Puppy Teething and Teeth – A Complete Guide to Your Puppy’s Teeth

Puppy Teething Symptoms:

When your puppy bites or scratches his/her lips and nose, it means they are upset. They may be hungry, tired, scared or just happy.

Sometimes they will scratch their head while doing so. These behaviors indicate that your pup is experiencing some sort of emotional state. Some other signs include whining, growling, barking and even crying!

The following list shows all the common puppy teething symptoms. If your pup exhibits any of these behaviors, then it means that they are having trouble with their teeth.

You need to take them to see a vet immediately!


Some dogs will chew on their tongue, others will pull at their front teeth and still others will bite down hard on the back of their neck. All of these behaviors indicate that your pup is upset.

Your dog might have a toothache or an infection, but if they are biting hard enough to cause bleeding around the gums or mouth, then it means something is wrong! Take them to the veterinarian as soon as you can.


This could be a sign of aggression, but if your dog is growling because they are experiencing pain then it is a good idea to take them to the veterinarian. Sometimes even the best of friends will fight when one is suffering.

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In this case, your dog is probably feeling vulnerable and may lash out when touched or approached.


This sound is usually an indication that your dog is in some sort of pain. Whining can also be a sign of extreme happiness or sadness, but your dog will most likely whine with their teeth together.

The whining sound is made as an attempt to ward off other animals and people. While this may not work on humans, it sometimes can deter larger animals.


A dog that normally would never bark is probably in pain. The barking sound is made out of distress.

It could be that they are in severe pain and need immediate medical attention.


Some dogs will chew on almost anything. These chew toys are as interesting as a ball or a stick.

If your dog is chewing but not eating, then something might be wrong. Either they have an infection or foreign object stuck in their teeth. Take them to see a veterinarian as soon as possible!


Dogs get stomach aches too. If your dog is curled up in a ball and cries out every now and then, then they might have a condition called colic.

Puppy Teething and Teeth – A Complete Guide to Your Puppy’s Teeth | thelabradordogs.com

This condition is caused by gas build up or some other form of constipation. The cramps can be quite severe and when they come around it is best if the dog receives immediate medical attention.

Puppy Teething Age Chart:

When do puppies teeth?

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