European Labrador – Is There A European Strain Of This Popular Breed

Labradors have been bred since ancient times. They were used in hunting and guarding livestock. They were also used in medicine, but they weren’t very popular because they didn’t look like dogs usually seen today. The first known breed was the Egyptian mastiff or Mastiffo which was created around 3000 BC by a breeder named Gorgias of Samos (Greece). His dog was called Mastigas and it had a long coat with a thick undercoat. However, he only produced one mastiff per year so it wasn’t very popular.

The next dog to be created was the German shepherd (Schutzhund) which was created around 1660 by Johann Georg Schutzhund from Germany. He wanted to create a working dog that could protect his sheep and other animals from predators such as wolves and coyotes. He created a dog with a short coat that was sturdy and strong.

It was originally white, but later black and tan were added to make it stand out from other dogs.

In 1790, the Englishman John Collier created the American Staffordshire Terrier (also known as “Staffie”). He wanted to create a working dog that could protect his family from wild animals such as bears and wolves. He bred a bulldog and an Old English Terrier which resulted in a very strong, short legged dog that had a lot of stamina.

The next breed was the Bluetick Coonhound, created in 1840 by a man named Stephen Webster. He wanted to create a dog that could hunt and track racoons, bears, cougars, and other large animals. He cross-bred an English Foxhound and a Treeing Walker Hound to create the dog.

The final breed created was the Irish Water Spaniel, created in 1852. It was bred specifically to hunt and fish for salmon and other types of water animals in Ireland. It’s a larger dog, but has been known to jump into water after prey.

It also has a very keen sense of smell, which helps it find animals hiding under vegetation and in holes and tunnels. It was bred by Captain William O’Connor. He bred a Poodle (which were originally used to hunt ducks in Germany) to an Irish Setter, which helped give it the red coat colour that it has.

These dogs were bred over time to create what we now know as a Labrador Retriever. Through breeding these dogs to have good traits such as intelligence, loyalty, and a love of swimming, the Labrador Retriever was created. It is not known when the term “Labrador” was first used, it was certainly popular by the 1890s and the Kennel Club officially recognised the breed in 1903.

The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds in the world, due to its friendliness with humans and other dogs, as well as its usefulness in various types of hunting. It’s also a common guide dog for the visually impaired. In the next section we will discuss about how to breed this animal.

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