Should your Labrador sleep in your bed

Labrador Puppy Sleep Patterns:

When it comes to your dog’s sleeping habits, there are two main types; those that stay up all night long and those that need some rest before they can get back into the swing of things. There are different breeds of dogs out there and each one has their own sleeping pattern. Some dogs like to lie down while others prefer to stand or even walk around in a circle. Some dogs will nap during the day and then go right back to sleep at night.

The only thing that all dogs have in common is that they all require some time off from time to time.

The first type of dog that you may encounter is the “stay up all night” type. These are the most popular breed because they tend to be very active, but not so much that they’re getting too tired after just a few hours of activity. They’ll often wake up several times throughout the night. If you live in a city, chances are these dogs are probably yours!

These dogs usually sleep in a crate or even their owner’s bed.

The second type of dog that you may encounter is the “rest all day” type. These dogs tend to be quieter than the previous group and will generally only wake up once every couple days or so. If you have a farm, chances are these dogs are more likely to be yours! They won’t usually sleep in the house either, but prefer to stay outdoors and have access to a shelter.

Regardless of what kind of dog that you may have, it’s important to make sure that they get a little downtime every once in a while so that they don’t become overworked. Dogs can also get sick from being overworked, so make sure that they’re getting enough rest.

Stopping your Puppy from Sleeping in Your Bed:

For most of us, letting our puppies sleep in the bed is just a natural thing. Despite the fact that they shed, lick their genitals, and move around more than we do, there’s just something about puppies that make us want to let them sleep with us.

After all, who doesn’t like puppies?

One common problem is what to do when you have company over. No one really wants to see a dog in the bed. Luckily there are some things that you can do to prevent this before it becomes an issue.

One thing that you can do is to purchase an elevated bed for them to sleep on. This will keep them up off the ground, but also allow them to sleep near you. They’ll still be able to see you, but they’ll be off the furniture and floor.

Another thing that you can do is to actually prevent them from being in the room when you have company. A lot of people accomplish this by crating the dog or placing it in a locked room with a bed, water bowl, and toys. This way the dog isn’t in the way and isn’t preventing your guests from enjoying their time with you.

Some dogs can actually be trained to stay off certain pieces of furniture. This can be done by gently pushing their head off of the furniture in a playful manner every time they get on it. Do this often enough and they’ll quickly learn that the furniture you don’t want them on is off limits.

Should your Labrador sleep in your bed -

Remember, training your dog will take patience, but it’s something that’s definitely worth it in the long run!


Some people get lucky and their puppies are fully capable of going to the bathroom outside. Other people seem to have it harder, especially if they work long hours and are gone for most of the day. This can create a problem with having an accident in the house. If this is a problem that you’re facing, never fear!

There’s a way to solve this problem.

One way of solving this issue is to purchase an extra large crate and set it up in a location within your house. Make sure that it’s not in a location that you or your guests will constantly be walking through. Set a strict schedule for taking them outside. This means every two hours at the least, but can increase depending on their age.

Take them to the exact same spot every time. This could be on the grass, a sidewalk, or even on the edge of your driveway. The key is that they learn to associate the act of going to the bathroom with only that spot. Take them out of their crate and immediately take them to the bathroom spot. After they go, praise them! This will let them know that they’re doing a good job. If they have an accident in the house, there’s a couple things that you can do.

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