Dog Poop Disposal – The Best Way To Pick Up And Dispose Of Dog Poop

Dog Poop Disposal – The Best Way To Pick Up And Dispose Of Dog Poop

In the United States there are several laws which prohibit the disposal of human waste into public waterways or onto land. One such law states that it is unlawful to “discharge any solid matter or material from a place other than directly into a sewer.” (U.S.

Code Title 27 Chapter 5 Section 830)

The U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines solid matter as: “Any substance composed of one or more elements, including but not limited to sand, clay, gravel, rock fragments and cement.” (U.S. Code Title 27 Chapter 5 Section 831)

Solid matter includes all organic materials such as feces, urine, vomit, blood and hair. However, solid matter does not include animal excrement because they have no structure to them.

Animal excrement consists of small pieces of dead animals mixed with watery wastes such as faeces and urine.

A person may only dump their human waste into a sewer if they follow certain guidelines. These include:

They must possess a valid permit to do so.

They must not dispose of more than 300 pounds of waste material per month.

The sewer into which the human waste is being disposed must be equipped with a pollution trap. This prevents solid wastes from passing into the sewers and into waters of the U.S.

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How To Dispose Of Dog Poop – Dispose of pet waste into the trash

When it comes to disposing your dog’s waste, many people choose to put it in the trash. When doing so, you should wrap the waste in a plastic bag to prevent any odors from escaping and placing the bagged waste into a second bag.

While this should be enough for most trash bags, there are some times when this is not enough. You can place another plastic bag within the bagged waste if you feel this step is necessary.

How To Dispose Of Dog Poop – Flush it down the toilet

If you choose to dispose of your dog’s waste down a drain, it is important that the pipe leading to the septic tank or sewage pump that leads to the sewer is no smaller than 1 ½ inches in diameter. This is necessary to avoid a clog from happening within the pipe.

If you are not sure of the pipe size, you should measure it before dumping any dog waste down it.

How To Dispose Of Dog Poop – Spread it over a patch of grass

If you do not have a dog litter box for your pet or you find it more convenient to do so, you can spread the pet waste around the base of a tree or patch of grass in your yard. You should avoid spreading the waste on top of soil that is sandy or gravely as the waste will not be absorbed and will instead sit on top of the ground.

You should also avoid spreading the pet waste around plants you wish to keep as animal waste can be harmful to plant life. If you are not sure whether a plant can withstand contact with the dog waste, you should spread it over a patch of grass so it can be absorbed.

How To Dispose Of Dog Poop – Use mulch

If you wish to dispose of your pet’s waste in a more environmentally friendly way, you can purchase some mulch from your local gardening store. Depending on the size of your dog, you will likely go through quite a bit of this material.

However, it is very convenient as you will never need to concern yourself with picking up your dog’s waste as you can simply let it decompose into the ground.

How To Dispose Of Dog Poop – Compost it

As with the mulch, pet waste can also be broken down into rich compost that can be used on your plants and flowers. This is a more long-term solution if you do not wish to buy the mulch as the waste will eventually break down enough to become safe to use on your plants.

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Like the mulch, you simply need to throw the waste into a heap and leave it. Within time, it will decompose and you can use it on your plants.

How To Dispose Of Dog Poop – Use it to fuel your BBQ

As disgusting as this sounds, dog waste can actually be used to fuel a barbeque. You will need to mix the waste with some other organic material such as paper or leaves, but it is a great way to use up waste material and gives the extra added benefit of “flavoring” your food.

As you can see, there are many different ways to dispose of dog waste. While most people choose the traditional route of picking it up with a bag and throwing it in the garbage, these alternatives may be better for the environment and cheaper in the long run.

It all really depends on your personal preference!

There are a few different options that you can choose from when it comes to cleaning up after your pet. Many people are using the traditional bagging and throwing it in the garbage option, while others have switched over to scooping and throwing the waste in a toilet to allow for easier clean up.

Still others have taken this process a step further by making their yard “off limits” to their dog until it is excrement free!

Disposing Of Dog Waste – The Traditional Method

Many pet owners pick up after their dog the traditional way by scooping it up into a bag and throwing it away. This is the most common way of disposing of dog waste.

Many people will just throw the bag of waste away as normal trash, but others have started recycling the material by taking it to a local farm where it can be used as fertilizer.

Disposing Of Dog Waste – Litter Box Method

A more modern way of disposing of dog waste is to put the waste in the toilet and flush it. This provides a couple of benefits such as getting rid of the waste quickly and hygienically, while also keeping the waste out of landfills.

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There are special litter boxes on the market designed to make this process easier, but a normal human toilet will work just as well.

Disposing Of Dog Waste – Don’t Do It Yourself

Some people do not like the idea of cleaning up after their pet and would rather pay someone else to do it. This is a legitimate concern as dog waste can be very messy and the smell can be quite bad.

If this concerns you, then you may want to hire a service to come and pick up after your dog. This can cost a bit of money every month, but it is worthwhile to some.

Disposing Of Dog Waste – illegal Method

There is one method of disposing of dog waste that is illegal and that is to not dispose of it at all. If you do not pick up your dog’s waste, it can make its way into other people’s yards and public parks where it doesn’t belong.

In some areas there are also health concerns with dog waste being left to rot where it is.

If you do not pick it up and instead leave it where it falls, you can be held liable for any issues that result from dog waste. This can range from fines to the city coming on your property and enforcing a solution on your behalf that may cost more than the fines themselves.

Remember, dog waste is still waste and needs to be dealt with in some manner. With so many options out there, there is no reason that you can’t find a system that works for you and your family.

Some people are even able to turn the waste that would once go in a plastic bag into a valuable commodity with a little extra effort!

Disposing of Dog Waste – Tips

If you are diligent about picking up after your dog, then you may never need to learn these tips, but it is good to know that there are things you can do in a pinch. If you are letting the waste dry out, then it will be lighter and not smell as bad, but you will still have to throw it away or take extra steps to get rid of the waste.

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If you are just throwing it in the trash, make sure that you put it in a bag first and seal that bag up tight! You do not want your trash to start smelling or attracting animals.

If your town has a recycling program where you can put animal waste, even better!

Disposing of dog waste is just a fact of life that all pet owners must learn to deal with. By choosing the right system for your needs, you can keep your yard and home clean without much effort.

We hope you have found this guide to what to do with dog poop in yard to be helpful and informative. Dog waste can be nasty, but with a little education on your part, you can keep your yard clean and safe for everyone.

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What To Do With Dog Poop – Final Tips

Disposing of dog waste can be a hassle, but there are some basic techniques and ideas that can help you keep your yard clean without spending too much money. There are a few different ways that you can go about cleaning up after your dog.

You can use biodegradable bags, pick it up with your hands, or even invest in an automatic scooper. The choice is up to you, but if you want to keep your yard looking clean and keep your neighbors happy, you will need to find a way that works for you.

We hope that you have found this guide on what to do with dog poop in yard to be helpful. With a little forethought and preparation, you can easily pick up after your pet and keep your family safe and happy.

Good luck Dog Trainer!

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