Labradoodle Dog Breed Information – A Guide To The Labrador Poodle Mix

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The Labrador retriever breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. There are many different types of Labs: hunting, service, working, show and rescue dogs. All Labradoodles have a very similar appearance with their long curly hair coat and they all share some common characteristics such as being friendly, loyal and affectionate towards humans. They are also known to be intelligent and obedient dogs that make excellent family pets.

Labradoodles are well-known for their loyalty and love of human companionship. Their intelligence makes them ideal guardians. They have been used as therapy animals since the 1950’s . The Labrador Retriever is a medium sized dog breed which stands at around 16 inches (40 cm) tall when standing upright, weighing between 20 – 25 pounds (9 – 12 kg). They have a compact body shape with short legs and thick fur.

Their coats vary from light to dark brown or black, but all Labradoodles have a characteristic curly tail. The coloration of the ears varies too; some are straight while others curve upwards. Most Labradoodles come in various colors including white, red, blue, yellow and green. Some even have markings like spots or stripes on their bodies.

Labradoodles also have a very curly hair coat which means they need special attention. While their hair is short and fine, it is significantly more fragile than that of other dogs because it tends to tangle and mat if not trimmed on a regular basis. While you could take your dog for professional grooming, it can actually be fairly easy to trim your Labradoodle at home. The key to success is regularity; the whiskers can be trimmed when required.As with all dog breeds, Labradoodles can be prone to certain genetic health issues.

Some of these may not manifest until later in life, but responsible Labradoodle breeders are usually very open about sharing information on which lines to avoid. It pays to be diligent and do your research before buying a puppy.

The main health issues that affect Labradoodles are:

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