Different Types Of Labrador – Which Is Right For You

Different Types Of Labradors: Which Is Right For Me?

Labrador Retriever (Rottweiler) – Rotties are good with children and other pets. They have a friendly nature and love attention. These dogs make great family companions. They tend to be very loyal and protective of their owners. If they get into trouble, they will not hesitate to bite someone or even worse, run away from it!

Labrador Retrievers are known for being energetic and playful. They like to play fetch, chase ball games, jump around, go for long walks and enjoy playing tug of war. However, these dogs do need a lot of exercise. They are good with kids and other animals but don’t necessarily make best family members due to their energy level.

These dogs are generally friendly and affectionate towards humans. They are usually calm and quiet but when they feel like they want to show off, they may become quite rambunctious. Some people find them too clingy and others just aren’t ready for such a dog type.

Labrador Retrievers have been bred for years to excel at hunting. Their strong jaws allow them to tear apart game animals with ease while their speed allows them to outrun predators. Even their retrieves have made them the go to dog for duck hunting and other water games.

Labrador Retriever (Appenzell Cattle Dog) – The Appenzell Cattle Dog is a breed that is very rare outside of its native country of Switzerland. It is related to the Beauceron, Bergamasco, and the old English Sheepdog. This breed is a hard worker, ratter, and flock protector. They also have been used as guard dogs.

They are very rare outside of their native land.

These dogs have been bred to work, so unless you’re prepared for such a commitment, do not get one of these. Their coats are thick and sort of wiry. They can be black, brown, or a combination of the two colors. The Appenzell Cattle Dog is a bit smaller than the average sized dogs.

This breed is a rare one indeed! The only ones in America are owned by the president of the Appenzell Club of America, Mr. Ken Delgado. They have been recognized by the UCAC and are still working on getting them recognized worldwide.

Labrador Retriever (Drentsche Patrijshond) – This dog is a spitz type that comes from the Netherlands. It was bred to hunt game birds and other waterfowl. That’s why they are great at swimming and have webbed feet. They also will hunt in snow since their coats are designed to withstand cold weather.

The Drentsche Patrijshond is a loving dog that is energetic, but not hyper. It will play with other dogs and is good with children. They are protective of their families, but will never be the type to wander from home. They are easy to train and eager to please.

While this dog is easy to get along with, it has one major fault. It will bark at anything that makes a sound. Don’t even think about getting one of these dogs if you live in the city because its propensity for barking will drive you crazy. It will also pick up and bark at sounds on TV and Radio!

Labrador Retriever (German Longhaired Pointer) – One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, the German Longhaired Pointer is a renowned hunter. It has an excellent sense of smell and great stamina and speed. Their long hair protects their body when jumping through brush or brambles.

These dogs will constantly be on the move.

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