Male or Female Dog: Pros, Cons and Comparisons

Male Dogs: Pros, Cons and Comparisons

The most common question is whether it’s better to get a male or female dog. There are many reasons why one would want to choose either gender. Let us see some of them.

1) You will be able to show your love for him/her more easily than with another pet (Female dog lovers usually prefer males).

2) You will be able to take care of him/her more easily than with other pets.

3) If you don’t like children, then you might not feel comfortable having a child around your pet.

(You may even think twice before getting a puppy or kitten.) On the other hand, if you do like kids, then there is no reason why they cannot live with your pet. (They can play and cuddle together.

They can sleep together.)

4) You will be able to look after your pet more comfortably than with other pets.

5) You will be able to enjoy watching your pet grow up faster because you won’t have to watch over him/her as much.

(If you’re a parent, then you’ll probably want a boy or girl. This way, you won’t have to watch them as much or at all. However, if you’ve never had children and you’re considering it, then a pet is a good substitute since you’ll still be able to bond with it and enjoy it.)

6) It will make living together more comfortable for the both of you.

(For example, if she prefers quiet and order while you prefer playing loud music while doing your hobbies, then it might be wise to get a boy. Again, it all depends on what you and your partner like and dislike.)

7) If you’re a single man or woman or don’t want children of your own, then getting a male pet is a good idea.

Male or Female Dog: Pros, Cons and Comparisons |

(Although female pets can be just as affectionate and loving, males tend to be more energetic and fun-loving. If you’re looking for a running or hiking buddy, then this might be a good choice. Also, if you travel a lot or go on long trips, then this is also a good idea.

You can leave him with friends or at a kennel and not have to worry about him being lonely or depressed.)

8) There are a lot more male dogs at shelters than there are female dogs.

This is because a lot more people get female dogs instead. So, if you are looking to get a dog from an animal shelter or pet store, then you will have a wider selection to choose from if you get a male dog.

9) You do not need to have children to love and take care of a pet.

(If you have always wanted to be a parent but cannot for whatever reason, then your pet can fill that role. There are also many benefits of owning a dog. See here: Health Benefits of Dog Ownership.)

10) There are more males role-models out there for boys than there are for girls. If you want your son to grow up and become independent, confident and not be afraid of bugs, then get a male dog. (For some reason, people think that boys should learn how to deal with bugs and creepy crawlies from an early age.

This is nonsense. Boys should be taught to deal with such things with any kind of animal or insect. Girls should be taught as well.)

It is important to teach your pet that there are certain things that he can chew on. (Wearing a “BAD” ribbon around his neck and taking it off when you are playing with him might help. Praise him when he is chewing on it and taking it away when he is done should help also.

You can also try putting that bad ribbon around other items such as shoes, remote controls, etc. once you take it off of him. This should teach him that those are off limits as well.)

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Should you get a female pet, then you will have to walk and play with her more often than a male because they tend to get fat if they don’t get enough exercise.

Should you get a male pet, then keep an eye on him when he is outside. He will wander. (This can be a disadvantage if you travel a lot or are gone for long periods of time every now and then.)

If you get a pet for your son or daughter, then it is important to give it attention together as a family. This ensures that everyone gets along and no one feels left out.

It is a good idea to get a younger child a pet that is not too complicated and not too small. (I suggest a fish or a lizard.)

It is best if everyone in the household gets along with the pet before you get it. (If someone in the family hates dogs, then don’t get a dog.)

Make sure your pet has everything he needs. This includes food, water, treats, toys to play with and a bed to sleep on. (If he sleeps with you, then his bed should be in your bedroom.

If he sleeps in his kennel, then his bed should be in there. If he sleeps outside, then he can sleep on the ground, although giving him a cushion or old blanket might be a good idea.)

Puppies tend to get into everything and chew on stuff they aren’t supposed to. This includes electrical wires and poisonous things such as plants. Make sure your pet has nothing like this around to destroy or eat.

It is best if you have a pet that is the same size as you are. This way you are less likely to get knocked over or bitten. (Some people believe it is good to have an animal that is smaller than you are because it is not likely to knock you over.

This is not necessarily true if the pet panics and you are both trampled and bitten in the confusion. Having a pet that is bigger than you are also has its own set of problems should the pet panic and knock you over.)

The more time you spend with your pet, the better. (This ensures that your relationship is a good one and it will be easier to train them to do what you wish them to do. However, if you are gone for long periods of time every now and then, it is okay as long as you make up for the lost time when you are with the pet.)

If your pet becomes sick, take him to the veterinarian. (Don’t just give him medicine yourself. You might make the problem worse or even kill him.

You wouldn’t want that to happen now, would you?

The vet will know what to do and if you can’t afford one, ask your local pet store owner if they can help.)

If you are moving to a new house or just getting a new pet, take the time to properly introduce them to each other and show them that they now live together. (A simple sniff of the butt is not enough for them to fully understand that this is their new family member or roommate.)

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As your pet gets older, he may start to get sick every now and then. This is just a normal part of life. (However, certain types of animals are more prone to specific diseases or ailments, so do your research on the type of animal you wish to have as a pet before you get it.)

Get your pet spayed or neutered when they are old enough. (This helps keeps the pet population under control and stops certain illnesses and conditions from being nearly as bad.)

Be sure to feed your pet at least once a day. (Most pets will let you know if you forget or are late, but it is best not to assume this. Also, some pets need more than one feeding a day, so read the instructions on the packaging to be sure.)

Keep your eyes on your pet at all times when they are out of their cage or kennel. (You don’t want them running off and getting lost or hurt by something else. Keep in mind that just because you have one pet doesn’t mean you can’t get another one.

If your home is big enough and you have the money for it, you can always get a second animal to keep your first one company while you are away, this also makes it less likely that your first pet will become depressed.)

Always be sure to keep your pet clean and make sure their living quarters are clean as well. (If your pet sleeps in your bed with you, be sure to keep the bed sheets clean as well. Dust bunnies under the bed, in the crevices of your sofa, or in any other dark corner is not good for your pet to sleep on or near.)

Things You’ll Need

First and foremost you will need to have at least some basic amount of money to get started. (Some pets are very inexpensive such as fish and feed them once a day. Cages for them are also not very expensive.

Other pets are more expensive such as dogs and cats and they may require more care such as medical treatment, grooming, larger living quarters, and more food than the cheaper pets do. It all depends on the type of pet you want and how much money you wish to spend on it.)

Next you will need to find a proper home for your pet. (Whether this means building one, buying one or making one. For some pets such as a snake, their home is something you can make and place on the floor or just hang from the ceiling.

For other pets such as a dog or cat, they will need a proper house with 4 walls and a door that closes to keep them from running away or getting lost. You will also need to keep the living area as clean as you would your own home.)

You may want to find a job if you don’t already have one. (Some people use their pet to help find one such as a seeing eye dog or a guard dog for a store. Other pets are used to help people feel less lonely such as a cat or another small animal that people can interact with and talk to.

Still other pets such as fish or birds can just be for decoration and to help keep the air in your home fresh and clean.)

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Other things to think about:

Do you want your pet to stay inside or would you like it to be able to go inside and outside?

(If you really want it to be able to go in and out, you will need to build or buy a home for it that is predator proof and weather proof. You may also need to think about fencing in your yard so your pet doesn’t accidentally wander off and get lost.)

How much time can you spend with your pet?

(Some pets, such as a dog, require a lot more attention than others. They need to be walked at least once every couple of days and unless you want to clean up their poop daily, they will need to be taken outside to go to the bathroom as well. They also need to be played with and given attention on a regular basis or they can become depressed or destructive. Other pets such as a fish are less work but still need to be fed every day and their tank kept clean.)

Do you have any special needs pets are unable to meet?

(Some people cannot have pets for health reasons. If this is the case, then you will need to make arrangements for your pet to go to someone else when it dies. You may also need to make special arrangements for your pet if you ever become unable to care for it yourself for any reason.)

FINAL NOTE: If you are considering getting a pet, we urge you to please research the pet that you wish to have before actually acquiring it. Ask the staff at your local pet store and do some online research as well. This will ensure you are fully capable of caring for the pet and understand what is involved in the process.

A pet is a very long commitment and you need to be sure that you are fully capable of caring for it before actually bringing it home.

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-Weston “The Plumber” Waterman

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