Cool Dog Breeds And Mighty Mixes

Cool Dogs Breeds And Mighty Mixes

There are many different types of dogs. There are dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas and others. These kinds of dogs have their own characteristics and personality traits.

Some of them might look cute while some of them may not look so good at all. However there is one thing that they all share – they’re loyal companions who love to please their owners.

Dog breeds are divided into two categories: cool or mild and crazy. They differ from each other in terms of temperament, but they don’t necessarily have any bad habits either. All of these dogs have certain physical features which make them stand out among other dogs.

For example, Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendly nature and docile behavior. Other dog breeds include Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Shih Tzus and others.

In general, dogs with a calm disposition tend to be more sociable than those who are more aggressive. On the other hand, dogs with a wild temperament tend to be less sociable than those who are peaceful. Dogs with crazy personalities are often very mischievous and will do anything they want.

They might even go against what society considers right. Dogs who have a milder nature tend to follow the rules and regulations of society.

Dogs help people in many ways. They provide them with company, loyalty, protection, among other benefits. There are some types of dogs that are more suitable for certain kinds of work.

For example, Labrador Retrievers are often used as guide dogs due to their friendly and obedient nature. Dachshunds, on the other hand, are often used as hunting dogs because of their small size and ability to enter narrow spaces.

The personality of a dog is something that someone should look into before getting one for himself. Different kinds of dogs behave differently in different situations. The owner should know his own limits and the limits of the dog he wants to adopt or buy for himself.

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If properly trained, dogs can be great assistants to people. Dogs can also be our loyal companions.

The following is a list of the coolest dog breeds in the world:

Labrador Retriever: These kinds of dogs are very friendly and are always willing to make new friends. They are usually regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds amongst all others out there. They can easily learn new tricks and commands given by their owners.

Labrador Retrievers are often used as guide, assistance, detection and other kinds of dogs.

Labrador Retriever

Bull Terrier: These kinds of dogs are very friendly and can easily get along with anyone. They are very friendly and playful, but they tend to be slightly on the aggressive side. Due to their small size, these kinds of dogs are often regarded as one of the best dog breeds to keep as a pet.

Bull Terriers can easily adapt in an apartment setting. They are also known to be very agile.

Bull Terrier

Pug: These kinds of dogs are especially friendly toward children. They are believed to have stubborn and calm personalities, but they can get a little hyper at times. Pugs can easily get along with other dog breeds and animals.

They can easily adapt in an apartment setting due to their small size. Despite being small in size, Pugs can be very protective of their owners when necessary.

Bullmastiff: These kinds of dogs look very scary, but they are in fact very friendly toward children. They are very obedient and protective. Despite their large size and intimidating appearance, Bullmastiffs tend to be very gentle.

They can easily get along with other dog breeds and pets. They tend to have a playful nature.

Rotweiler: Rotweilers can easily get along with children and other animals. They are very enthusiastic and energetic. They are very obedient and loyal toward their owners.

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They can easily adapt in an apartment setting due to their moderate size. Rotweilers have a short coat which does not require much maintenance.




Bull Terrier

Dalmatian: These kinds of dogs are very intelligent and very energetic. They are often used as firehouse or police dogs due to their high endurance levels and running speeds. They are also very protective toward their owners.

They have short coats which do not require regular maintenance. Dalmatians can easily adapt in an apartment setting due to their moderate size.

Beagle: These kinds of dogs are very friendly and playful. They tend to get excited when it comes to meeting new people. Beagles can easily get along with other animals and pets.

They have a short coat which does not require much maintenance. Beagles are also very intelligent and can be trained easily. Beagles can easily adapt in an apartment setting due to their small size.

Cocker Spaniel: These kinds of dogs are very gentle and loving toward children. They have a cheerful personality and are very playful. They have long ears which make them look a little goofy.

They have a long coat which requires regular grooming. Cocker Spaniels can easily adapt in an apartment setting due to their small size.

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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

As you’re looking at the list, you see that there are some breeds that you’re unfamiliar with. You’re guessing that these are less popular breeds.

“Okay, I think I’m gonna go with a Pug, they look cute.” You say.

A Pug?

Okay then, here’s your key.” Mr. Mol says before handing you a key with a Pug head keychain. “It’s room 102, the elevator is just over there.”

Thanking him, you enter the elevator and ride it to the second floor where you get off. You then begin to look for room 102, passing by some rooms.

You soon arrive at 102 and open the door with your key. You walk inside and see a small apartment. In the living room area, there’s a small kitchenette on the left and a flat-screen TV on the right.

There’s a hallway leading to the bedroom and bathroom. You also notice you have some neighbors.

What kind of dog is that?”

Your neighbor from across the hall asks.

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“I got a Pug!” You say happily.

A pug?

Those are pretty expensive you know.” Your neighbor remarks.

You didn’t expect to run into your neighbor so soon, or at all. You’ve only been here for a little while and you’re already making friends!

“Thanks for the info, I’m Russel by the way.” Your neighbor says introducing himself.

“I’m Forrest, nice to meet you!” You respond shaking his hand.

So Forrest, what brings you here?”

“My parents are splitting up and they both agreed that I should go live with my Dad, at least until the divorce is over.” You explain.

You remember when your parents told you about the divorce, you felt really sad. You still feel sad about it, but you know that they both love you very much and this will be for the best.

“That really sucks Forrest, my Mom left us when I was seven, I still remember finding out. But anyway, it seems like you’ll be here for quite some time.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to transfer to a new school too.”

What high school do you go to now?”

“Olive Heights.”

“I went there!

What grade are you in?”

“I’m in the 10th.”

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“Same, I’ll be a Junior next year.

Do you know what class you’ll be in?”

“I think I’m going to be in Mr. Denkins.”

After talking with Russel for a bit and getting to know him, you realize you’re pretty tired. You say good-bye and head to your room. You place your bag on the floor and plop down on your bed.

You pull out your phone and call your best friend Johnny.

Hey Forrest, did you move yet?”

He asks.

“Yeah I just got here, but I’m already making friends!” You exclaim.

“That’s great man, hey I’ve gotta go, my mom is yelling at me to get off the phone, I’ll text you later.”

You say your goodbyes and head over to check out the TV. You decide to turn it on.

On the screen, a woman with long blond hair and big blue eyes wearing a low cut pink dress walks out on stage. She welcomes everyone to the Bunny Match MCard Game.

“For today’s match, we have Annalise vs Matt!”

The camera shows two people walking on from opposite ends of a small tunnel. One is a man with short brown hair and matching eyes, dressed in a gray suit. The other is a woman with long black hair and purple eyes, dressed in a black and pink dress.

They both have microphones in their hands and smiles on their faces.

You turn the volume up to hear their voices.

“Hello, I’m Annalise.” The woman says as she curtsies.

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“And I’m Matt!” The man says as he bows.

Annalise walks to the right and Matt walks to the left. A wall rises in the middle of the stage, separating the two. On either side of the wall is a button.

Annalise and Matt begin cheering loudly. The audience cheers just as loud hoping that the man they’re rooting for will press their button and eliminate the other contestant.

You start to cheer along, not really paying attention to who you’re cheering for.

The button pressing goes back and forth for a while until eventually only one of the people is left. The losing contestant walks off sadly with their head down. “Annalise was awesome!” She exclaims as she walks off stage.

Then, the winning contestant’s wall disappears and they do a little dance as they walk off together.

You hear a knock on your hotel door. You get up to answer it but find that it’s locked. “I think I forgot the passcode,” You say to yourself.

Just then, a man in a black mask opens the door. “It’s me Forrest!” He says.


You ask. “

How did you get a keycard?”

“Your mom gave it to me,” He answers, catching you off guard. “I would’ve come in through the window but it was locked.”

You nod and let him in. He sits down next to you on the bed. “I want to apologize for the way I acted earlier today.”

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You shrug your shoulders making sure not to make eye contact. “It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. I was a prick and you didn’t deserve that.”

“It’s fine dang it,” You say looking at him.

He hugs you and a few tears escape your eyes.

Later that night, you all sit around the dinner table. You all talk about what you did that day. Your mom seems happier than she did yesterday, and reminds you that you have school in the morning.

You all quickly finish eating and head to bed. You say your goodbyes to your mom and get ready for bed as well.

“I’ll be heading back to my house, the early mornings start early,” Your mom says.

“Alright I guess I’ll see you later then,” You say as she goes to give you and your sister each a hug and a kiss goodnight. You hear the door close behind her.

You walk over to the TV and switch it on to some random show. You walk back to the bed and sit down. After flipping through a few channels, you decide on a sitcom to watch.

You laugh at the humor as the actress tries to find a husband for her divorced mom. Then, the show ends and a breaking news announcement comes on.

“We just got word that pop idol Annalise has been found dead in her home,” The newscaster says.

You pause the TV and look over at your sister. “

Do you want to go to mom?”

You ask her, she shakes her head. “I want to watch this.” You nod and continue watching as the newscaster begins to speak again.

“…was found dead in her pool of blood with multiple stab wounds.

Police are currently investigating and will have more news as it comes in.”

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The screen changes to show a picture of Annalise. You remember how you hoped she would win the button contest earlier. You feel sick to your stomach as you realize you’ll never get to see her win.

You don’t remember falling asleep but you wake up to your alarm clock buzzing. After turning it off you notice that your sister is still asleep so you decide to let her rest a little longer. You sit down on the bed and flip through the TV to see that the news is still covering Annalise.

“The pop singer was found dead just hours ago,” The newscaster states. “Police are currently questioning the singer’s boyfriend, Forrest Broflovski, who was the last person to see her alive. Traces of blood were found on his clothing but he claims to have no knowledge of what happened.”

You are now wide awake. You get up and grab your phone from the front pocket of your backpack. There are several messages and missed calls, all from unknown numbers.

You scroll through them and find one that wasn’t sent to you.

‘Hey it’s [Your Name]. I’m at the police station, mom’s been arrested for the death of Annalise. I need someone to pick me up.

Come quick’.

You get in your car and drive over to the police station. You find a space and park in it. You run into the police station, hoping that you can get there in time.

You run up to the front desk, out of breath. “I’m [Your Name], I got a message to come here for a pick-up for my sister.” The lady at the front desk nods and picks up the phone next to her. She talks into it before hanging up. “They’re on their way out, you can wait over there.” She points over to a set of chairs against the wall.

She must see the look of confusion on your face because she explains. “Your sister was arrested this morning for the death of Annalise.” You’re even more confused now.

But I thought you said she had no knowledge of what happened?”

The lady at the front desk shrugs her shoulders. “I don’t know everything that goes on in the investigation, you’ll have to talk to the police offi…,” She is interrupted by the front door opening.

You turn around and see your sister being lead out the door by a police officer. You walk over to them and he hands you a piece of paper. “This is a copy of her release form, she has to check in with her parole officer within 72 hours or else she’ll be sent back here.” He turns and walks away without another word, your sister just sits down in one of the chairs.

You sit across from her, looking at the paper in your hands.

You’re unsure about how to start the conversation so you just go with the first question that comes to mind. “

Why didn’t you tell me you knew Annalise?”

Your sister looks up at the ceiling and takes a deep breath. “We’ll talk about that later, I need to know how you got me out of jail, doing that broke like ten of dad’s rules and there’s no way he would have let you disobey them.”

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Again, you’re confused. Before you can ask another question, a familiar face appears at the front desk and waves at you. It’s Anais, the girl who gave you your class schedule.

You wave back and she heads over to your chairs. “Hey,” She smiles, “You didn’t come to orientation so they wouldn’t let me leave until I found you. You can come with me and we’ll get your picture taken for your student ID, then we can get your schedule figured out.” You look over at your sister who nods encouragingly.

You get up and follow Anais down a hallway and into a small room with a desk and a camera mounted on a tripod.

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