Homemade Dog Treats: The Best Free Recipes

Homemade Dog Treats Recipe: The Best Free Recipes

The first thing to do when making homemade dog treat recipes is to get the ingredients right. You need to have all the necessary ingredients for your dog’s favorite foods. For example, if your pup loves chocolate then you will want to make sure you are using only real dark chocolate, not artificial flavors or colors.

If your pup likes chicken, you’ll want to use whole chicken bones. These ingredients will give your pup the most nutritional value and taste the best.

If you’re looking for a good recipe that uses canned food, here are some suggestions:

1) Chicken & Rice Mix – Use chicken broth instead of water to make this recipe.

2) Chicken & Rice Mix – Use chicken broth instead of water to make this recipe.

3) Chicken & Rice Mix – Use chicken broth instead of water to make this recipe.

4) Chicken & Peanut Butter Mix – Use peanut butter instead of chicken broth.

5) Beef Jerky Mix – Use beef jerky instead of peanut butter mix.

6) Pork Jerky Mix – Use pork jerky instead of peanut butter mix.

Homemade Dog Treats: The Best Free Recipes on thelabradordogs.com

7) Turkey Jerky Mix – Use turkey jerky instead of peanut butter mix.

These are just some of the best dog treat recipes that use canned food. If you’d like to know more about these or other recipes, be sure to check out the rest of the website.

You might be interested in making your own homemade dog food if you’ve ever wondered whether or not the pricey pet food at the store is actually good for your pet.

Of course, the pet food manufacturers will tell you that their products are just like what mother nature would serve, but does your dog herd sheep for a living?

What ever happened to eating a balanced diet of meat and vegetables?

While kibble manufacturers have made great strides in improving their recipes, many of them still rely on grains and starches that dogs could live without, not to mention the high cost of these foods. Nowadays, pet owners have more options than ever when it comes to making their own dog food.

You don’t need a specialty diet to ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs. In fact, you may find that your dog’s coat improves and his gas problem lessens after being on a home-made diet. Of course, the main benefit is cutting costs – depending on how many dogs you have, you could save a great deal of money by making your own dog food.

What’s more, making your own dog food is actually very easy. There’s no cutting corners, either – you really need to use quality ingredients or you pet won’t get all the nutrients he needs. But as long as you take the time to research the best recipes and go fresh whenever possible, you’ll soon find that making your own pet food is both easy and cost-effective.

While you can make your own dog food at home from raw meat and vegetables, it takes a bit of effort and time. Most of us don’t have that kind of time to spend on dog food, which is why many people opt to make their own cooked dog food. It takes a little more work than opening a can, but it’s much cheaper and, arguably, better for your dog.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is gather all the ingredients you’ll need. Start with a lean meat – this is the main ingredient in your dog’s food, so it should form the base of the meal. Some good lean meats include white chicken, turkey, fish, and lean beef.

If you want to mix it up a little, you can use organ meats such as liver or heart; most pets seem to love these additions.

Once you’ve decided on a meat, you’ll also need to add in some carbohydrates. Pasta is a common carb to use, as are barley and oatmeal. You can even use vegetables such as sweet potatoes or yams to add fiber as well as nutrients.

Finally, add in a little bit of dairy – some cheese or yogurt will provide your dog with the calcium he needs for strong bones and teeth.

Once you’ve gathered all these ingredients, you need to prepare them. To prepare the meat, just slice or cube it up. Cook large pieces of meat before you add them to the bowl; this will prevent any salmonella issues from ruining your pet’s food.

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After cooking, cut the meat into smaller, more manageable pieces. Next, add in your carbs – you can either cook these before hand or slowly add them in with the rest of the mix and toss it around to coat.

Cook any vegetables separately from the meats, then add them in as well. Last but not least, add in your dairy and any optional ingredients such as vitamins or supplements. Make sure everything is mixed in well, then place the bowl in the refrigerator.

With this base recipe you can change it up to suit your dog’s needs or your own tastes. For example, if your dog tends to get constipated, you may want to leave out the vegetables or the yogurt. If he has a soft coat, you can add in some extra omega 3’s or fish oils.

If you prefer to feed your dog a vegan diet, substitute the meat ingredient for some textured vegetable protein. As long as you stay with the ratios of lean meat, carbohydrate, and dairy, you can change up the other ingredients to your heart’s content.

As long as you’re making the food at home, you don’t need to worry too much about feeding your dog store-bought dog food. It can still form a part of his diet, but if you want to save a little bit of money, you can make your own dog food at home.

Making your own dog food has several big benefits over store bought. For one thing, you know exactly what’s going into the food. You know the ingredients are fresh and you know exactly how fresh they are.

You also have complete control over the nutritional value of the food; you can make it to meet your dog’s specific needs.

This is one of the cheaper ways to feed your dog, too. While some of the more premium dog foods may cost a little more than average, the cost evens out when you consider that you don’t need to feed your dog as much since the food is more nutritious.

Making your own dog food does take a little bit of effort. You’ll need to learn a few recipes, pick up a few basic ingredients at the store, and you’ll need to spend a little bit of time cutting everything up and making the food. Even if you’re busy, though, most of the time required is spent with little to no effort on your part.

Homemade Dog Treats: The Best Free Recipes at thelabradordogs.com

After everything is cut up, you basically just need to toss it in a bowl and mix.

As long as you’re using good, premium ingredients, your dog’s going to love the food. They’ll probably love you for it, too. After all, nobody likes bland, boring food every day.

Stay away from the cheap stuff and your dog will be healthier and happier. More than anything, your dog will thank you for making this choice.

It’s a pretty easy decision to make, especially since it’ll benefit your dog in the long run. You’ll have a happy, healthy dog that you know will love you for being such a good owner. That sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Plus, you save money in the long term, so it’s a win-win situation.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

What do I know?

I’m just a dog.

You: “You’re right. I think I’ll get started on this as soon as possible.”

Games You Can Play With Your Dog

Dogs are not the only ones who like to play games. You do, too, and you can find ways to amuse yourself and your dog. If you want, you can introduce your dog to some of the games you used to play when you were little.

You can play fetch, hide and seek, tag, or any number of other games with your dog. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could invent a new game altogether. Most dogs tend to like chasing a rolled up newspaper or a squeaky toy, as well as playing catch.

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Try different things and see what your dog likes.

Some dogs will get bored if they do the same old tricks over and over again. So switch it up and keep your dog on his toes.

Other than the games themselves, you can also play by yourself. Turn on the radio or turn tables and have your dog watch you as you dance around the house to music. Your dog will enjoy watching you, and it’ll give you a chance to express yourself!

What’s more fun than playing with your dog?

Not much, except for playing with your dog while watching TV. Sit with your dog and watch some TV together. Your dog will probably get agitated after a while and want to get up and do something else, but if you actively engage him in what’s going on in the show (i.e., try to smear your face with peanut butter like the guy on TV did), he’ll stay put. If that doesn’t work, try putting him in his crate with the door open while the show is on. Chances are he’ll get curious about what you’re watching and wander over to see for himself.

If your dog really likes TV, you’ve got a winner. Get him a subscription to a dog-oriented cable channel like the Animal Planet so he can watch it whenever he wants. Not only will he be entertained, but you’ll also have more time to do other things.

You: “Wow, that’s great. I’ll have to remember that.”

Your owner’s watching the news when you come downstairs in the morning.

She: “Candi!

Did you sleep well?”

You: “Of course.

What’s on TV?”

Tanya switches to the local news, keeping the sound low while she prepares your morning meal. You take your bowl and sit by her feet while she watches.

Your neighbor’s face appears on the screen. He’s standing in front of his house, surrounded by a throng of reporters and news crews.

A graphic at the bottom of the screen identifies the story: “‘Monster’ on the Loose?

Local Man Claims He Was Attacked.”

You lean forward to hear what he’s saying over the chatter of the reporters.

“It was horrible. It came out of nowhere and tore my chain off. Just ripped it right off, and when I tried to get up, it slammed me back down with its paw.

Then it just looked at me for a minute. I thought it was going to tear my head off and eat me or something, but then it just turned around and ran back into the woods.”

Your owner looks down at you with a worried frown. “That does it. We’re getting you that muzzle today.”

Homemade Dog Treats: The Best Free Recipes at thelabradordogs.com

You: “That’s pretty interesting.

What else is on?”

Tanya flips through the channels for a moment, pausing now and then to let you see if anything interests you. Most of it is boring: music videos, instructionals, and infomercials. The news comes on once in a while, with more “experts” discussing what could have possibly happened to you and whether or not other animals like you are in the area. Then, you come across a nature show on large cats. You’ve seen it before, but your owner likes these sorts of documentaries, so you watch with her.

“The lion is one of the most well known animals on the planet,” says the narrator. “Lion attacks on humans are extremely rare, yet people still fear these magnificent creatures.


Tanya pauses it and looks down at you. “That’s what I’d like to know. We need to get you a muzzle, but I’m not driving all the way into town today, so we’ll go tomorrow.”

You: “Let’s just continue watching.”

“We’ll get you that muzzle tomorrow,” she says.

You’re not sure why she’s so dead set on getting you one; it isn’t like you have any desire to eat her or anything. It’s not like you’d be able to, considering the bits and pieces of you that still hurt when you try to chew.

You finish watching TV, then wander into the backyard while your owner makes a few calls. The sun is high in the sky, and you find a nice patch of grass in the shade to sprawl out on while you watch the clouds drift by. Your head is still killing you, so you shut your eyes and relax.

You don’t know how long you doze, but a noise startles you awake. Someone is calling your name from inside the house. You can’t make out the words, but it sounds like your owner.

You stand and look around. There’s no place to hide outside; if she comes out here, she’ll see you right away. You glance back at the backdoor: it’s your only option.

You hope she doesn’t come outside while you’re sneaking in.

Homemade Dog Treats: The Best Free Recipes from our website

You run and duck down behind the porch. It’s higher than the ground inside and the railing is low enough that you should be able to hide behind it if you get close enough. You press yourself against the house as you make your way to the steps, pausing to peek around the side at the door.

She’s standing right there, staring right at you.

For a moment, you’re sure she sees you, but then she shakes her head and turns away. “I know he’s in there,” she says, more to herself than to whoever is on the phone. She paces across the kitchen again, continuing her conversation.

“Yeah, I’m sure. No, I didn’t miss the fact that it’s a exit wound…

Yes, I watched the documentaries. Hold on.”

She pauses her conversation long enough to open the fridge and peer inside. She grabs a bottle of orange juice and pours herself a glass as she talks to you again.

“I know you’re thirsty.

Would you like some?”

You: “Sure.”

She pours a glass and sets it on the counter, then puts the container back in the fridge. It’s only inches away from you, but you don’t dare reach for it; she’ll see you for sure. You settle for staring at it longingly as she continues talking to whoever is on the phone.

So the wound was very close to his heart and the bullet is still in there?

But he’s alive? What do you mean you don’t know?

This is ridiculous. I’m going to find out what’s going on, and I will see him soon.”

Homemade Dog Treats: The Best Free Recipes at thelabradordogs.com

She hangs up and paces the floor, running her fingers through her hair in a way that reminds you of when you did something to really piss her off. She stops suddenly and turns to look at you.

“I’m coming in.” She opens the backdoor and walks straight towards you. You try to flatten yourself against the wall, but it’s too late: she’s already seen you.

“There you are. I knew it.” She smiles and hugs you, then leads you inside. “Come on, let’s get you that juice.”

You take a seat at the kitchen island while she gets the drink. When she hands it to you, you try to sip slowly so it will last longer, but it’s no use: you guzzle the whole thing without even realizing it. As soon as you’re finished, she pours you another and sets it in front of you.

“Slow down, sweetie,” she says. “There’s more in the fridge if you want.”

You look in the fridge and find three more bottles. You grab one and start drinking, more carefully this time. After a few sips, you realize how thirsty the exercise has made you and guzzle the rest of it as well.

Your owner notices and pulls out another bottle, then sets it in front of you along with a bowl of chips.

“Have some chips.” You set the bowl in front of you and tear into them. They’re BBQ flavored, your favorite.

You haven’t had any in months. You finish the whole bowl while she watches with a smile on her face. “We’ll pick up some more on the way home from the hospital.”


You ask in between mouthfuls.

“Yep! I’m taking you there right now. I have to go see your uncle and let him know what’s happened.

Do you know where the hospital is?”

You nod. “Great, we can take the bus!” She pauses. “Wait, I’ll be taking you inside and seeing the doctor.

You’ll be waiting outside, okay?”

You nod and gulp down the last of your juice.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” you say eagerly.

“Alright, hold on,” she says. She pulls out her cell phone and makes a brief call. “


I need a ride… I’m at 1665 South Almond Street… It’s an emergency… Yeah, I’ll text you the details. Thanks.” She hangs up and turns to you. “He’ll be here in a few minutes. Let’s go outside and wait for him.”

You follow her outside and take a seat on the curb as she pulls out her phone.

Homemade Dog Treats: The Best Free Recipes on thelabradordogs.com

“I’ll need your medical insurance card, your social security card, and a picture of you with your parents,” she says, pulling up the camera on her phone.

You freeze. You haven’t much experience with doctors or hospitals, but you know that you’re not supposed to go near either of them unless it’s an extreme emergency.

“Come on, honey, it’s fine,” she says. “I’m right here the whole time.” Still, you hesitate.

“If anything, going to the hospital is what I need to do to fix you. It’ll be fine, I promise.”

You reluctantly hand her your social security card and medical insurance card, as well as a picture of you, your parents, and your sister at Disneyland from three years ago. You hope you’re making the right decision, and she doesn’t try to run off with them. After all, you’ve just given her the means to completely destroy your life if she so chooses…

After a few minutes, a car pulls up in front of the house. The driver door opens and a man around your mom’s age gets out, walks up to you, and gives her a hug. “I got the text.

What’s going on? Who are these people in the house?”

“Long story, but we need to go to the hospital. And I need a ride.”

“Let’s go,” he says. You can tell by his tone that this isn’t the first time your mom has done something like this. He turns to you and holds out his hand.

“I’m Jordan, by the way. Your mom’s told me a lot about you.

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