My Dog Ate A Battery

My Dog Ate A Battery: Can Your Dog Eat A Battery?

The question of whether or not your dog can eat a battery is one that many pet owners have asked themselves. Some dogs are known to be able to do it, while others cannot. There are some things you need to consider before deciding if your canine pal can handle eating up a dead cell phone.

Dogs Are Not Experts At Eating Batteries

It’s true that dogs have been known to eat other animals, but they aren’t experts at eating batteries. They don’t even like them very much!

So why would they be able to do it?

Well, there are several reasons. First off, most dogs are omnivores; meaning they eat both plants and meat. Meat is considered a higher quality food than plant matter. Also, when meat is digested, it releases enzymes which break down the protein into smaller pieces. Dogs love to chew on bones and teeth so their digestive systems are designed to get rid of these parts of the animal quickly.

Another reason why dogs can digest a dead cell phone is because they have special stomachs called the small intestine. This part of the body is full of powerful acids and enzymes designed to break down food.

The stomach itself is a muscular pouch which kills things placed within it. The only problem with batteries is they are not very nutritious, so they probably won’t do much good as far as sating your dog’s hunger.

Just about every part of a battery is toxic when ingested by a dog or a human. Batteries contain lithium, copper, nickel, cadmium, and zinc.

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