Dog Saliva Myths Busted Wide Open

Dog Saliva Myths Busted Wide Open

The truth is, there are many myths about dog saliva. Many of them have been around for years and they still persist today. Some of these myths are:

1) Dogs don’t shed their coat after eating food or drink; they just lick it off the plate.

(They do!) They don’t eat human blood either! (No.)

2) Dogs can only vomit up dead bodies!


3) Dogs cannot vomit up blood.


4) Dogs don’t spit out their feces.


5) A dog’s saliva contains no poison!

(Not true at all.)

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6) All dogs have the same saliva.

(False again!)

7) If you swallow your dog’s saliva, it will not hurt you!

(It won’t!)

8) You can use dog saliva to make soap!

(No way! It would be poisonous!)

9) When a dog licks its tongue, it means “I love you”!

(Actually, it doesn’t mean anything at all.) 10) Dogs don’t like other dogs. (They’re territorial and aggressive to each other.) 11) Dogs don’t bark when they want something.

(They do.) 12) Dogs never go into heat. (That’s nonsense too!) 13) A dog’s body temperature is always the same. (Not always true. ) 14) If you add a certain amount of water to dog saliva, it will harden into a block of cement! (No, but it tastes bad!)

We listed 15 myths about dog saliva in this article. Hopefully it has been both interesting and helpful for those of you who want to know more about these animals. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family! Thank you for reading!

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