Bringing Home A Rescue Dog

What Is A Rescue Dog?

A rescue dog is a stray or abandoned animal that has been found, brought back from the brink of death, or otherwise saved from certain death. Most often these animals are injured, sick, or malnourished. They may have even lost their homes and families because they were so desperate for food and shelter.

Rescue dogs do not necessarily need to be adopted. Many are cared for by rescuers, but others may choose to remain on their own. Some will live with family members or friends until they find permanent homes.

Others may stay with shelters or other organizations that care for them. Regardless of where they end up, all rescue dogs deserve a second chance!

How Long Does It Take To Bring A New Dog Home?

Most rescue dogs require a little time to get used to being around humans before they become comfortable enough to go home with us. For some, this takes just a few days; for others it may take several weeks. Some will never adapt well to living alone and must be placed into forever homes.

Some rescue dogs adapt very quickly while others take longer than expected. All are deserving of our love and support! For all those that are in the process of being adopted, we say: adapt and adjust.

When you get tired of waiting or when it becomes too overwhelming, trust that you will find your special someone!

Why Donate?

Donate to a good cause! Even just a little will help out a worthy cause. Every little bit counts and adds up to make a big difference.

How Does A Dog Learn?

Dogs learn by mimicry and conditioning. The trainer uses the dogs’ innate ability to mimic behavior of other dogs and humans. They also condition them to respond to verbal and non-verbal commands through reward-based training.

What Is The Best Age For A Dog To Be Adopted?

The best age for a dog to be adopted is when it is still young enough to learn, but old enough to have that “puppy energy”.

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Get Used To A New Home?

Most dogs need at least a week (and sometimes longer) to get used to their new homes. They tend to get nervous and shy away from attention for the first couple of days. It is best to be patient with them and let them come to you when they are ready.

How Do You Know When A Dog Is Being Friendly Vs.


Dogs are friendly when they are relaxed and wagging their tails. They are aggressive when they have stiff body language, direct eye contact, and growl or snarl.

Why Do Some Dogs Hate The Bathtub?

Some dogs hate getting bathed because it is an unnatural environment for them. They don’t like the confined space, the slippery surface, or even the temperature of the water. Others may have had a traumatic experience with bathing in the past. The only way to know for sure is to test it out.

Where Do You Adopt Dogs?

You can adopt dogs at most shelters and rescues. You may also look online for local dog adoption resources.

What Is A Good Age For A Puppy?

Most people prefer to adopt adult dogs rather than puppies unless they have the experience to raise and train one themselves. Puppies require a lot of time, energy, and patience. However, for those who are up for the challenge, raising a puppy into an adult dog can be one of the most fulfilling things ever.

Why Are Some Dogs Euthanized?

Dogs are put to sleep for a number of reasons including illness, old age, and behavioral problems. Many of these dogs are in shelters for months (or even years) waiting for someone to adopt them, but no one does. These dogs are truly wonderful creatures that just haven’t found a good home yet.

When Can You Tell If A Dog Is Old?

Dogs are considered “full-grown” when they reach their maturity age, around one or two years old. Many people don’t consider a dog to be fully grown until it is three years old.

How Old Does A Dog Have To Be To Have Puppies?

Female dogs will go into heat roughly twice a year starting at around six months old and lasting anywhere from a few days to two weeks. The first time a female is impregnated, it can take as long as two years for the puppies to be born.

What Is The Best Way To Pick A Dog Out Of A Shelter?

Make a list of your criteria and go find the dogs that fit it. Some people just go to the shelter and pick out whichever dog grabs their attention, but this can often lead to problems later on down the road.

What Makes Some Dogs Aggressive Towards People?

There are many reasons why a dog may become aggressive towards people, but there is one underlying cause for this type of behavior: fear. Fear of punishment, fear of other dogs, fear of loud noises, fear of strangers… the list goes on. It is important to discover the cause of the fear and do something about it.

What Makes Some Dogs Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Like humans, dogs have different personality traits that make them more or less compatible with other dogs. The biggest cause of aggression towards other dogs is the need to establish dominance.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Butt?

Dogs communicate with one another using a combination of body language, sounds, scents, and even faith. The butt is one of the major scent organs for canines. When a dog is sniffing another dog’s nether regions, it is sending a signal that it wishes to enter into a relationship (friendship or romantic) with that dog.

What Is A Dog’s Life Span?

The average lifespan of a dog can vary from breed to breed and even size. Large breeds tend to have shorter lifespans than smaller breeds. Depending on care, feeding, and training a dog can live anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Do Dogs Get Depressed?

Dogs get depressed just like people do. When dogs become depressed for long periods of time, they are less likely to take care of themselves, which can eventually lead to health problems.

What Is A Sight Hounds’ Eyesight Like?

Sight hounds such as greyhounds and salukis have extremely keen eyesight. It is not uncommon for these dogs to be able to see something that people standing only a few feet away cannot.

What Does A Dogs Nose Taste Like?

A dog’s nose can taste anything a person’s mouth can. A dog can even taste when someone has recently eaten protein based food by simply smelling the air that person has exhaled.

What Does It Feel Like To Be Run Over By A Car?

For most people it is a extremely painful experience, especially upon impact. Many people compare the feeling to being inside a drum that’s repeatedly being struck by baseball bats.

How Do Dogs Communicate With Each Other?

Dogs use a complex system of communication that includes body language, sounds, scents, and even faith. The most popular way dogs communicate with each other is through scents, or more precisely chemical signals called pheromones.

Do Dogs Like The Smell Of Cats?

Dogs can smell felines from several miles away, especially if the cat hasn’t bathed in a while.

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Digest Its Food?

The length of time it takes for a dog to digest its food depends on a variety of factors:the size of the dog, what it’s eaten recently, how active it is, and the health of its digestive system.

How Do Dogs See In The Dark?

Dogs, like people and other mammals, have a layer of tissue below their eyes that allows them to see in low light conditions. This is because this layer, known as the tapetum lucidum, allows light that has been absorbed by the eyes’ rods to be reflected back onto the rods, therefore increasing vision in darkness.

Do Dogs Like All Humans Or Just Their Owners?

Dogs generally get along very well with their owners. This is because the owner is the one the dog has bonded with. Dogs are also less likely to get along with people they don’t know and will often act aggressively towards them, especially if they were previously attacked by a stranger.

Why do dogs lick people?

Dogs lick people, especially their owner’s faces, for a variety of reasons. In most cases they do it out of affection. Dogs will also lick the faces of people they’re fond of because it’s a way of greeting them, much like how humans shake hands.

Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Dogs cannot get jealous in the same way humans do, mainly because they do not have the same amount of reasoning power. However, it’s not uncommon for dogs to become agitated or angry when their owners give affection or attention to someone else, such as a spouse or new baby.

Can Dogs Get Allergies?

Dogs can develop allergies to certain things, such as pollen or dust, just like people. The treatment for these allergies varies from dog to dog but usually involves taking medication daily or even weekly. In some extreme cases a dog will experience anaphylactic shock if they are exposed to the allergen that causes their allergy.

How long do most dogs live?

The average lifespan of most dogs is 10-13 years. Some large dog breeds, such as the St. Bernard and the Great Dane, live considerably shorter lives, around 6-8 years on average.

How well can dogs see?

Dogs have much better night vision than humans do, and they can also see in lower light conditions. They see colors, but many can only see shades of gray.

Do Dogs Like Tv?

Some dogs certainly seem to enjoy watching TV. They’re especially interested by things that move quickly across the screen, and it’s not uncommon for a dog to bark at people or other animals they see on television.

Do Dogs Have Manners?

Most dogs have some manners. They know to stay away from food, chew toys, and furniture unless they’re given permission to do so. However, some dogs are stubborn and don’t obey rules they don’t agree with. These dogs often must be disciplined by their owners.

Do Dogs Prefer Punishment Or Reward?

Most dogs respond more effectively to rewards than punishment, although punishment is effective in some cases. Dogs are usually willing to work for a reward, such as food. They also dislike physical punishment, as most animals do.

Why Do Dogs Hate Taking Baths?

Dogs don’t hate taking baths in the way that people hate taking baths, but it’s been found that they become very uncomfortable when submerged in water. It messes with their ability to stay cool with their furry coats, and it makes them easier to catch and hold down, which most find stressful.

How Well Do Dogs Hear?

Dogs have much better hearing than humans do, and it’s even better than most other animals. They can hear higher and lower sounds, especially those above and below the range of human hearing.

Do Dogs Like Instruments?

Some dogs are quite fascinated by the noises produced by instruments, especially drums and other upbeat sounds. Other dogs aren’t so interested unless they’ve had some kind of music training.

Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses?

The wetness of a dog’s nose depends on the breed. Some dogs have dry noses, while others are always wet. The wetness of a dog’s nose is unrelated to how good their sense of smell is.

Can Dogs Get Attached?

Dogs can get attached to people and other animals. They typically display affection by nudging, licking, and grooming those they’re attached to. Dogs who are attached to one another typically play together for hours at a time.

Should You Take Your Dog Swimming?

As long as you don’t submerge your dog in water, you should be fine taking it swimming. Most dogs enjoy the experience of swimming, as they’re used to swimming after prey in water.

What Do Dogs Think Of Cats?

Most dogs don’t like cats. They often view them as prey, and if they don’t, they’re usually not interested in them at all. There are some dogs who are fond of cats, however. These dogs typically have gentle temperaments and were raised with friendly cats.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Chase Their Tail?

Most dogs will chase their tails if you give them the opportunity. The more bored or energetic a dog is, the more likely they are to do it. It’s also common for puppies to chase their tails, even if they aren’t bored.

Do Dogs Like To Cuddle?

Most dogs like to cuddle with other dogs or people they’re attached to. It’s a way of claiming their space and marking it as theirs. Dogs will cuddle with one another because it reassures them of their place in the pack order.

What Does Saliva Have To Do With Dogs?

Dogs typically only produce large amounts of saliva when they’re eating or about to vomit. The smell of this salvia lets other dogs know that this is their food, and that they should stay away from it.

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