One Labrador Puppy Or Two

The following is a list of some of the most common questions and concerns about owning one or both dogs:

What is the best type of dog for me?

There are many types of dogs available for adoption. Some are smaller breeds such as pugs, chihuahuas, bulldogs and terriers. Others include large breed such as Great Danes, Labradors, Rottweilers and German Shepherds. There are also other small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Jack Russell Terriers. These are all great companions for people with allergies or those who have trouble sleeping due to noise.

Some of these dogs may not be suitable for everyone. If you’re looking for a smaller dog, it’s always better if they’re neutered so they don’t bite or injure their owners. Other factors to consider before making your decision are the price tag, temperament and whether or not you want a rescue animal.

How do I choose which dog is right for me?

It depends on what kind of person you are. Some people prefer larger dogs because they require more attention than smaller ones. You’ll need to decide if size matters to you and then make sure that the dog fits into your lifestyle.

There are many different dog breeds out there, each with their own characteristics. There are several online quizzes that can help you decide which dog is right for you. Some are made to be funny, but there are some that can also be quite accurate.

Of course, you could always go to a shelter or rescue centre and ask an employee for assistance with choosing the right breed for you. The benefit of doing this is you give an abandoned dog a new home and they will likely throw in some free training. However, if you get one that has health or behaviour issues, the costs of fixing this can be high.

Should I get a male or female dog?

This is entirely up to you and your preferences. Male dogs (aka dogs or bitches) are often thought to be better for guarding property. They’re also more likely to wander off if not on a leash. If you get one that’s not neutered, it may also start marking its territory by peeing on things.

If you get a female dog (known as a queen or dog), they tend to be better with smaller children because they are less likely to accidentally hurt them. They’re also better at tending to their young.

How much does it cost to keep a dog?

This is entirely dependent on which breed you own and what level of care you provide. On average, it costs around $500 each year to own a dog. This includes the initial cost of buying or adopting a dog, food, accessories, medical care and other miscellaneous costs.

Some breeds, such as Siberian Huskies, American Pit Bull Terriers and German Shepherds tend to be quite active and thus require more exercise. Other breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers and Poodles were bred for certain tasks and are more content to lie around.

A big factor that affects the cost of keeping a dog is its size. Large dogs require more food than small ones, especially when they’re growing. However, large dogs typically live longer than small ones.

Either way, you should expect to pay at least $10 per week for food for your dog. Other expenses, such as medical care, toys, treats and other accessories are all dependent on whether you want to pamper your dog or not.

How much exercise does my dog need?

This is entirely dependent on which breed you own and what level of activity it needs. On average, a medium-sized dog will require somewhere in the region of 30 minutes to an hour of walking, running and playing each day. Dogs also need time to tire them out, just so they don’t get bored and chew things, like your shoes or your favourite chair.

There are several factors that can affect how much exercise a dog needs. For example, a herding dog will require more exercise than a sedentary breed, such as the Basset Hound. Breeds that were originally bred for hunting, such as Hounds, require a lot of time to be outdoors in order to truly relax.

If you really don’t want to exercise your dog yourself, there are options available for you. For instance, a few Kmart’s across Australia have begun selling dog treadmills, so you can let your dog run itself to exhaustion while you do something else, such as browse the catalogue. Otherwise, there are facilities dedicated to dog fitness and training.

These are often expensive to use, but they’re a great way to ensure your dog gets the exercise it needs.

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