Easy Steps To Grooming A Labrador Who Hates Being Brushed

How To Brush A Labrador

The first thing you need to do when grooming your dog is to make sure that there are no fleas or ticks on him. You can use a flea comb, but if they are present then you will have to get rid of them before brushing. If you don’t want to spend money on flea comb, then you can just take some cotton swabs and rub some rubbing alcohol on the area where your dog has been bitten.

Then wipe off any blood that may have come out from the bite.

Another way to remove ticks is by using a tick remover spray like Tick Killer or Tick Bait Spray. Both products work well and are safe for dogs too!

If you still have fleas or ticks on your dog, then you will need to use something else. Some people use a natural product such as garlic oil. Others might try vinegar.

However, if these methods don’t work for you, then you could always resort to the most effective method: Clipper.

Clipper is one of the easiest ways to groom a labrador because it doesn’t require any tools at all! All you need is a sharp knife and scissors!

How To Groom A Labrador Using Clippers

Find a spot which your dog is very comfortable in. This should be an area where you won’t feel pressured at all when using the clippers. The dog should also be standing comfortably in that position as well.

If they are uncomfortable, then it will be a lot harder for you, especially once fur starts flying. When you find a good spot, then it’s time to start clipping!

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The best place to start is with the ears. Start by plucking out any hairs that are inside the dog’s ear. Afterward, you can give the ear a basic trim (so that it looks neat and tidy).

Do the same process for the other ear as well.

When you are done with the ears, then you can move on to the legs and torso area. It is important that you do not shave these areas! Instead, you should just give them a trim.

This will allow the dog to have an appropriate look (so that it doesn’t look weird or anything) while also keeping the fur nice and neat. Remember, if you do make a mistake then you can always use the clippers again.

Once you are done with the legs and torso, then you can move on to the tail. If you want, you can completely shave the tail of fur. However, leaving a little bit of fur on it will also be fine.

It mostly depends on what you find aesthetically pleasing or not.

After you are done with the tail, then you can move on to the back legs. Give them a nice trim and clean up after yourself so that the fur doesn’t get all over the place. Again, remember that you can always go back over an area that you aren’t satisfied with.

When you are done with the back legs, then go ahead and move on to the front legs. Just like before, make sure that they are neat and tidy.

Once you are done, then it should be safe to say that your dog is ready for showing! Congratulation on a job well done!

If you still feel nervous about showing your dog, then you can try to get some practice in with other dogs first. The best way to do this is to go to the park and watch some other people show their dogs. Try to pay attention how they are holding and moving their dogs and see if you can mimic the technique!

If you really want to go all out, you can even ask one of the handlers for some tips. They will probably be grateful for someone showing an interest and will gladly help you out.

If you do get comfortable with the showing process, then why not consider entering your dog into a competition?

There are many different types of competitions that your dog can enter. There are boat races, obstacle courses, and even beauty pageants (yes, these do exist!) to name a few.

Easy Steps To Grooming A Labrador Who Hates Being Brushed | thelabradordogs.com

Whatever you do, make sure to have fun with it all! Dog shows can be a really great way to bond with your dog, so try your best to enjoy the experience.

Watch a dog grooming demonstration video:

Now that you know everything there is to know about dog grooming, there’s nothing left to do but go out and practice! Good luck!

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