Hip dysplasia: protecting your Labrador puppy

Hip Dysplasia: Protecting Your Labradon Puppy

The following information is based on research, experience and personal observations. You may not agree with all of it, but I hope you will at least have some idea of what to expect if your dog develops hip dysplasia.

If your dog does develop hip dysplasia, here’s how to prevent it from becoming worse or even fatal.

What Is Hip Dysplasia?

In simple terms, hip dysplasia is a condition where there is abnormal development of the hip joint. A normal hip joint allows the knee to bend at 90 degrees (knees bent) and straighten out at 180 degrees (knees straight). Without proper training, your dog will not learn to walk properly without any pain. When walking correctly, your dog needs to be able to move both legs independently of each other so they do not interfere with one another.

When a dog walks incorrectly, the hindquarters of the animal come together, causing them to lean forward and pull on their front legs. This causes the knees to bend inward which puts extra stress on the patella tendon (the kneecap bone), leading to arthritis later in life.

If left untreated, hip dysplasia can lead to lameness or even death. An untreated animal may over time become severely lame and arthritic.

If lameness is detected early enough, surgery can be successful in alleviating the hip dysplasia, but it doesn’t always work and involves a long and expensive treatment procedure. Some dogs recover completely while others only experience a small improvement.

It’s always better to prevent the condition from occurring than to treat it later.

What Causes Hip Dysplasia?

While hip dysplasia is a genetic condition, it does not mean that your dog will automatically inherit the condition. Heredity does play a major role in determining whether or not your dog will develop hip dysplasia, but other factors also determine whether or not your dog will develop the condition. These factors may be environmental and can occur after your dog is born. While a certain breed may have a genetic tendency towards hip dysplasia, many do not actually develop the condition.

What Can I Do To Prevent My Dog From Developing Hip Dysplasia?

Prevention starts before you even bring your new puppy home. When looking for a breeder, make sure that the parents of your new pet are free of hip dysplasia or other joint related diseases. The OFA website offers a database that can help you find a dog with good hips. You can find it here.

Once you’ve found a breeder, ask to see certification papers of the dogs’ parents for proof that they don’t have hip dysplasia. Next, find out what the breeder is feeding the dogs.

A diet primarily made up of grains and poor quality dog food will lead to many health problems, including hip dysplasia. A good diet will ensure that your dog grows up happy, healthy and without any joint related issues.

Finally, ask the breeder if they have or know of any other dogs that have experienced hip dysplasia. If so, talk to the owners about their experiences and see if it’s something you’d like to avoid.

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Diet And Hip Dysplasia

The key to making sure your dog does not develop hip dysplasia is proper nutrition and exercise. While hip dysplasia is certainly a genetic condition, it does not mean that your dog “just has it.” You can limit the occurrences of hip dysplasia in your pet through proper nutrition and weight control.

When buying food for your pet, look for a brand that contains absolutely no grains. Not only do most dogs not need grains, but it is also very bad for their joints.

Buy a high quality brand of food and make sure your pet doesn’t get any table scraps. While people food, while tasty, may be bad for your dog’s health and should only be given on an “as needed” basis.

Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise as well. Dogs are predators by nature and many breeds have retained their instinct to run long distances.

Your pet will be much happier if it is allowed to run or walk for at least a half hour a day. This will make sure the muscles in your pet’s hips get strengthened on a daily basis.

Dealing With An Older Animal

If you have a pet that is already showing signs of hip dysplasia, there are some steps you can take to ease the pain. First of all, make sure your pet gets the exercise it needs.

Next, look into special supplements that can strengthen your pet’s joints. Some owners swear by Glucosamine and Chondroitin, two common joint supplements available at most pet stores. There is some controversy surrounding these products so ask your veterinarian if you are interested in giving these to your pet.

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In extreme cases, your veterinarian may recommend surgical procedures such as hip replacement. The advantage of this is obvious: your dog gets a new hip and can move around more.

The disadvantage is multiple surgeries and the potential for other complications after the procedure. If you and your veterinarian believe that hip replacement would help your dog, don’t be afraid to go through with the procedure.

Hip dysplasia is a serious condition and one of the most common causes of disability in dogs. It can be prevented to a certain extent through proper care, diet and exercise.

If you own a dog that has hip dysplasia, remember that your pet still can live a happy and fulfilling life. Just be sure to keep its weight under control and limit the amount of activity it gets. If you have any questions about your pet’s condition or care, be sure to ask your veterinarian.

Since hip dysplasia can be a very painful condition for your dog, many owners wonder if or when it is okay for their pet to climb stairs. Again, this is another question that only a veterinarian can answer.

It is going to depend on the severity of the condition as well as the age and overall health of your pet.

If you are still concerned about your pet’s condition, consider talking with a veterinarian. There are many ways that they can help your dog live a happy and healthy life.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions because it is your responsibility to make sure your dog gets all the care it needs.

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You should also look for sellers with a lot of positive feedback, and high detailed seller ratings. You can view the detailed seller ratings by clicking the number by the star in the listing page.

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You can find out more detailed information about buying on eBay in our guide here.

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Sometimes this can take a while so you should be patient.

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