How To Play With A Puppy

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The first thing you need to do when you have a puppy is get him used to being outside. You will need to take him out, but not too far from where he was living before. That way if something happens, you can come back quickly and make sure he’s okay.

If he gets scared or anxious while outside, then it could lead to problems later on.

First of all, you need to teach him that he doesn’t have to go anywhere right now. Your goal is just to let him run around and explore the house. When he sees something interesting, like a toy or some food, he’ll want to investigate further and try it out for himself.

Once he’s comfortable exploring the house and seeing things for himself, you can start taking him outside again!

Once you’ve got him used to going outside, you can begin teaching him tricks. Tackling a ball or chasing a squirrel are good ones to start with. Then once he learns them, you can move onto other things like fetching items and so forth.

Keep doing these little activities until he’s ready to venture off into the yard alone (or with another dog). Chances are he’ll want to do more than just look around, so give him some time before calling him back inside.

You can also teach him how to behave around other people. Most dogs have a sense of fear around strangers, but it’s important to help him get over it. Letting him play with another dog in the beginning is a good way of doing this, as playing is always fun and something they enjoy doing with others.

Once he’s comfortable around other dogs, then you can slowly introduce him to new people. The best way is to bring them into the house and let him smell them first, then let them pet him. Anytime he gets scared or anxious, you can reassure him by petting him or giving him a treat. After enough repetitions, he should be okay around all kinds of people.

Finally, you need to teach him how to act in certain situations. If you’re outside and a bike drives by or someone is jogging, then you need to make sure he doesn’t get scared. Whenever something new comes along, you need to reassure him that it’s not a threat and give him something good (like a treat) whenever he’s around it.

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Once he’s learned all of these different things, then you can finally enjoy your dog!

Tips and Warnings

It’s always important to keep your dog on a leash when you take him outside. Not only does it keep him safe and make it more likely for him to obey commands, but it also keeps the neighborhood safe from him and any accidents that could happen.

When you have a dog around the house, it’s easy to get distracted while you’re doing other things. Make sure you stay focused when he’s around and everything will go much smoother.

Training your dog doesn’t just happen in one sitting. It can take weeks, months even to properly train a dog so you’ll need to stay patient.

Instead of just showing you how to teach a dog tricks, this guide has gone into some of the basics of dog behavior as well. By understanding how dogs see and experience the world, you’ll be able to better communicate with your new pet!

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