Should You Spay Your Labrador? A look at pros and cons

What Is The Best Age To Spay My Labradoodle?

The age of your dog depends on many factors. Some dogs are born with certain health problems which may not improve or worsen over time. Other dogs develop these conditions later in life due to various reasons such as: surgery, cancer treatment, genetic disorders etc. So it’s always good to check with your vet before having any major procedure done on your pet.

Some dogs may need to be spayed because they are showing signs of sexual maturity (breed specific) or because their reproductive organs have reached a point where they will no longer produce enough offspring. Many times there is a delay between the onset of puberty and the actual breeding season.

In some cases, even after the breeding season has ended, the female dog might still be producing eggs. If she does not ovulate, her fertility may never return to normal.

Other dogs may need to be spayed because they are showing signs of aggression towards other animals, humans or each other. They may exhibit aggressive behavior toward strangers, especially if they feel threatened.

This could include biting, growling and lunging at people. These behaviors can escalate into full out fighting attacks. Sometimes these types of dogs do not show any signs until they reach adulthood or older and then only very mild ones. Sometimes, it’s a case of mistaken identity when a mother dog thinks her puppies are in danger and attacks an adult human who is unaware she has even given birth. If you think your dog may be in this situation we urge you to seek out the advice of a professional, before things get worse.

There is another reason why female dogs are sometimes spayed and that is for medical reasons unrelated to their reproductive organs. A female dog may suffer from a disease or illness that requires surgical removal of one or both of her ovaries.

This is very rare but it does happen on very rare occasions (about 1% of all spays).

In some cases, female dogs are spayed to prevent the spread of certain types of cancer that affect their reproductive organs. This is very rare in dogs but it does happen.

If your dog has a family history of certain types of cancer, it may be wise to have your dog spayed.

Occasionally female dogs are spayed after they have already produced offspring. This usually happens when their mother refuses to care for them or the puppies are being neglected by their owner.

In these cases, the female dog can become irritable and restless. The dog can also become depressed and frustrated if she is constantly ignored by her owner.

Is There A Right Age To Spay A Female Dog?

There really isn’t a right age to spay your female dog, just as long as she has developed enough (around six months) that the procedure is safe. Dogs can have their first season anytime between the ages of six months and two years.

What To Do If You Are Against Spaying Your Dog

If you are against spaying your female dog, please do not get one. It really is that simple.

There are so many dogs in shelters that really need loving homes and would make great companions, without the extra costs of having puppies in the future.

Should You Spay Your Labrador? A look at pros and cons at

In many countries, it is against the law to own a dog if you do not intend on having it spayed. Please respect this law, failure to do so could result in you losing your dog or even a fine.

Spaying your dog is not painful for the dog and does not impact on it’s behavior at all. Spaying will not change the bond you have with your dog or how much it loves you.

If you are worried about your pet having health problems in the future, rest assured that your female dog will suffer far less disease and illness than if she had been spayed.

Some people who are against spaying claim it can make female dogs lazy and fat. There is no truth that this is the case, in fact it really helps reduce the risk that your dog will develop certain types of cancer.

If you are still against spaying your female dog for any reason, you should at least make sure that she is in peak physical condition and get her to a trainer to help her burn off any excess energy.

What Happens If I Don’t Have My Female Dog Spayed?

If you don’t have your female dog spayed you are really going to regret it. There are so many unwanted dogs in this world and countless dogs that are neglected, abandoned or even turned into shelters because they have produced puppies that were not wanted by their owner.

By not spaying your dog, you are contributing to this problem. The reason why dogs get abandoned or even euthanized is because people can’t look after them.

Even if you think you will be able to find good homes for the puppies, this is rarely the case.

If you really love your female dog and don’t want her to have puppies then it would surely be kinder to get rid of it altogether.

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