My Dog Ate Chapstick

My Dog Ate Chapstick Ingredients:

Ingredients of My Dog Ate Chapstick:

The ingredients of my dog ate chapstick are listed below. The list contains only the most common ones, which are used by all brands. Some of them have been replaced with new ones, but they still contain some of the same ingredients. They may or may not include other substances such as parabens, phthalates etc..

All these ingredients are known to cause cancer, birth defects, hormonal problems and many other health issues.

Carmine (2)

Carbon Black (1)

Epsom Salt (3)

Ethyl Alcohol (4)

Formaldehyde (5)

Isobutyl Ketone (6)

Methylisothiazolinone Methylisothiazolinone is a carcinogen. Formaldehyde is a known neurotoxin. Ethyl alcohol is a known carcinogen. Isobutyl ketone is a known skin irritant.

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Methylisothiazolinone is a known reproductive toxin.

How To Use My Dog Ate Chapstick?

To use my dog ate chapstick, you need to apply it directly onto your lips. You will get immediate results if you do so because it does not require any time for absorption into your body before application.

How Does My Dog Ate Chapstick Work?

By applying my dog ate chapstick, you can prevent dryness in your lips and heal any sores that might have resulted from the dryness. The ingredients in the lip balm soothe the skin of your lips and provide it with moisture, resulting in a dramatic change in their texture and appearance.

Active Key Ingredients

Pros and Cons

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This product has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on average by more than 1,000 customers. The lip balm has been praised by most people for its healing abilities when it comes to dry and cracked lips. In fact, most customers have stated that this product works much better than other lip balms they’ve used in the past.

You have probably heard a lot about eos chapstick and you might be wondering if it is really worth all the hype. We try to give as much information as possible about My Dog Ate Chapstick so that you can learn more about this lip balm and make the right buying decision. This is a unique product and there isn’t much info available on it yet.

Eos or Evolution of Smooth is a new brand of lip balm made in the USA. It is available in a round, tube like container with different colored tops to denote the different flavors available. The brand is targeted towards young women and it has gained wide spread popularity among them because of its sleek packaging, fun varieties of flavor and moisturizing abilities. My Dog Ate Eos is the brand name for the same lip balm product packaged for men.

The eos lip balm comes in a variety of flavors. The best ones are described below:

Strawberry Sorbet: If you love strawberries, then this is the one for you. This is the best selling flavor of eos lip balm.

Vanilla Mint: This one has the flavor of cool vanilla with a hint of mint. It leaves a tingling sensation on your lips after application.

Summer Fruit: If you are looking for something different from the regular flavors, then this one is ideal for you. It is a mix of apricot, blackberry, blueberry and strawberry.

Honeysuckle: This lip balm has the flavor of wildflower and honey.

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Flavorless: The flavorless variety does not have any flavor but still moisturizes your lips. It is ideal for people who want to add their own flavor by dabbing on their favorite flavor of essential oil.

How To Use My Dog Ate Eos?

This is a lip balm that is applied directly on the lips. The best way to use this product is to keep it on your pocket or purse so you can apply it every once in a while to prevent dryness of lips and cracking. You can also store it in your car’s glove compartment or center console so you can apply it while driving.

How Does My Dog Ate Eos Work?

This lip balm prevents chapped lips by moisturizing them. The ingredients in this product include shea butter and vitamin E. These ingredients increase the moisture level of the lips and make them soft and supple. This product comes in a variety of flavors. The best flavors are described below:

Strawberry Sorbet: If you love strawberry flavored candy or lip balm, then you will love this one. It has a natural flavor of strawberry with no artificial taste to it.

Vanilla Mint: This lip balm has a cool taste of mint mixed with a bit of vanilla. The flavor is very refreshing.

Summer Fruit: This one has a medley of different fruit flavors that come together to make an amazing fruity taste. It is not too sweet and has just the right amount of flavor to it.

Honeysuckle: This lip balm is scented with the aroma of sweet honeysuckle flowers. It provides a very mild flavor with a slightly floral scent to it.

After applying this lip balm, your lips will feel moisturized and soft. It does not leave any greasiness or waxy feeling on your lips. You can apply it as many times in a day as you want without worrying about it clogging your pores. The company claims that this lip balm can cure chapped lips overnight.

Benefits Of Using My Dog Ate Eos

This lip balm provides a cooling sensation on your lips when applied.

The product comes in a variety of flavors such as strawberry sorbet, summer fruit and honeysuckle.

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The lip balm is very affordable and lasts long.

Who Can Use My Dog Ate Eos?

Anyone who wants their lips to stay moisturized and soft can use this product. This lip balm can be used by both men and women. It comes in different flavors so you can choose the one that you like the best. It is very affordable so anybody can buy it.

Side Effects Of My Dog Ate Eos

This lip balm does not have any side effects. Some of its ingredients such as castor oil and menthol can cause allergies in some people but are generally safe for the majority of people to use.

Where Can I Buy My Dog Ate Eos?

You can buy this product online on the company’s website. Different quantities are available for sale on the website.

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