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How To Train Your Labrador To Sit In Easy Steps:


1) Start with a calm environment.

Make sure there are no distractions like loud music or television playing. If possible, try not to leave your home all day long. You don’t want your dog’s mind racing thinking about something else while you’re away from home!


2) After getting home, take your dog out on a walk.

Take him to a quiet place where he won’t get distracted by other dogs or children. Remember, it’s important to keep your dog occupied so he doesn’t become bored easily.


3) Once you’ve taken your dog outside, make sure that he gets plenty of exercise before starting this step.

Let him run around and play with other dogs and kids.


4) Once your dog is tired and ready to come back in, sit next to your dog but without touching him.

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5) Say the words “sit” in a high pitch voice while you move your hands from your sides up over your head.

As soon as your dog’s behind touches the floor say “good boy!” and give him a treat. It may take a few times for him to learn this so be patient!


6) After a few minutes of repeating this process, start touching your dog a little before saying the words “sit.

” Eventually, your dog should learn that when you touch him, he should sit down.


7) After a couple more days of repeating this process, try bringing a treat bag with you while you touch your dog.

Whenever you bring out the treat bag, your dog should automatically sit down without you even having to tell him to do so.


8) After a couple more days of this, start using a word other than “sit.

” We find that “down” works the best but feel free to choose your own command word.

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9) After your dog is responding well to your new command, start not saying the word at all until your dog responds instantly with the “down” command.

Step 10) Continue practicing every day for at least ten minutes.

Watching your dog get better at obeying you is an amazing experience. A well-trained lab can be a great friend to have around the house. If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to having a well-trained lab. Remember, it may take some time, but in the long run it’ll be worth it. Have fun!

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