Black Lab – A Complete Guide To The Black Labrador Retriever

Black Lab Puppies For Sale:

There are different breeds of black lab puppies for sale. There are two types of black lab puppies for sale. One type is the American Black Labrador (ABL) and another breed is the Standard Poodle (SP). Both of these breeds have their own characteristics and they have similar behavior traits but there are some differences between them. The following table shows all the characteristics of both types of black lab puppies for sale.

American Black Lab Puppy For Sale:

The American Black Labrador puppy is one of the most popular black lab puppies for sale. They are very energetic and affectionate dogs. Their size ranges from 15-20 inches (38-45 cm). These puppies grow up to be sturdy, well-built, active, loyal and obedient dogs with strong work ethics. They love attention and will show it to you readily.

They enjoy being around other animals too much so they need a lot of human interaction to keep them happy. They are vigilant and have a strong instinct to hunt. They are not suitable for homes with small pets like hamsters or gerbils because of this nature. They are also very curious and love water, beaches and ponds so they need to be watched when bathing or near water. These are very loving and intelligent dogs that can learn commands easily when trained at a young age. They get along very well with children and love playing with them.

Standard Poodle Puppy For Sale:

The Standard Poodle is the other popular breed of black lab puppies for sale. They are the purest form of black labrador. They are very active, playful and intelligent dogs. Their size ranges from 22-27 inches (56-70 cm). They are very elegant, people-friendly and obedient dogs.

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They are suitable for families with children. They are very good guard dogs as they give out an alert when someone is at the door or approaching your house. They are good swimmers and have waterproof coats. They are very good at jumping and can clear a six foot fence easily. They are very playful and make good companions for sports like agility or frisbee. They are not great hunters though as they lack the instinct to chase and kill but they will retrieve if taught to.

These are the two main types of black lab puppy for sale. If you want a dog that is suitable for hunting as well as a family pet then go for an American Black Lab, if not, go for the Standard Poodle. Both dogs are very loving, intelligent and obedient.

Advantages of black lab puppies for sale:

The following are advantages of black lab puppies for sale

1. They are very active and playful all the time.

2. If trained properly they can be used to hunt as well as being suitable as a family pet.

3. They are very intelligent and can be trained easily if trained at a young age.

4. They are very loving dogs that enjoy the company of human beings and other animals.

Disadvantages of black lab puppies for sale:

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1. If not trained properly then they can turn out to be destructive as they like to chew on furniture or anything else that is around.

This can turn out to be very expensive for the owner as the dog will tear apart sofas, chairs, tables and any other wooden furniture in the house.

2. They are prone to infection if they get wounded.

Due to their thick fur and skin, it is very difficult to treat them during wet conditions.

3. They are very energetic and require a lot of exercise as they tend to get anxious or bored when left alone for long periods of time.

4. They are prone to get fat as well if their diet is not controlled properly.

5. They can become shy or timid around strangers if they are not socialized properly when they are puppies.

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6. If they are not given human contact regularly then they can also become aloof or introverted.

7. They can suffer from separation anxiety as well and become destructive whenever their owners leave the house.

8. They have a tendency to get lost easily if they slip out of a open gate or door.

9. They are very expensive to buy and the annual costs such as food, medical check ups, vaccinations and insurance are very high.

10. They require a lot of space and it is necessary to have a yard where they can run around and play happily.

Black Lab Puppies For Sale:

If you are looking to buy black lab puppies for sale then there are many places to find them but it is important to research properly first before buying one.

1. Buy from a breeder

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The first option is to buy from a breeder. There are many professional breeders that have websites and advertise online. The advantage of buying from a breeder is that they will have done all the health tests possible on the parents of the puppies to ensure they are free from disease and deformities. They will also be able to tell you about the temperament of the parents and know their personalities well. They will also be able to tell you about the parents and provide lots of information on them.

The disadvantage is that professional breeder’s dogs cost a lot of money and depending on the breed, can cost up to a few thousand dollars. This may be out of most people’s price range, however if you want a pure bred lab than it may be your only option.

2. Shelter

The next place you can look is your local shelter. Many people buy puppies from pet stores or breeders not realizing that there are already so many dogs that need homes and would be so much happier in them. There are also many misconceptions that shelter dogs are of inferior quality to those bought from breeders or pet stores. This is completely untrue! Many of the dogs in shelters are of the same high quality as those bought from breeders.

The only difference is that the breeders have picked the best specimens of each breed to be parents (however not all of them do). Siblings of these dogs might not have the characteristics that the breeder is looking for and are often given away or sold cheaply to shelters. It is also possible for people to buy a dog for lots of money and later find out that it just does not suit their lifestyle and so they abandon it at a shelter.

So before you buy a dog, why not see if there is one at your local shelter that matches your requirements and is the right temperament for you. You never know, you might end up getting a dog that is even better than one you would of gotten from a breeder. Shelters often have conditions set before giving out dogs to people to ensure they go to the right homes and are going to provide them with good homes. The shelters might also give you advice on things like training, care and what to look out for in a healthy dog.

3. Friends and Family

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Friends and family are another source of dogs. They may have friends or family who are moving away, have new babies that are taking up their time or are no longer able to look after their dogs and so they offer them to you for free. While this is another option, make sure you know the dog’s background and health before accepting it. If the dog has been well looked after and had all its shots, there is no harm in accepting it.

4. Adoption

There are also many shelters and breed specific rescues (Internet searches will help you) that advertise dogs that are up for adoption. These dogs are normally kept held in temporary cages at the shelter until they are adopted.

5. Abandoned Dogs

Dogs can also be found by looking in areas that dogs like to frequent. These can include parks, schools, and even your own backyard! If you do choose to find a dog on your own, make sure the area is safe and there are no dangerous animals or people about. It is a good idea to carry some dog treats with you when looking and call the dog over. Toss the treat a short distance away and when the dog goes to get it, shower it with praise and give it another treat.

You will need to continue doing this until you can get close enough to put a leash on the dog and take it to a safer place.

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Once you have chosen your dog, you now need to prepare. You will need to gather all the supplies you will need in order to take care of the dog. These include:

1. Food – You will need to decide what type of food you are going to buy.

There are many types available in different grocery and pet stores. You will also need to buy a bag or two to keep at the house until you can get to the store.

2. Water Dishes – You will need one or two large water dishes, depending on how many dogs you have.

These can be picked up at the store for less than $2 each.

3. Dog Crate – Although not completely necessary, a crate is extremely useful for containing your dog if you need to leave it alone at any time.

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A medium sized crate should be sufficient for most dogs.

4. Leash and collar – Every dog needs a collar with ID and a leash to walk on.

A simple plastic clip leash is the cheapest option available at any pet store.

5. Bedding – Most dogs will sleep on the floor or your bed, but they may prefer their own bed to sleep on.

Padded fabric beds can be bought at pet stores or online for less than $50.

6. Name tag – This is very useful not only if your dog happens to escape from home, but also if you have multiple dogs.

It makes it easier to tell them apart and keeps others from temptation of stealing or abusing your dog. They can be picked up at the store or online for less than $5.

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7. Dog toys – Although not completely necessary, most dogs enjoy playing with toys.

These can include a favorite toy from home or something new from the store.

8. Dog treats – Although not essential, most dogs appreciate receiving treats on special occasions or when they are good.

After you have gathered all your supplies and chosen a dog to adopt, you are ready to bring him home.

The first thing you need to do is introduce yourself to the dog slowly and give it plenty of praise and love. Dogs can sense fear and if they sense any from you they are more likely to act aggressive towards you. It is a good idea to let the dog inspect your home as well since it will most likely prefer to sleep in its own bed, rather than a shelter cage.

The next step is to train the dog. Dogs, just like children, need training to understand what is acceptable and what is not. Without this discipline, they can quickly become out of control and even harmful to themselves and others. Training can be done using a variety of methods, however the best way is through repetition. Dogs, like humans, learn through repetition and once they understand what is required of them, they will obey.

Following are some training methods you can try:

1. Rewards – The oldest and most effective method of dog training, using rewards when the dog obeys a command.

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This can include verbal praise, pats on the head, or a special treat.

2. Corrections – Another very effective method, using physical force to make the dog obey.

This can include grabbing their collar to make them sit, pushing their head down to make them lie down, and pulling their leash when they misbehave.

3. Choke Chain – A great way of making your dog obey commands, through pain inflicted by the chain wrapped around their throat.

It is very important to know how to use this properly or the dog can accidentally die.

4. Hitting – Although frowned upon by most animal lovers, some people believe in using corporal punishment to discipline their dogs.

This is very controversial and not likely to solve the problem at hand.

Once your dog has learned a few basic commands, it is time to introduce him to the outdoors. Most dogs will instinctively know what to do, however some may require help. Observe what the dog is doing, if he is trying to cover up his waste, he needs to be taken outside. It is a good idea to take them to the same place every time to help them learn where to go.

After the dog has eliminated, it is important to give them a reward. This can include more love and affection, or in some cases a treat. Although dogs do not always require a reward for obeying orders, most will still expect one on occasion.

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If your dog is still having accidents in the house or is uncontrollable, you may need to seek professional help from a dog trainer. These people are experienced with all types of dogs and will be able to solve any behavior problems within a few sessions.

Taking care of a dog is an ongoing process that requires time, love, and dedication. Although it can be a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun. Dogs are a man’s best friend for a reason, they are incredibly fun to be around and always willing to play.

You did it! You are officially a dog owner, and your new friend is happy to be here. Now that you have gone through this process, you understand why people like having dogs so much. They are great companions and always willing to play.

Your dog will now live a happy life with you, and hopefully teach you the importance of being responsible with a pet. Thanks for reading!

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