Mastiff Lab Mix

Mastiff Lab Mix Breed Profile:

The Mastiff Labrador Retriever (Lab) breed originated from the English Bulldog, which was bred to the Bull Terrier dog. The name “Bull Dog” comes from the fact that these dogs were originally bred to fight each other. The original bulldogs were not very large, but they grew larger over time due to their fighting nature. They became known as the “bulldoggers”.

The mastiffs are one of the largest breeds of dogs. Their height ranges from 15 inches up to 20 feet tall! These dogs have a muscular build with long legs and thick necks.

These dogs are highly intelligent and loyal. Some say that they are too smart for their own good, however, most agree that they make excellent family pets.

The Mastiff Lab is a medium sized dog. Their weight varies between 60 – 90 pounds. They are very active and playful dogs. They love to play fetch, chase mice, and run around the house or yard.

They do best when kept indoors unless they get too big for their home environment. Most mastiffs need at least some human interaction to keep them entertained and happy so they will live longer lives than if left alone all day long!

They do not shed as much as most dogs, but they are susceptible to skin conditions such as hot spots. It is important to keep up with regular brushes and baths!

They can live in apartments, but they will require at least one long walk or run per day. They also need a small yard to play in. These dogs can be great for people that work from home such as writers.

Mastiff Lab Mix Appearance:

The appearance of the Mastiff Lab mix varies with each dog. Some may have thicker fur than others, while others may have shorter legs or longer legs. Just like any other hybrid, the appearance of these dogs is unpredictable!

Some of these dogs will have very muscular builds, while others will be more lanky. Some will be very tall while others are short. Typically, these dogs can grow to stand anywhere between 17 – 24 inches. Their weight varies from 60 – 100 pounds.

Mastiff Lab mix Colors:

These mixed breeds come in a variety of colors and markings. Solid colors such as black, gray, brown, tan, and white are possible. Some of these dogs will have markings such as spots or stripes.

Mastiff Lab Mix on

Breeders are having a lot of fun creating new colors and patterns in these dogs!

Mastiff Lab mix Temperament:

The temperament of these dogs varies depending on how they were raised. Typically, though, these dogs are very loving and playful. They enjoy the company of children and other dogs. They are great watch dogs as they will bark at strange noises or people that they do not recognize.

Mastiff Lab mix puppies can be challenging to raise as they tend to be very destructive until they reach the age of three. It is important that children are taught how to behave around these dogs as they can unintentionally hurt them without even realizing it!

Mastiff Lab mix Care:

The care of these dogs varies depending on the owner’s preferences. They should be brushed once or twice a week to avoid tangles in their fur. It is also important to regularly trim their nails and clean their ears. These tasks may be difficult for some owners, so they may prefer to have a professional do it for them.

These dogs will need to take a walk or jog every day. They are very energetic so if they are not provided with an adequate way to expel that energy they will become agitated and destructive.

Mastiff Lab mix History:

The origin of the mixed breed mastiff lab is unknown. People have been breeding dogs for specific purposes for thousands of years. It is possible that someone bred a mastiff and a Labrador Retriever to create a dog that was excellent at hunting and retrieving animals.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize mastiffs or labrador retrievers as separate breeds, so of course they do not recognize the mixed breed either. The popularity of this mixed breed is still growing and it may be years before it is considered a legitimate breed.

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