Metronidazole For Dogs – Know Your Canine Antibiotics

Metronidazole For Dogs Dosage

Dosages of metronidazole are different depending upon the type of diarrhea your dog has. Some types of diarrhea are easier to treat with metronidazole than others.

Doses vary from 1 mg/kg every 3 hours up to 10 mg/kg every 6 hours. You may need to use a higher dose if your dog is vomiting or having difficulty breathing due to diarrhea.

How Long Does Metronidazole Work?

The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the case. If your dog is not eating much or drinking enough water, then it will take longer time to see results. If your dog is vomiting frequently and has trouble breathing, then it might take less time before you notice improvement.

What About Side Effects Of Metronidazole For Dogs?

Side effects of metronidazole for dogs include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, weakness and increased thirst. These side effects usually go away within 24 hours after starting treatment. However some cases do persist even after this period. If these symptoms continue to occur for more than two weeks they require medical attention.

Can I Give Metronidazole To My Puppy?

While Metronidazole can be used on puppies, it should only be done under a veterinarian’s supervision. Like with any medication given to animals, the correct dosage is important. If you are not sure of the medication or the dosage, please consult your veterinarian.

You should also seek professional assistance if you plan on using metronidazole for ongoing treatment.

What About Metronidazole And Alcohol?

Alcohol should not be taken within 2 weeks of using metronidazole. If you drink alcohol in this period it may cause severe and life threatening liver damage.

Does Metronidazole Show Up In Drug Tests?

You can take metronidazole while undergoing a drug test, however it does show up in urine tests. Taking the medication only once will not show up in a standard urine test, however if you take it multiple times, then it will start to show up. You can still take the medication under these circumstances, but it is important that you are aware that it can potentially show up in a drug test.

Can Dogs Eat Metronidazole Tablets?

Metronidazole tablets are not generally intended for dogs, even though they may be able to swallow them. It is best to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog metronidazole tablets.

What Are The Alternatives To Metronidazole?

Although you may have been told to give your dog Flagyl or Flagyl suspension, there are other drugs that can be used to treat the same conditions as metronidazole.

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