Shar Pei Lab Mix

Shar Pei Lab Mix Temperament:

The Shar Pei is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their loyalty, love of family and friends, and being loyal to those they care about.

These qualities make them ideal companions for children and adults alike. However, these same traits can cause some owners to become frustrated with their dogs due to their lack of social skills or other behavioral issues that may not be immediately apparent at first glance.

One of the biggest issues many pet parents face when it comes to their Shar Pei is the fact that they do not have any training experience with their dogs. Many times, they will purchase a new Shar Pei puppy thinking that all of its training would come naturally.

Unfortunately, this is rarely true and even if it were, there isn’t much that can be done about it once a dog reaches maturity.

It is very common for novice breeders to buy puppies from online breeders because they offer a lower price than purchasing a puppy directly from the breeder. Online breeders often sell puppies that are several weeks younger than what a typical breeder would normally sell their puppies at.

They then attempt to pass off these babies as “new” puppies in order to get away with selling them for less money. This practice is called “puppy milling”.

While this practice is certainly not exclusive to the Shar Pei breed, it is a growing problem that plagues the breed more than any other. It is especially popular in China, which has become known as the world capital of online puppy sales.

The fact is, a lot of these puppy mills are run by organized crime rings where breeding mothers are kept confined to small, wire cages for their entire lives with no chance at parole.

The mothers are neglected and not given anything that a normal dog would need, such as regular grooming, veterinary care, or proper nutrition. Instead, they are forced to pump out litter after litter until they are no longer able to breed any longer.

Once this happens, they are usually killed and turned into low-grade meat products for sale in grocery stores and butcher shops.

Due to their confinement, many of the dogs are under a great deal of stress and become very timid around people. This makes them “snappy”, which doesn’t make for a good pet in most cases.

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To combat this problem, many of these breeding facilities will give the dogs a great deal of sedatives so that they won’t fight back when handled. Unfortunately, this sometimes has the opposite effect and causes them to be lethargic. They are also known to give these dogs steroids as well, which can cause a number of side effects including but not limited to; increased aggression and a higher susceptibility to disease.

These same breeders will then have their puppies taken away from their mothers much earlier than normal in an attempt to garner greater profit margins. Without the mother around or the proper nutrients, these puppies become very sickly and prone to a number of health issues.

The only way the breeder makes any money is if the puppy lives, so many of these facilities will put their puppies through a series of tests from a very early age to ensure that they are healthy enough to be sold.

Once these sickly puppies pass their test, they are packed up and shipped out all over the world.

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