Labrador Colors – The Secrets of Labrador Color Inheritance

Labrador Colors: The Secrets of Labradors Coat Color Inheritance

The Labradors are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They have been bred for their docile nature, loyalty, obedience and love of humans. There are many myths surrounding them but they do not deserve it because they really possess qualities that make them great companions. They are very loyal and loving dogs.

Labs are known for being loyal, affectionate and faithful. They show these traits through their behavior towards humans and other animals. The reason why they are so good with humans is due to their long history of domestication from wolves, which were wild predators that preyed upon livestock, domesticating them into working beasts. These attributes make Labs highly social creatures; they need human interaction to function properly.

Another trait that makes Labs so good with humans is their intelligence. While some labs may appear to be dumb, they actually are quite smart when compared to other dogs. Some of the smartest things they have learned include how to play fetch, sit up, lie down and even recognize familiar faces! They are also able to learn new tricks quickly.

Their memory is excellent and they can remember almost everything if given enough time.

Labradors are not only intelligent, but also very affectionate towards their owners and especially children. They will go out of their way to make their humans happy and will love them unconditionally. Sadly though this does mean you have to put up with the odd Labrador cheekiness such as jumping up, licking and nibbling when excited or hungry. Also they can sometimes be a little jealous if they think another animal or person is taking your attention away from them.

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