Puppy Paperwork: Contracts, Certificates & Microchipping

Puppy Paperwork: Contracts, Certificates & Microchipping

A few years ago I was working at a veterinary clinic. One day I received a call from one of my colleagues who works at another hospital. She told me that she had found out that there were some puppies missing from her hospital. They were taken away by their owners and sold somewhere else without any documents or papers to prove ownership.

I immediately called the police and reported this incident. A couple of days later I got a phone call from a lawyer who wanted to see me about something. When I arrived at his office, he asked me if I knew anything about this case. I told him that I did not and he said that it would be very easy to get the dogs back since they didn’t have any paperwork proving ownership.

He then explained how he could easily do it and gave me a list of lawyers who specialize in such cases.

The next time I saw him, he offered me money for the dogs which was really tempting so I agreed to sell them. After all, they were just puppies!

Crazy law

A lot of people do not realize that it is illegal to sell a pet in Alabama without proof of rabies vaccination. Just days after the dogs were sold, the couple who bought them took them to another hospital and claimed that they had been vaccinated, which they had not. The hospital was obligated to report this to the health department who then had the police track down the dogs to where they were purchased. The hospital I used to work at was then required to pull up all records on these dogs and found that they had not been inoculated which resulted in a fine of $2,000.

After an investigation process, the person who sold them was arrested for selling dogs without proper vaccination and fined $1,000. This was eventually appealed in court and the fine was lowered to $500. The appeal was an easy win since the owner had a lot of documentation to prove proper vaccination and the dogs were returned after which they were adopted into a new home.

This event taught me that it is important to keep proper records of your pets and to always ensure that your pet is properly vaccinated before selling or transferring ownership. In fact, after this event, I decided to become a vet because I realized how many people do not follow proper guidelines when it comes to their animals.

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