Best Dog Names

Top 100 Unique Male Dog Names

1. Biscuit – A biscuit is a small piece of bread made from flour, water, salt and yeast.

It usually comes with jam or jelly added to it.

2. Blob – A blob is a roundish object formed when many tiny particles are thrown together at high speed; such as when one throws a ball of paint at another person’s face 3.

Brownie – A brownie is a dessert consisting of chocolate cake, often served warm. 4. Bubbles – A bubble is a type of liquid that expands and contracts rapidly due to pressure or other forces 5.

Cabbage Soup – A cabbage soup is a dish made from chopped vegetables boiled in broth 6. Candy Canes – These are sticks with sharpened ends used for children’s games 7. Cat – A cat is a domestic feline species native to temperate regions 8. Chihuahua – A chihuahua is a breed of small dog originating in Mexico 9. Chocolate Chip Cookie – A cookie made with milk chocolate chips 10. Coffee Cake – A cake traditionally baked in the morning 11. Corn Dogs – These are large dogs typically weighing between 20-40 pounds 12. Cupcake – A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person 13. Deviled Egg – A deviled egg is an egg with the yolk mixed with mustard and mayonnaise 14. Doctor Fish – Fish used by vets to eat dead skin off the feet of animals 15. Dora The Explorer – A fictional human character in the Latin American country of Pixazon 16. Eeyore – A fictional character in a children’s book about a group of bears 17. Finger Painting – An art in which one takes pigments or dyes and smears or smudges them on a surface 18. Fishsticks – A standard food made by taking a fish and slicing it into pieces 19. Flamingo – A pink bird 20. Fluffy – Something soft 21. Fries – A fried pomaceous fruit, typically one of the edible parts of the plant Solanum tuberosum 22. Gerbera Daisy – A common garden flower of the Asteraceae family 23. Gloom – An emotional condition of extreme sadness or depression 24. Goldfish – A fish that is kept in a glass bowl so that children can spy on it 25. Hamburger – A patty made from ground meat 26. Honey Bee – A flying insect that produces honey 27. Hotdog – A sausage served within a split and cut bread roll 28. Huckleberry – A type of berry with a blue-black color 29. Jelly – A food spread made from fruit juice 30. Key Lime Pie – A pie made with key lime fruit 31. Lamb Chop – A young sheep 32. Lobster Tail – The meaty tail of a lobster 33. Mama Cass – (1943-1974) Singer 34. Marshmallow – A soft and lightweight candy 35. Mashed Potato – A dish often made from potatoes 36. Mister Rogers – US Television personality 37. Mummy – An ancient Egyptian corpse that has been preserved 38. Noodles – A strand-shaped pasta 39. Oatmeal – Ground oats cooked in liquid 40. Orphan – A child who has lost either one or both parents 41. Papa Bear – One of the three bears 42. Peanut Butter – Spread made from ground peanuts 43.

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