’t have to spend much time looking for it next time you need to use it.

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