My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone – How To Manage An Attention Seeking Dog

My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone – How To Manage An Attention-Seeking Dog

I have been writing a book called “The Best Things in Life Are Free” which I wrote with my wife. We are currently working on it. The title refers to the fact that our lives are really good now, but they will get better because we want them to! We do not need any handouts or gifts from anyone, except ourselves. Our life is just fine without them.

If someone offers us something nice, we take it. If someone gives us a gift, we don’t even think twice about it.

We live in a small town where everyone knows each other and there is no crime or drug dealing going on around here. There are some problems with the police though, so sometimes they come out and check up on things like that. But that’s about it.

So what does this have to do with dogs?

Well, when we were little kids, one day my dad took us to the local pet store. They had a bunch of different kinds of puppies and kittens. One of the ones my mom picked out was a black lab named Buddy. She said she thought he looked kind of funny looking at her, but then she liked him anyway…and she wasn’t wrong!

He was a crazy dog when he was little. He ate almost everything! He would even drink motor oil! But he grew out of that. When he was about two years old, he almost died of an allergic reaction to his vaccinations.

But my mom took him to the vet and they saved him. He wasn’t allergic to the shots after all (Thank goodness). My mom said he never was the same again after that though. He got grumpy and didn’t want to do too much anymore. He also got old really quick.

But we still loved him and took good care of him until he died of old age six years later. We all cried at his funeral (except for my dad, but that’s a different story).

After that, we never got another dog or cat. We were always kind of sad about it too. Then five years later when we started dating, my future wife said we needed to get another dog. Even if we weren’t the best at taking care of it this time, she thought it would still be good for us. She grew up with dogs and didn’t have one now, so she really missed them.

She even said that if we had one, she would help take care of it.

So that’s how we got Mandy. She is a yellow lab and almost exactly like Buddy in every way! She has the same food, she has the same vaccinations, she does the same tricks and everything! It’s really strange! But of course we love her anyway.

My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone – How To Manage An Attention Seeking Dog - Picture

So we still haven’t gotten that pet we were looking for I guess. Maybe if my book gets made into a movie, or if my wife sells her first novel, then maybe we will get that guinea pig after all. But for now, Mandy is enough pet to keep us busy. At least I hope she is, because I don’t think we could go through losing another pet like that ever again!

Thanks for reading about our furry family members!


“Them’s my fillings!”

~ Fangtooth


~ Mandy


A.N.- Well here it is, the story I wrote for National Novel Writing Month. I know it isn’t that great and it probably has some typos, but meh! It is what it is.

I thought about putting a lot of time into making it perfect, but then I decided why bother?

Who knows, maybe someone will like it.

Thanks for reading!

-Curtis (Dravenswood)

My Dog Won’t Leave Me Alone – How To Manage An Attention Seeking Dog - Picture

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