Best Vacuum For Pet Hair – Detailed Review Of Neato Botvac and Dyson Cordless

Neato Botvac and Dyson Cordless are two of the most popular brands of vacuums among pet owners. These two brands have been around since long time ago. They are well known in the industry because they provide high quality products at affordable prices.

In recent years, these two companies have made their mark with their latest models. Their new models include: Neato Botvac and Dyson Cordless 6500 Series Vacs & Accessories.

These two brands have been making some major improvements in their newest models. Most notably, they now offer a corded model called Neato Botvac which includes a motorized arm to lift up to four times its weight. Other notable features include the ability to clean carpet and hardwood floors with ease, and the ability to remove pet hair from carpets without damaging them.

Neato Botvac is available in three sizes: 60 cubic feet (2.6 cu ft), 100 cubic feet (4.5 cu ft) and 150 cubic feet (7.8 cu ft).

The price range ranges between $300-$400 depending on size.

Dyson Cordless is available in three sizes: 50 cubic feet (1.9 cu ft), 75 cubic feet (3.0 cu ft) and 125 cubic feet (6.2 cu ft).

The price range ranges between $200-$250 depending on size.

Robot vacuums have become extremely popular in recent years. There are many different things to consider when you’re looking for a new robot vacuum.

We know that not all of us are looking for the same things, so we’ve made a list of the best things to look for in a robot vacuum. This way you can find one that fits your lifestyle.

Ease of Use

How easy is it to use?

Some robot vacuums are easier to use and operate than others. Not everyone has the same amount of time to dedicate to learning a new product, so look for one that is easy to use.


How much are you able to spend?

Robot vacuums range in price from $100 up to $1,000. The more you’re willing to spend usually means the better quality you’ll get.

Battery Life

How long does the battery last? How long do you need it to last?

If you have a large home, then you’ll want a robot vacuum with a longer battery life. Most robot vacuums today can last anywhere from 60-120 minutes.

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What kind of features are you looking for?

Accessories such as brushes, smart features, etc. are all available in various robot vacuums. Some robot vacuums are compatible with other brands of accessories.


How long do you want your robot vacuum to run?

Some robot vacuums can run for as little as 30 minutes, while some can run up to 2 hours. Most average robot vacuums today run for around 90 minutes.

Brush Type

There are three different types of brushes that you can find in a robot vacuum: rubber rollers, nylon brushes and wheel brushes. Each one works slightly differently than the other. Nylon brushes are good for picking up pet hair, but may damage some surfaces if they’re not fitted properly.

Wheel brushes can easily get caught on uneven surfaces and move erratically. Rubber rollers leave a light footprint and are very quiet. They’re equipped with carbon brushes that prevent dust from building up and sticking to the rubber wheels.

Navigation System

There are two types of navigation systems used in robot vacuums: virtual walls and mapping. A robot vacuum with a mapping system will remember the layout of your house and will create a map of it as it explores. These systems are preferred by most users because they’re able to cover more ground.

A robot vacuum with a virtual wall system works by using invisible walls to prevent the unit from traveling in certain areas.

Mopping Feature

Mopping feature are available on a limited amount of robot vacuums. These features allow you to turn your robot vacuum into a mopping system. Some robot vacuums will dispense a specific cleaning solution, while others only use water.

As the robot vacuum goes about its regular duties, it’ll also leave behind a clean floor.

Brush Attachment

Not every robot vacuum comes with a brush attachment. Robot vacuums with these attachments can get into tighter areas and crevices where dirt and dust tend to build up.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair – Detailed Review Of Neato Botvac and Dyson Cordless -

Voice Control

If you have a smart home, then you’re in luck: some robot vacuums are compatible with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. You can command the robot vacuum to start or stop via voice command.


Most robot vacuums come with a 1-year warranty. Some come with a longer warranty, but they’re less common.

Recharge & Resume

These are robot vacuums that need to go back to their docking station in order to recharge their batteries and empty out the dust bin. Other robot vacuums are not equipped with a docking station and can continue to run as long as their batteries last.

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums do come with their share of pros and cons. Most of these pros and cons will depend on the type of person you are and what you’re looking for in a robot vacuum.

Here are some of the pros and cons you can expect when looking to purchase a robot vacuum: Pro: You Can Set it and Forget it

If you don’t wish to do any work, then a robot vacuum is definitely for you. Most robot vacuums feature a set it and forget it system, meaning once you program your robot vacuum, it’ll clean your floors without any additional help from you.

Con: It Cannot Run of Battery Power

While a robot vacuum will save you time and energy, it cannot clean indefinitely. Most robot vacuums run on AAs and AAAs, meaning that once the batteries die, your robot vacuum is dead in the water.

Con: Robotic Vacuums are Noisy

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Robotic vacuums are noisy for a reason: they have a lot of power! While a lot of the newer models do come with noise-reduction technology, these machines are definitely going to be louder than your average upright or canister vacuum.

Pro: It’s Great for People with Allergies

Robotic vacuums are great for people who suffer from allergies, as it reduces the amount of airborne bacteria and allergens floating around your home. These machines can really help reduce the amount of times that you need to use your HVAC system, which can help lower your power bill.

Pro: It’s Great for People with Mobility Issues

Cleaning floors might be a difficult task for people who suffer from mobility issues, as it requires a lot of bending, kneeling, and stretching. A robotic vacuum can be an easy and convenient solution if you’re looking to alleviate some of that stress.

Con: It’s Not Great for People with Compulsive Disorders

While robotic vacuums are great for people who want to save time and energy, there is one major drawback. Robot vacuums are not capable of random cleaning. When you program a robotic vacuum to run, it will take the same exact path every single time.

This means that if there is more dirt and dust in one area, the robot vacuum will repeatedly go back to that area. This can be problematic if you have obsessive compulsive disorder.

Con: It’s Not Great for People with Large Homes

Think about how small a Roomba is. Now think about how large your home is.

Do you see where this is going?

If you have a large home, it may not be practical to use a robotic vacuum, as they have limited battery life and limited cleaning power. This isn’t a big deal if you have a small home or apartment.

Con: It Can Get Stuck Easily

Robotic vacuums can get stuck on floor vents, area rugs, and other small objects that may be laying on the floor. Most of the time these robots come with sensors that prevent them from moving forward, however, it won’t stop them from spinning in circles or backing up into a wall.

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