Champagne Labrador – A Guide To This Controversial Coat Color

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Champagne Lab Puppy For Sale

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “silver” is gold or platinum. Silver is one of the most precious metals available in nature. It’s very hard, but it’s not durable enough to withstand any sort of abuse; therefore, silver is usually only used in jewelry and some medical devices.

However, there are other uses for silver.

In the past, silver was used in coins and currency. Nowadays, silver is being used in many different industries such as electronics, medicine and even cosmetics. There are two types of silver: pure and tarnished.

Pure silver is always purer than tarnished metal which means that it contains less impurities like arsenic or mercury. Tarnished silver is mixed with different types of metal to make decorative items. It’s more affordable, but it’s not as strong and pure.

We can distinguish two types of silver by its properties: Native silver and Mineral silver. Native silver has no impurities, but it’s very soft and so it’s usually mixed with a harder metal. Native silver is very malleable and it’s easy to work with, which makes it ideal for jewelry.

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