Great Chew Toys Your Labrador Will Love

Great Chew Toys For Labradors: What Are They?

Labrador Retrievers are known for their loyalty and love of humans. However, they do have some bad habits such as chewing up furniture or destroying other things. If your Labrador has a tendency to chew anything, then it’s time to get him something new! There are many different types of chew toys available, but most of them aren’t very good for your canine companion. Some of these toys may even cause choking hazards.

The best type of chew toy for your Labrador is one that doesn’t contain any metal, plastic, glass or rubber. These kinds of materials can easily break down into small pieces if your pup gets too excited while chewing on them. Also, there are no nails or sharp edges in these types of toys. A few examples include Kong brand chews and Bully Sticks (which come in various sizes).

Another great thing about these types of toys is that they’re not expensive. You can buy them at almost any pet store or online. Another advantage of buying them from a pet store is that you’ll probably be able to try out several different ones before making a purchase decision.

There are also chew toys made with natural materials like bamboo, wood and cotton. These types of toys don’t need to be cleaned after use because they won’t harbor bacteria or mold.

While these types of chew toys are great, you’ll probably have to replace them within a few months. Your dog may also not be interested in them. It’s best to experiment with different types of toys and see which ones your dog prefers.

You should pay attention to what your dog likes to chew on. This will give you an indication of what you should buy for him in the future. It will probably be a combination of several different types of chew toys.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, there are also toys on the market that can withstand his chewing habits. These types of toys tend to be more expensive, but are usually worth the money.

Whether you buy regular chew toys or the durable ones, you should try to keep an eye on your dog when he’s playing with them. If any part of the toy starts to pieces or fall apart, then you’ll need to take it away from him and get a replacement.

The Importance Of A Good Chew Toy For Your Dog

A good chew toy is an important investment for any dog owner. It can help to protect your belongings from being destroyed, and it can also help your dog to reduce his anxiety. A lot of dogs have a tendency to become anxious when they’re left alone at home. This anxiety can lead them to do things like chew up your furniture or run around the house frantically.

If you can find a type of chew toy that your dog likes, then you can leave him alone at home without having to worry about him getting anxious. There are many kinds of chew toys on the market, but not all of them are appropriate for treating anxiety or protecting your furniture and other belongings.

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Below we’ll go over some of the different types of chew toys that are available for dogs and some of their pros and cons.

Chew Bone

A lot of people like to buy their dog a chew bone because it seems like a good way to keep them busy and entertained. However, not all bones are created equal. Some bones can be very dangerous for your dog. It’s best to avoid bones that have meat or cheese baked on them. Some examples of these types of bones include chicken and pork leg bones.

These can cause your dog to choke if too much of the bone is eaten. Another type of bone that you should avoid is the rib bones that come with meat on them. While these may not cause your dog to choke, they can break into pieces and get stuck in his throat or digestive track.

Regardless of what type of bone you give to your dog, make sure to monitor him while he’s chewing on it. This is especially true if it’s a larger bone that can’t be completely swallowed by him.

Some good types of bones that you can safely give to your dog are marrow bone, smoked femur bone, or a Nylabone type of chew. These bones are all very safe and won’t cause your dog any harm if he should swallow the entire thing.

Hard Rubber Ball

A lot of people also like to give their dogs a hard rubber ball to play with. The benefit of this is that the dog can chew on it without doing any damage to anything. The down side is that some dogs don’t really find these as interesting.

You can try flavoring the inside of the ball with some food or flavorant to give it more flavor, or you can even put some peanut butter or cream cheese on the outside to give it more appeal.

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The most important thing to remember when giving your dog a ball is to make sure that he/she can’t swallow it. Once the ball is in the dogs mouth, he should be able to breathe and pant normally. If you notice that the ball is starting to get lodged in his throat or sticking out, then you will want to take it away from him until it’s worn down enough.

Plastic Toys

There are also a wide variety of plastic toys on the market for dogs. While these have their advantages, they can also be a bit dangerous.

While some toys are very hard and won’t break into pieces, others can be broken into very sharp edges. These sharp edges can cause damage to your dog’s internal organs if they were to swallow them.

If you do choose to give your dog a plastic toy, make sure to take them away from him if they’re starting to break or look like they are about to break.

Also, as with the hard rubber ball, make sure to take it away from your dog if it’s starting to get lodged in his throat or sticking out.

Chew Bones for Teething Puppies

A lot of people will also buy their puppies and young dogs chew bones that are made out of some sort of rubbery material. These bones often have a hollow center filled with a flavored liquid that is supposed to keep your dog’s interest in the bone.

While these bones can be fun for your dog and help to keep him occupied, they are also dangerous. The liquid that is in the center of the bone can leak out, and if ingested, can cause severe digestive track problems.

If the liquid is swallowed, you’ll know pretty quick as your dog will start vomiting. You should immediately take him to the veterinarian if this happens. Even if your dog doesn’t swallow the liquid in the center, he can still get digestive track problems if he eats too much of the outside coating that contains the flavored liquid.


While some people believe that bones are good for their dogs, this really isn’t true. The only bones that your dog should have are the bones that come attached to meat.

Cooked chicken bones, for example, can be given to your dog after they’ve been properly cooked. Before they’re cooked, they have a tendency to splinter and cause all sorts of problems in your dog’s digestive track.

So, as you can see, there are a wide variety of different types of dog toys on the market today. You can choose from a wide selection of stuffed animals, ropes to chew on, and even several different types of plastic toys.

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As with any product on the market, you need to be careful about what you purchase and make sure that you are getting something that will be safe for your dog. Always supervise your dog with his new toy to make sure that it isn’t hurting him in any way.

And never give him something that could potentially cause a choking hazard or something that could be broken into sharp edges. Make sure that you adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the product and only give your dog toys that are designed for his size.

As a general guideline, if you would think that the toy might be a choking hazard for your toddler, then it probably is. So, just use common sense when selecting a toy for your dog.

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