Dog Facts – 50 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Dogs

1. There are over 300 breeds of dogs.

2. Some dogs have a single coat while others have two coats or even three coats at the same time!

3. A dog’s ears can grow up to 2 feet long and 3 inches wide!

(Source: Wikipedia)

4. The average life span of a purebred dog is 20 years old, but some live longer than 30 years old!

(Source: Wikipedia)

5. The world’s oldest known dog was a greyhound named “Old Yeller” which lived from 1680 to 1730.

(Source: Wikipedia)

6. There are many different types of breeds of dogs such as terriers, huskies, pugs, chihuahuas etc…(Source:


7. The word “dog” comes from the Old English word dóg meaning “to bark”.

Dog Facts – 50 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Dogs |

(Source: Wikipedia)

8. The first recorded case of rabies occurred in England when a dog bit a man named John Snow.

(Source: Wikipedia)

9. In the United States there are approximately 8 million dogs living with humans each day.

(Source: Wikipedia)

10. Most dogs do not bark very much and only when they feel threatened or if someone approaches them. (Source: Wikipedia)

11. Most dogs will run when they hear a trigger sound. (Source: Wikipedia)

12. Dogs are color-blind, they only see in shades of grey. (Source: Wikipedia)

13. Dogs do not understand words, but they do understand tone and inflection. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dog Facts – 50 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Dogs at

14. About 12% of dogs are left-handed and tend to always pull their treats toward themselves with their left paws. (Source: Wikipedia)

15. Dogs and cats have over 1000 muscles in their ears allowing them to move their ears in any direction. (Source: Wikipedia)

16. Female dogs are referred to as “bitches”. (Source: Wikipedia)

17. Though they might look intimidating, most dogs prefer to run away from danger than fight. (Source: Wikipedia)

18. Dogs don’t have upper front teeth (Source: Wikipedia)

19. Over 20% of dog owners admit that they talk to their dogs on the phone and allow them to sleep on the bed. (Source: Wikipedia)

20. Dogs have about a dozen muscles that allow them to rotate their ears. (Source: Wikipedia)

21. The oldest breed of dog is the snowy owl, with some living up to 30 years old. (Source: Wikipedia)

22. The name for animals brought onto a ship are termed “Pets”. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dog Facts – 50 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Dogs |

23. Some dogs can bend their whiskers backwards. (Source: Wikipedia)

24. Most female dogs are right-paws, while males are more often left-paws. (Source: Wikipedia)

25. The dog is the last creature to have survived since before the extinction of the dinosaurs. (Source: Wikipedia)

26. The world’s smallest dog is a Yorkshire Terrier that stands only 2.5 inches tall and weighs 1 pound. (Source: Wikipedia)

27. The world’s largest dog was an English Mastiff that weighed 343 pounds and stood 3.38 feet tall. (Source: Wikipedia)

28. The longest living dog was an Australian Cattle Dog that lived to be 29 years old. (Source: Wikipedia)

29. The most intelligent dog is the Border Collie, followed by the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. (Source: Wikipedia)

30. The least intelligent dog is the Afghan Hound. (Source: Wikipedia)

31. Dogs are said to have about the same amount of intelligence as a two-year-old human. (Source: Wikipedia)

32. The term “dog days of summer” comes from ancient Romans believing that solar Sirius raises the temperature, causing excessive panting in dogs. (Source: Wikipedia)

33. Every year on November 10, St. Luke’s Day, it is customary in some European churches to bless dogs and other animals. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dog Facts – 50 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Dogs at

34. The modern dog closely resembles the “Hunde” of the ancient Romans, which were bred by Germanic tribes that occupied Europe before the Roman Empire. (Source: Wikipedia)

35. Dogs are mentioned 14 times throughout the Bible, commonly as symbols of loyalty and servitude. (Source: Wikipedia)

36. Dogs can produce over 80 vocal sounds, while human beings can only produce around 10. (Source: Wikipedia)

37. It is legal to marry a dog in Alabama, USA, though popular opinion is that it should be considered animal cruelty. (Source: Wikipedia)

38. The average dog has around 100 different odors that it can recognize, while the average human only recognizes about 10. (Source: Wikipedia)

39. The U.S. is the only country in the world without an indigenous dog breed.

(Source: Wikipedia)

40. Dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures. (Source: Wikipedia)

41. Female dogs allegedly start to develop a “Puppy Face” at about 4-years old, making it more difficult for their masters to resist their pleas for food, attention and play. (Source: Wikipedia)


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