Dog Snoring: Why Do Dogs Snore, And Is It Normal

Why do dogs snore?

A dog’s breathing pattern changes when it sleeps. A dog’s body temperature drops and its heart rate slows down during sleep. When a person falls asleep, their heartbeat increases and their blood pressure rises. During the night, your heart beats faster than normal because you are not sleeping as deeply as usual. Your brain also does not have enough oxygen to function properly at night, which causes you to feel sleepy or drowsy rather than alert. If you were to fall asleep with your eyes open, you would see things that aren’t there. You might even dream about them. This is how a person feels drowsy while falling asleep. However, if you fell asleep with your eyes closed, then the world around you would disappear completely. Your eyelids could close before they opened fully again. This is how a person felt totally still and peaceful while sleeping without moving his or her legs or arms.

The reason why dogs snore is due to the same phenomenon. A dog’s heart rate slows down during sleep, but its breathing doesn’t slow down. It continues to breathe normally throughout the night. The result is that the dog breathes out air more slowly than it inhales air, causing a deeper and longer breath each time it exhales. The constant breathing produces a snoring sound.

Is snoring normal?

Dogs tend to snore when they sleep and this is not necessarily a sign of illness or disease. Most dogs snore at one point in their lives and some dogs snore more than others. However, if your dog starts to snore excessively this could be a sign that something is not quite right. Excessive snoring could be an indication of an illness or disease and it is best to consult your veterinarian if you are concerned. According to one theory the reason why dogs snore excessively is because they have tiny hairs in their noses that vibrate while they inhale air. Other, older theories state that snoring is caused by a condition called “sleep apnea” where the dog’s breathing is temporarily suspended while sleeping.

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