Puppy Potty Training Problems Solved

Puppy Potty Training Problems Solved:

In the previous section, we talked about 4 month old puppy not potty trained. Some people think that it is because they are too young or they do not have enough patience to wait for their puppy to get used to using the toilet.

However, there are other reasons why your puppy does not use the potty right away. Here are some of them:

1) Your dog is afraid of getting wet!

2) You are not teaching him how to use the potty properly.

3) You did not give him enough time to learn.

4) Your dog was born with a bad habit and you need to change it immediately.

Here are the four main causes of not using the potty correctly:

The first cause is fear. If your pup fears getting wet, then he will be scared when he goes to go to the bathroom.

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Therefore, you must teach him how to use the potty properly before you start giving him any water.

The second cause is that you are not potty training your puppy properly. If you do not teach your dog how to go, then he will not learn.

You must show your dog where the litter box goes and watch them as they go so that they can get used to it. Remember to praise them after they have finished so that they know what they are doing is good. Puppies like praise!

The third cause is that you are expecting too much from your dog. You need to let them get used to things at their own pace.

For example, if you want your dog to learn how to go outside in one day, that is going to be very difficult. You must give them time to adjust.

The fourth and final cause for not using the potty is that your dog was born with a bad habit that you need to change right away. That means if your dog is urinating or defecating inside your house, then you need to take action immediately.

Here are some steps to change your dog’s behavior:

First of all, place a bell by your front door. Every time you let your dog in or out, shake the bell vigorously to startle him.

This will teach him that whenever he hears the bell, he will know that he is going outside.

Second of all, get a leash and hook it on to your dog’s collar. Every time you let him in or out, take him to the same spot where he goes do his business.

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This will help reinforce the bell ringing behavior.

If you follow these steps, then your dog will learn to never soil indoors.

Does your dog have a problem with peeing or pooping indoors? Do you want an easy solution to this problem?

Well, if you answered yes to this question, then I have the solution for you.

First of all, you need to get a bell. The type of bell that I would recommend is this one: Premier Pet Products Adjustable Twist Bell.

This bell comes with straps that attach the bell to your dog’s collar so he cannot remove it. This way when he goes outside you can hear the bell ring.

Furthermore, every time your dog finishes his business outside, you must ring the bell. The jingle that the bell makes will let your dog know that he is doing a good thing.

After a week of doing this, your dog will learn that whenever he hears the bell, he is going outside to go to the bathroom.

If there are any accidents in the house and you do not catch your dog in the act, then you must punished him severely. You must yell at him and show him that what he just did was wrong.

If you catch him in the act then you must scold him and then take him outside to finish what he started. After this is done, you can praise him for going outside like a good boy.

If your dog has formed the habit of going to the bathroom inside, then it is going to take a little longer for him to get over this problem. It could take months, but if you follow these instructions then it should help.

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