Dog Bite: What to Do If Your Dog Gets Bitten

Dog Bite: What to Do If Your Dog Gets Bitten?

In the United States, there are approximately 10 million dogs living in homes with at least one human occupant. These humans may not always want their pets around them or they may have other animals such as cats or birds. Dogs can become aggressive when left alone too much, but many owners don’t realize just how dangerous their pet can be until it happens to them.

The most common type of dog attack is called a “bite” because it involves biting someone. Most attacks involve a small animal such as a rat, mouse, squirrel or bird.

Other types include mauling (a vicious attack where the victim’s throat is torn out), strangling, drowning and even strangulation.

What Happens When a Dog Attacks?

A dog attack is usually caused by fear, aggression or misbehavior. A dog that has been trained properly will never attack unless provoked. However, sometimes a dog can get into a fight with another dog or person without provocation. That’s why it’s so important to keep your pet under control and off leash at all times! You need to train your pet to behave correctly before you leave home.

The most common types of attacks are a dog attacking a person’s

Ankles or feet

Thighs or legs

Buttocks or genitals

Wrists or hands

Arms, shoulders, neck or head

A dangerous dog is one that has been labeled as “vicious” or “potentially dangerous.” If your dog has ever bitten someone before, it may be considered vicious.

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