Boxer Lab Mix – The Boxador

Boxer Lab Mix Puppies For Sale:

The Boxador is one of the most popular boxer lab mixes. They are very affectionate and love to play with other dogs. Their personality makes them a great choice for family pets or even house companions. You will not find any aggression towards humans or other animals.

Boxers are known to be loyal and loving, but they do have their limits when it comes to what they will tolerate from others.

What Makes A Good Boxer Lab Mix Puppy?

There are many factors that make a good boxer lab mix puppy. These include:

They must be born into a litter of at least two litters. (If you don’t have this requirement, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t breed your own) They need to be born between 8 weeks and 12 months old. They need to be healthy. They need to be socialized.

How To Breed A Boxer Lab Mix Puppy?

You can breed your own boxer lab mix puppies if you meet all these requirements. If you want to buy a puppy, then here are some things that you should consider before buying one:

Breeding Your Own Boxer Lab Mix Puppies:

1. How

Many Pups Can I Get From One Dog?

If you are looking at getting boxer lab mix puppies from a single dog, you can expect to get between 1 and 10 pups. It all depends upon the breed and size of the dog. Dogs such as the Doberman Pinscher can produce up to 10 pups per litter while other smaller dogs can only have 1 or 2. The average litter size is around 5.

2. What

Are The Required Breeding Age?

The male and female boxer lab mix dogs must be at least 6 months old before they can breed. You should also keep them in good condition with healthy food. Dogs that are too skinny or overweight have a low success rate at becoming expectant mothers.

3. What

Is A Good Litter Size?

A good sized litter is 5 to 6 pups. Any more than that and the mother may become overwhelmed.

4. What

Is The General Size Of A Litter?

The average boxer lab mix litter is around 5 to 6 pups. Larger litters can sometimes have up to eight pups.

5. What

Is The Age When Pups Are Ready To Be Sold?

In terms of age when they are ready to be sold, puppies are typically ready to leave their mother at around 8 weeks old. They are still with their mother until this time, but it is possible to take them away as early as 7 weeks.

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6. How

Much Do They Cost When Selling Them?

The price that you can sell each boxer lab mix puppy will depend upon a number of factors. These include the breed of the dog, the size of the breed and popularity of the breed. Smaller dogs are typically cheaper than larger dogs. If you have a rare breed, then you will be able to ask for more money.

7. How

Much Are The Setup Costs?

The costs that you need to cover before getting your boxer lab mix puppies selling business up and running include buying the dogs, building a website and buying advertising space. You also need to factor in veterinary costs for your animals as well as cost of food, transportation, licenses and more.

8. Are

There Any Ongoing Costs?

Ongoing costs that you need to factor in include the cost of replacing dead puppies and the cost of caring for each of the individual dogs. You also need to factor in replacement dogs as well as an emergency fund. This is because unexpected things can happen such as animals getting sick or having puppies that don’t survive.

9. What

Are The Major Costs Associated With This Business?

The major costs that you need to consider are the cost of buying the dogs, the cost of advertising and the cost of building a website. You also need to factor in ongoing costs such as transportation and food for your animals, paying for licenses and more.

10. How

Much Should I Budget For Advertising?

You should plan on anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per month in advertising costs. This can be done through online adverts as well as placing ads in local newspapers and more.

11. What

Size Dogs Should I Get?

The size of dogs that you are going to be using will affect the size of your litter. For example, if you have larger dogs then you are likely to have smaller litters than if you have smaller dogs. Large dogs can sometimes have litters of up to eight or more puppies. Smaller dogs will typically only have three to four puppies in a litter.

12. Are

There Any Reputable Breeder Clubs Or Associations?

There are a number of reputable breeder clubs and associations that you can join such as the National Bulldog Club of America, the American Kennel Club and more. Joining one of these organizations not only makes you a more reputable breeder but also gives you access to help and advice on the process.

13. What

Is The Average Cost Of Each Puppy?

The average cost of each boxer lab mix puppy will depend upon a variety of factors. If you are getting your dogs from breeders, for example, then you will pay more than if you get them from animal shelters. The age of the puppy is also a factor with older puppies being more expensive than those still in the womb.

Here is a quick breakdown of average costs:

Puppies still in the womb – $100 – $500

Puppies – $500 – $800

Adults – $800 – $1,200

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14. Do

I Have To Have A Special Facility?

The type of facility that you have will depend upon the number of dogs you have. If you have a small number, for example, then you can keep them in your home and if you want to get a license for them then you just need to do so for residential purposes. If you are getting a larger number of dogs, however, then you may need to build a kennel where they can live.

If you go down this route, then you should make sure that you fulfill all the necessary requirements such as having running water, heating, adequate shelter and more.

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