Nine Week Old Labrador Puppy FAQ

What is the average age of a dog?

The average age of a dog varies from breed to breed but it is generally around 6 years old. A few breeds like German Shepherds, Great Danes and Poodles are older than other breeds such as Golden Retrievers or Boxers.

How long does a dog live? How many years do they live?

A dog’s life span depends on several factors such as breed, socialization, health status and environment. Generally speaking, dogs live between 10 – 15 years. Some breeds have a longer lifespan while others live shorter lives due to certain conditions they may face during their lifetime.

Do Labradors live longer than other dogs?

Labrador retrievers tend to live longer than any other breed. They are known for being loyal and affectionate with humans and other animals. Their high energy level makes them good companions too. They are very intelligent which helps them in performing tasks at home and outside the house too.

Are there any health issues that affect a dog’s longevity? Are there any diseases that shorten a dog’s lifespan?

Just as in people, there are several diseases that shorten a dog’s lifespan. These include heart disease, respiratory issues, gastrointestinal issues and so on. While a dog can live with some of these conditions, others may prove to be fatal. For instance, gastrointestinal issues might prevent a dog from being able to get adequate nutrition leading to extreme weight loss and organ failure.

Is it possible for a dog to live longer than 20 years?

A dog’s life span can be determined by several factors. The most important of these is genetics. Some dogs are predisposed to have a shorter life than the average due to certain conditions such as hip dysplasia and heart disease. These conditions may not show up until the dog is older. It is possible that a dog can live longer than 20 years but it is extremely rare. The oldest living dog on record was 27 years old.

Are certain dog breeds prone to heart disease?

Some dogs are prone to heart diseases than others. Breeds such as boxers, great danes, Saint Bernards and Doberman pinschers are more likely to suffer from heart disease than other breeds. Other factors like weight gain can increase the risk of a dog developing heart issues.

Do all puppies look alike?

No, it is not possible for all puppies to look alike even if they are siblings. This is because it is not just genes that make a dog unique. Genes interact with other factors to give each dog its own identity. These factors can be anything from a mother’s diet during pregnancy to a traumatic experience when it was a puppy.

How much do puppies change in the first year?

A puppy changes a lot in the first year of its life. It goes from being completely dependent on its mother to being able to survive on its own. It goes from only having a couple of teeth to having an entire set of teeth. It goes from being unable to see or hear properly to being able to run and play. A puppy’s development is extremely rapid during the first year of its life.

Is it normal for a dog to get periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is extremely common in older dogs. This disease affects the tissues that support the teeth and if left untreated can cause them to fall out. Bad teeth are not only ugly to look at but also extremely uncomfortable for the dog.

Why do dogs eat grass?

There have been several theories about why a dog might eat grass. The most likely is that they are looking to soothe an upset stomach. Another theory suggests that they are looking to ease an upset digestive system. Eating grass is not harmful to dogs if done on rare occasions.

What is the life expectancy for a dog?

The average life expectancy of a dog is about 10 to 13 years. Some large breeds such as mastiffs and great danes live shorter lives than others. Also, dogs that suffer health problems such as heart disease or cancer can have a reduced life span.

Are pitbulls naturally aggressive?

Pitbulls are often thought of as aggressive dogs. This is not really true, but they need firm training from an early age and this needs to be consistent. If a pitbull does not get enough exercise or is treated too harshly it can become aggressive as it gets older. All dogs are individuals and no breed is inherently bad.

Why do dogs have wet noses?

Dogs have wet noses for the same reason we have wet noses. It helps them to sense the environment around them and prevents drying out. Dogs do not require the humid environment that humans do so their nose stays constantly wet.

Why do some dogs have long noses while others have short noses?

The length of a dog’s nose has no bearing on its personality or how it smells. Some breeds such as pugs and bulldogs have short noses because of the way their faces and heads are shaped. It is not known why some dogs have long and others have short muzzles.

Is chocolate poisonous to dogs?

The part of chocolate that is toxic to dogs is caffeine. Dark chocolate has more caffeine than milk chocolate so it is less suitable for dogs. Furthermore, the other ingredients in chocolate can also be toxic. A dog would have to eat a very large amount of chocolate for it to be fatal but this is not recommended.

Do dogs get all their nutrients from pet food?

No, although dog food has all the nutrients that a dog needs to survive it doesn’t cover everything. For example, dogs cannot live entirely on bread. For treats or when dog food isn’t available they can eat other things such as meat or vegetables.

Why do dogs smell each other’s behind?

Dogs have a special part of their nose that allows them to excrete smelly substances when they want to mark their territory. When two dogs get really close together they sniff each other’s back end so that they can both smell the same smelly substance.

Why does my dog suddenly hate me?

Dogs do not hate people unless they are abused by them. If you have had a happy relationship with your dog before then it is more than likely that he doesn’t actually hate you, he is just acting aggressively towards you because he is scared or upset for some reason. You should try to calm him down and avoid any sudden movements.

Can dogs get depressed?

Yes, just like people dogs can get depressed for a variety of reasons. Dogs also express depression in a similar way to humans. For example, a depressed dog may not feel like eating and will have reduced energy levels. If you notice any of these signs you should take your dog to a vet as soon as possible.

Why do male dogs lift their legs to pee?

Like humans, dog’s bladders are located near their bottom. Since they do not want their legs to get wet when they pee, dogs have evolved so that they can raise their leg a bit to avoid getting splashed.

How do dogs communicate with each other?

Dogs communicate mainly by smell. They can tell an enormous amount of information about another dog just by smelling them. Dogs will also communicate with other dogs by sound, particularly if they are in pain or are feeling threatened.

Is it true that dogs can’t look up?

It is a common misconception that dogs cannot look up. In fact, they can look up, they just find it difficult to do so since they have more axis (or degrees of movement) in their eyes than we do. This means that they have to move their whole head to change their line of sight.

Do dogs get sunburn?

No, dogs do not get sunburn, however they can get sunstroke. Just like us, dogs should never spend too long in the sun and should be kept in the shade to prevent them from getting burnt or overheated.

Is it better to stroke a dog from the front or from the rear?

Most dogs prefer to be stroked from the front. When stroking a dog from the front you are putting the dog in an aggressive position. The dog is less likely to bite you since he can see your hand and he is expecting you to touch him. From the rear, the dog can’t see your hand and may feel more threatened. However, this may depend on the dog’s personality. You can experiment and see which way your dog prefers.

Why do dogs like biting your toes?

Just like humans, dogs like dirty jokes! They will often bite your toes because they know that you will pull away and this movement reveals that your feet are attached to your legs. It is fair to say that most people find a dog biting their feet uncomfortable and so the dog learns that biting feet causes a nice reaction. The more you react, the more the dog will do it!

What do blind dogs dream of?

Just like us, dogs dream about events that took place earlier that day. Research has also shown that dogs can dream upon request. Through a technique known as ‘destination search’, a dog is able to focus on an image and bring it into his dreams.

What is actually inside a dog’s stomach?

Both dog’s digestive system and ours start in the mouth and end at the rectum. Unlike humans their stomachs are made of several chambers each with a specific job. The saliva produced in a dog’s mouth is very caustic and designed to break down meat. Inside the stomach, the food is turned into a liquid before moving into the small intestine where most of the nutrients are absorbed. The waste is then collected in the cecum and then passed out as faeces.

Is it true that the colder it gets, the more lazy dogs become?

Yes, this is true. When it gets colder outside, a dog’s metabolism slows down and they seem to become more lazy. It has been proven that a dog will eat up to 25% less food in the winter than in the summer.

Do animals ever get depressed?

Just like us, some animals do get depressed. This can be for a number of reasons including loss of companionship, changes to their environment or illness. Animals can become withdrawn and often don’t show the same enthusiasm for things that they once did. For example, a depressed dog often won’t want to play anymore. A depressed cat may refuse to play with its favourite toy or it may stop using its scratching post.

How are dogs able to identify what is happening when they sleep?

Dogs are able to dream about events that took place during the day through a process known as ‘elicitation’. By thinking about events that took place earlier, dogs are able to dream about specific things that happened. For example, if a dog was walked through a park before dinner, it may dream about the park.

What percentage of dog couples are both male?

Since male dogs have a tendency to be more affectionate towards their owners, dog couples are usually both male. However, female dogs do seem to enjoy being petted and cuddled as much as the males.

What colour do dogs see things in?

While humans and other animals see things in colour, it is not certain whether or not dogs can. Colour is thought to be a human perception that doesn’t exist in the dog’s reality. Instead, the world is made up of more basic elements such as movement and sound. With this in mind, it isn’t surprising that guard dogs don’t seem to have a problem finding escaped prisoners!

Did dogs originate on Earth?

While the earliest ancestors of the dog lived on Earth, it isn’t clear whether or not they originated here. Many fossilised remains have been found on the Moon, a planet that was once Earth’s closest neighbour. With no atmosphere to protect it, the Moon was subjected to constant meteorite bombardment that severely cracked its outer layer. By the time Earth had reached its current stage, the Moon was little more than a barren rock that couldn’t support life. The constant bombardment increased the size of the craters on its surface and reduced the size of its continents. Today, only two areas on the Moon are big enough to be called ‘continents’. These are known as ‘Mare Imbrium’ and ‘Mare Serenitatis’ and contain many fossilised remains of animals, some of which we find a striking similarity with similar animals found on Earth.

Do all dogs have belly buttons?

Just like humans, all dogs have a navel (belly button). This is because all mammals are developed in a similar fashion and go through various stages of development before they reach adulthood. When an animal is still an embryo, it has a belly button too!

Why do dogs tend to tilt their heads when they listen to something?

Dogs are able to hear higher sounds than humans. Because of this, they are able to pick up a higher degree of information from a noise. By tilting their heads to one side, dogs are able to determine the precise direction a sound is coming from. This sense is known as ‘audiofocusing’.

Can dogs get sunburn?

Dogs can get sunburn, especially around their ears. Sunburn is more likely to occur if your dog has lightcoloured skin. If you’re going out in the sun for a long time and your dog is pale, it might be wise to put sun block on him!

Why do dogs roll around in dirt?

A dog rolling in mud or earth is often perceived as ‘unclean’ behaviour. In fact, rolling in mud probably has a functional purpose. A dog’s coat is water repellent and protects him from the rain and also insulates him from cold. When he rolls in mud, it makes the fur less shiny and makes it easier for him to hunt prey in the water. It also masks his scent from animals that might otherwise be able to track him down.

Why do dogs bury bones?

Dogs sometimes like to bury bones in the ground. This might seem rather puzzling, but it actually helps to preserve them. By burying the bone, a dog ensures that other animals won’t dig it up and eat it. The ground also acts as a natural refrigerator, slowing the rate at which the bone starts to rot.

Why do some dogs seem to hate the rain?

There are two theories about this phenomenon. One is that dogs feel as if they’ve just been ‘punished’ by their owner (if they’re indoors) and feel guilty about it! The other is that when the ground gets wet, it loses its ability to act as a natural refrigerator. This means that the smell of the bone begins to spread and could attract other animals in the area. By keeping the bone safely out of sight, a dog is able to come back later and continue to sniff out the bone with no competition!

How do dogs react to fireworks?

Some dogs seem to love the sounds of fireworks and will often become excited. Other dogs, however, will cower away under a table or behind a chair, sometimes even whimpering or trying to leave the house altogether. The reason why some dogs love fireworks is that they have a short burst of sharp sounds which echoes within their ears and this is often perceived by them as being a large animal nearby. This triggers their predatory instinct and they become excited. Dogs who react badly to fireworks often suffer from a lack of stimulation. They are usually quite isolated and don’t have many things to do, so the sudden noise causes them to become frightened. If your dog is afraid of fireworks, it might help if you can play some loud music on television or radio to help mask out the sound. You can also try to encourage them to engage in a favourite game or activity to keep their mind off the noise.

Why do some dogs eat grass?

Dogs have been known to eat grass occasionally. There are a couple of theories about why this happens.

A common myth about eating grass is that dogs do it to aid their stomachs. While this might be true for sheep, it definitely isn’t true for dogs. Dogs have an excellent digestive system which doesn’t give them any problems and there is no proof that grass helps it in anyway.

One theory suggests that dogs eat grass to help their digestion. Although this might be true for sheep, it definitely isn’t true for dogs.

The other main theory about why dogs eat grass is that they do it to get rid of a nasty taste in their mouth from something they’ve eaten earlier. If you’ve ever eaten lilies, you may have tasted bitter flavors. This is because some plants give off a chemical to protect themselves from being eaten.

This might also be the reason why dogs eat grass after eating something bad. They are trying to get rid of the nasty taste!

What is a dog’s favorite toy?

Every dog has their own favorite toy, just like every person has their own favorite toy. Some dogs like to play with soft and cuddly toys like a stuffed animal, while others like to play with squeaky toys or even tennis ball! Some dogs even enjoy playing with other dogs! It depends on the breed of dog as to what they like to play with. Some dogs, especially those who grow up around children, are very gentle and enjoy playing with dolls or other toys designed for children.

Most likely this is because they see children as their “pack” and want to play with them. Other dogs prefer to entertain themselves and don’t need human interaction to have fun!

Why do dogs like people more than other dogs?

Dogs tend to display pack behaviors. They are social animals who evolved from wolves. Some of these pack behaviors are evident even in domesticated dogs. This means that dogs prefer interacting with other members of their pack. In the case of domestic dogs, they see humans as part of their pack.

For some dogs, this means that they prefer the company of humans more than other dogs! There are many different reasons for this. For some, it is because they have had more exposure to humans or less exposure to other dogs.

For others, their innate behaviors and natural instincts compel them to prefer humans over other dogs.

Some dogs are ambivalent and display both pack behaviors and prefer the company of either dogs or humans. It all depends on the individual!

Why do dogs sniff bottoms?

Dogs have a Jacobson’s organ which allows them to detect specific chemicals in others. This helps them determine things like gender, mood, pregnancy, and more. For dogs, the smell of a another dog’s bottom indicates many key factors about that dog. Because of this, dogs will often sniff each other’s bottoms before interacting or mating.

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This is very similar to how humans exchange greetings or talk to each other. By exchanging pleasantries, they let each other know that they are friend and not foe. In the case of dogs, they let each other know their sexual interest or if they are ready to mate.

How long does the average dog live?

The average lifespan of a dog depends on many factors. The biggest factors are usually linked to the breed of dog. For example, a Border Collie may only live around 10 to 12 years, while a Mastiff can live up to 8 years. Other things that affect a dog’s life span include diet, access to veterinary care, and genetic problems.

Whether or not your dog will reach its full life span is dependent on you!

Why do some dogs only eat one type of dog food their entire life?

Just like humans, every dog is different and has different tastes. Some dogs may love the taste of a certain brand or flavor of dog food, so they will eat nothing else! Other dogs may just be a picky eater and require coaxing to try a new brand or flavor.

Most dogs will be willing to try new things and won’t restrict themselves to just one type of food. It is important to make sure your dog is eating a balanced diet, but don’t worry too much if your dog doesn’t like the flavor of the month.

Does my dog see in black and white?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not see in black and white. In fact, studies show that dogs can see colors, just like humans. The myth about dogs seeing only in black and white most likely came about because of a dog’s limited access to colors. In the wild, a dog’s environment is usually limited to dirt, mud, and vegetation. These all tend to be earthy colors that might not be as vibrant to our eyes, but are certainly bright colors to a dog.

While their environment limits their ability to see colorful things, there certainly is no shortage of color around us. From the bright red of a stop sign to the electric blue of a billboard, dogs are able to see all these colors and more. While we can only imagine what the world looks like through a dog’s eyes, it is probably every bit as colorful as our own!

What do dogs dream about?

Dogs, like humans, also experience sleep cycles. They enter different phases that include REM (rapid eye movement) during which they are able to dream. It is unknown whether or not dogs are able to experience the entire sleep cycle like humans do. Most of the time, dogs tend to just drift in and out of light sleep. This could be a mechanism that prevents them from wasting too much energy while away from a source of nourishment.

As far as what exactly they dream about, this is unknown to anyone. We can’t really know what their thought process is when sleeping, but we can make some logical assumptions.

First off, dogs tend to sleep more lightly than humans do. This is why they are more easily awoken and usually in a state of alertness when doing so. It would make sense then that if they drifted into a deeper sleep, they might start having longer and longer dream sequences.

I think it is safe to say that dogs probably have very vivid dreams.

Does my dog see in color?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs can see in color. Most of the time, their environments are not as vibrant as ours so we assume they can’t, but this is untrue. Dogs are able to see blue and green the best, with blue being the most prominent. You will often notice that dogs seem to prefer walking on blue carpet versus red carpet. This may be because the red color seems to “bleed” into the other colors on the carpet and the blue is the color that “pops” out the most.

The reason why we think dogs only see in black and white is because their environment consists of mostly dark greens, browns, grays, and blacks. To us, this looks like black and white, but to a dog it is full of various shades and tints of colors. What we consider to be black and white film to take pictures with, is actually a very bright color to a dog.

This means that all those black and white photos you have of your old childhood dog are now full of color!

Why do dogs like biting your fingers and pulling your pants down?

Dogs, especially puppies, tend to bite at just about anything. This is because, for a short period in their lives, their teeth are growing at an unnatural rate. This is why you will notice that most puppies have several missing teeth or won’t have a full set until they are around three years old.

Your fingers might be a little tender, but this is nothing compared to the pain that they feel when their teeth are growing. This is why dogs like to chew on so many things. They need to find some relief and your fingers will work just fine.

Your fingers are not tender because they are mean, but because they still have sensitive teeth.

When it comes to pulling your pants down, this could be for a few different reasons. Puppies tend to be very curious and are discovering things for the first time. They don’t know that your pants are meant to stay up so they will investigate the new garment.

If it bends and moves when you push on it, then it must be OK to play with. The best way to get rid of this behavior is to give your dog more toys and attention. If your dog knows that you are a source for good things then they will continue to seek you out.

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Another reason why dogs pull your pants down is more of a dominance thing. If a dog gets large amounts of attention when they do something like biting your finger, then they will continue to do it. This is because it gains a strong reaction from you.

Many dog owners unknowingly encourage this behavior by giving their dog attention every time they bite them or other people. This is how your dog learns that biting you causes you to do something nice. The easiest way to get rid of this behavior in this case is to ignore the dog when it bites you or other people. After enough time passes, the dog will eventually learn that biting does not get it the attention it wants and will look for other ways to entertain you.

Why does my dog always lay in front of the door and block me from leaving?

Dogs are territorial creatures by nature.

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