Best Guard Dogs: Which Vigilant Pup Will Protect Your Property

Best Guard Dog: Which Vigilant Pup Will Protect Your Property?

The following are some of the reasons why one would choose a dog over another.

1) You don’t want to spend money on a dog that may not do what it’s supposed to do.

2) You’re worried about your family members getting hurt or even killed if they get into an accident with the wrong person.

3) You’re concerned about being robbed.

A dog might bite someone trying to rob you, but it won’t stop them from doing so.

4) You’re worried about other animals attacking your house when there isn’t anyone home.

(You have no fence around your yard.)

5) There are too many dogs out there right now.

6) You want a dog that’s quiet and doesn’t bark all the time.

Some dogs are very loud.

There are several factors that go into choosing which guard dog to buy. Here are some of them:

1) Size: The size of the dog is probably the most important factor when selecting a guard dog.

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Smaller dogs tend to be quieter than larger ones, but they aren’t necessarily any less protective because of their smaller size.

2) Energy Level: A high-energy dog may not be the best choice if you’re not home a lot and it needs a lot of attention.

It could get destructive if it isn’t exercised enough. A dog that just sleeps all the time is probably not going to protect your house when you aren’t home.

3) Activity Level: Some dogs require a lot of activity, and others don’t.

If you’re home most of the time, a high-energy dog may not be the best choice if you don’t have time to exercise it. If you want a dog just to guard your house when you’re not home, a low-energy dog is a better choice.

4) Trainability: Not all dogs are easy to train.

Some just don’t seem to be able to learn basic obedience commands. Other dogs pick up commands very quickly.

You may want a dog that listens to you.


Activity Preferences: Do you want a dog that wants to be active all the time, or are you okay with a more laidback dog? Do you have time to exercise your dog, or is it going to be a problem if it needs to burn off energy in a long walk or jog?

6) Intensity: Different dogs have different temperaments. Some are very mellow and won’t bite anyone except when they need to. Other dogs will attack anything and anyone.

What kind of temperament do you want?


Size: Big or small? Tall or short?

Some may be better for defending your house from intruders, while others may work better if you have a smaller house or live in an apartment.


Age: How old does the dog need to be in order to do what you want it to do?

Puppies require a lot of time and effort before they grow up. On the other hand, a grown dog may cost more money.

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When it comes to these eight factors, you’re going to have to think about what’s most important to you and your situation. If you’re really concerned about security, then you should probably go with a professional who specializes in guarding your home or products.

A few other things to think about include cost, space, noise, and smell. These are all things you should consider before making a final decision.

You’re not really worried about security. You don’t really have anything worth stealing, and you’d rather not pay for a guard.

Maybe you just need something to make a little noise when someone approaches your house.

You go online and search for the best home security systems. Most of them just require you to have a cell phone, so that won’t be a problem.

You end up choosing the cheapest one that seems decent and that also has good reviews. The total price including shipping is $398, so you pay for it using your mom’s credit card. It should be here in a few days.

You then search online for a watchdog. Most of them are either too expensive or they’re giant dogs that would tear apart your house.

You don’t really like any of the ones you see, so you decide to make your own!

You hop on your computer and go to your favorite website, Craigslist, and post this ad:

You finish the ad and then click publish. You’re done!

Now all you have to do is wait for the responses to come in.

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When you wake up the next morning, you immediately check your phone. You have a response already!

You open up your email and read over what you’ve been sent.

Dear Dog Lover, I love dogs and have a bunch of them myself. I have a 2-year-old Shar Pei named Blue.

He doesn’t have papers, but he’s a really loving and gentle dog. It’d be perfect if you wanted to breed him, since his pups would most likely turn out to be nice dogs as well. I can mail him to you if you pay for shipping, or if you want to come pick him up, it’ll only be $200. Thanks!

I’m not sure if you’re looking for a male or female, but I just thought I should let you know that in the ad.

From: David

To: David

Alrighty then. This guy is pretty straightforward about his intentions.

At least he’s forthcoming, I’ll give him that.

You reply to the email and tell him that you’ll come pick up the dog myself, since you don’t really trust him shipping it to you. He replies back and gives you his address.

It’s up in the mountains, at least an hour away from your house, which seems a little strange. Most people post their ad in the city where they live.

You get in your car and drive up to the address you were given. The road to get there is pretty bumpy and muddy.

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Luckily, your car makes it to the top of the mountain where you see a small wooden cabin. A thin trail of smoke comes out of the cabin’s chimney and a few dogs start barking loudly when they hear your car pull up.

You walk up to the door and knock. The door is opened by a tall, scruffy man.

His face is hidden behind a thick beard and he’s wearing a plaid shirt. He looks you up and down before motioning for you to come in.

You step into his house and find that it’s very clean. His kitchen is spotless and doesn’t have a single dishes out, the floors are nicely mopped, and everything is organized.

You hear barking coming from another room and you turn to see five dogs of various breeds sitting around, all of them staring at you.

“Welcome! Welcome!” he says, “I wasn’t sure when you’d get here, so I started preparing everything.”

The man leads you into the room with the dogs. There’s a big table in the middle of the room with five leashes hooked to each corner.

Each is held by one of the dogs in the room, including the shar-pei.

Before we begin, I have to ask: are you left or right handed?”

You tell him that you’re right handed and he nods his head sagely.

“Good. We can get started, then.”

He hands you a wooden blade and tells you to hold it in your right hand. He starts going around to each dog and begins to yell out different commands.

“Sitz!” he yells, and the shar-pei immediately sits down on the ground, “Sprechen!” he cries, and the dog obediently barks, “Fliegen!” he commands, and the dog jumps up and runs around the table in circles, “Platz!” and the dog lays down on the ground.

The man carries on with the commands and you’re impressed by how easily the dog is obeying everything he says. After a few minutes, he picks up the dog and takes off it’s collar.

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He hands it to you.

“Here you go, the first one is free!

I have to ask though, are you planning on using these for hunting or personal defense?”

You hold up the collar and inspect it. It’s pretty plain, just a black leather collar with a metal stud in the front. The leather feels soft and comfortable and the metal stud is cold to the touch. You like it.

“Either or,” you say, “Probably both.”

The man nods his head in approval.

“Very good,” he says, “You seem like a man who knows how to handle himself out in the wild. I’m sure these will come in handy.”

He takes the collar from your hands and hangs it back on the dog’s neck. The other dogs hop up and down excitedly.

He hooks each of their collars on a different corner of the table.

“I’ll be back in a minute. You can practice some commands or just chat with the dogs if you like.”

He heads into another room and leaves you to play with the dogs for a while. You chat with them a little bit and notice that the Shar-Pei is very snappy with you.

You reach your hand out to pet him and he snaps at you, nearly catching your fingers.

The other dogs just go crazy when you pet them so you decide to focus most of your attention on them since they seem more friendly. You play with the dogs for about ten minutes until the man comes back in the room.

“Ah, I see that you’ve met my dogs. They’re some of my favorites, especially Rottie over there.”

He points to the big black dog with short hair, “His name is Bruno and he’s the leader of the pack. Cocker spaniels are usually very friendly dogs but Sophie here tends to be a bit on the unfriendly side and the shar-pei is just an a-hole.

But let’s be honest, aren’t they all?

He laughs and you politely chuckle along with him. He hooks the collars back onto the table and leads you into the next room.

It’s a large dimly lit room with rubber walls and flooring. In the middle of the room is a large metal cage with padding attached to the inside of the walls.

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There is a large belt hanging from the ceiling above the cage and a large mat sits on the floor in front of it.

“This is our training room. We use it to train new handlers and to test the abilities of our dogs.

If you know how to work with your dog, then these tests will be easy for you.

Shall we begin?

He leads you over to a table along the wall which has a bunch of objects on it.

“This is a standard metal detector,” he says holding one up, “We test to see if you can get through the security check with it. If you do, then you win and pass the test.”

He places it down on the table and picks up what looks like a large black tube of paint.

“This is for the darkness test. If you’re able to walk across this room and hit the other side without falling, then you pass.”

What’s that?”

you ask, pointing to a small pink box-like device with a tiny lever on the bottom.

He picks it up and holds it in the air.

“This is a manual breathalyzer. You only win this one if you don’t break into song once you blow into it.

If you do, then you fail.”

You stare at him in confusion and notice a giant machine with a lever on the side sitting in the corner of the room.

“This is a standard hand-off test. All you have to do is hold the lever on this machine for as long as you can.

As you can tell, it’s set to burst into flames once the lever is released so we can see if you drop it before then. And that’s the test.”

Best Guard Dogs: Which Vigilant Pup Will Protect Your Property - Picture

He leads you over to a large table on the other side of the room which has a helmet on it with wires attached at the bottom. There is a metal case next to it with an on switch.

“This is an empathy test. All you have to do is put on this helmet and turn on the case.

Do that and you pass. If the wires shock you, then we’ll see how long you can take the pain before releasing the lever. If you fail the empathy test, then you can take the test again.”

You have a lot of questions about this but the man just turns away from you and fiddles with a few knobs on the metal case.

“Remember, you win if you pass all of these tests.

Are you ready to begin?

He asks, not looking at you.


yeah, sure.”

He turns to you and nods his head towards the metal detector.

“In that case, please step up to the metal detector.”

Best Guard Dogs: Which Vigilant Pup Will Protect Your Property from our website

You raise an eyebrow and look from him to the detector and back again.

“I’m not going to go through it or anything, I promise,” he says, still not looking at you, holding the device out for you to take.

The metal detector beeps as you pass it over your body.

“That means you’re all set to go through.”

Without warning, the wall in front of you opens up into a small room.

“Have a nice day,” the man says, fiddling with his knobs again.

The walls begin to move and you back into the room quickly. You have no choice but to walk forward into the room as the walls continue to move closer together.

The walls squeeze inwards until they eventually close completely, trapping you inside the tiny space. There is nothing in here except for a single button on the wall. You look around and are about to push it when the walls begin to open up again.

The walls open up into a much larger space than before and you walk out warily. You have no idea what is going on but you’re pretty sure you passed the first test.

In front of you is another doorway which you walk through.

Best Guard Dogs: Which Vigilant Pup Will Protect Your Property -

You’re greeted by the sounds of a bustling market place and are staring down an alleyway full of small shops. You see a large building with a banner overhead that reads “Hotel”.

It looks pretty expensive and you don’t have much money on you. Still, a bed doesn’t come free in this town so you may as well sleep here.

There’s also a diner up ahead which looks pretty cheap. It probably isn’t the healthiest food but your stomach is grumbling.

Finally, there’s a pharmacy up ahead. You’re not really sure what they sell there but you have a bit of a headache so you might go in and have a look around.

Where would you like to go?

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