Dog Discipline and 4 Reasons To Avoid Punishing Your Lab

Dog discipline is a very controversial topic in dog training. Some believe it’s not necessary or even harmful while others say that it’s absolutely essential for proper behavior. There are many reasons why one may choose to use some form of discipline with their dogs. Let’s take a look at four main reasons why one might want to use dog discipline:

1) You Want To Control Your Dog’s Behavior.

If your goal is to control your dog’s behavior then using any form of physical punishment will probably work best for you. If you’re trying to teach your dog new behaviors, then the use of physical punishment may actually backfire because it teaches them bad habits rather than teaching good ones.

On the other hand if you’re just trying to correct misbehavior, then using positive reinforcement techniques such as praise and treats may be better for you.

2) You Want To Teach Your Dog A New Behavior Or Correct An Old One.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get your dog to perform certain tasks without resorting to physical punishment. In these cases you should use positive reinforcement techniques.

This means that you should reward your dog whenever he or she displays the desired behavior.

3) You Want To Create A Strong Bond With Your Dog

Punishment can take its toll on the relationship you have with your dog. While it may get them to perform certain behaviors, it can often damage the trust between you and your dog.

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