Springadors are not just for kids anymore! They have become popular with adults too. There are many different types of springadors. Some of them are:

The “big” ones (about 10 feet tall) which are very strong and aggressive; they like to fight. These springadors prefer fighting each other rather than humans.

The “little” ones (about 4 feet tall), which are much smaller than big springadors. They tend to be timid and gentle creatures. They are good companions for children.

There is another type of springadors called the “puppy” or “kitten”. Puppies and kittens are very small compared to the big ones but they still have enough strength to defend themselves from predators such as dogs, cats, etc..

Adopt a Springador

Springadors are a great way to spend time with your family. You can enjoy watching them at play, training them, feeding them and caring for their physical needs. They are easy to care for and don’t require any special food or water requirements. Their diet consists mostly of grasses and leaves so they need little attention during the day and sleep most of the night. They love to play hide-and-seek games with other springadors.

They are great for families with young children since they love to play and they are very intelligent. It is important to get a springador that suits your family’s needs.

Chocolate Springadors

Chocolate springadors are a very dark brown or almost black in color. They are sometimes referred to as ravenous since they are very playful and energetic. These springadors are not good guards since they tend to ignore everything except what interests them at any given moment! They are very loving and affectionate towards their master and family. They like to show off their tricks and play antics on just about anyone.

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These springadors are very curious and tend to get themselves into trouble quite often. It is important to keep an eye on them at all times and keep them on a lead when outside your home.

Silver Springadors

Silver springadors have beautiful silver-grey fur and dark black noses, footpads, and eye rings. They are a very clean and fastidiously clean themselves several times a day whether they need to or not! They are prone to chasing small animals but are easily distracted by shiny objects. These springadors love to play in the water and will fetch things for their owners. If these springadors are not given any attention they get upset quite easily.

They are very loving towards their owners and always want to be in the middle of everything!

Ginger Springadors

Ginger springadors have soft light orange or ginger colored fur and dark black noses, footpads, and eye rings. They are referred to as the “redhead” springadors since they act very outgoing and flirtatious towards their owners and other humans in general. These springadors have an uncanny ability to detect if someone is angry at them or not. If someone is angry with them they will hide in cabinets or underneath furniture. These springadors are very playful and can keep your attention for hours with their antics.

They love to play “fetch” and can sometimes be very clownish.

No matter which type of springadors you choose, you can be sure that the time you spend with them will be full of joy and happiness!

The type of springadors you can adopt are:

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These dark brown with black markings are the most common springadors.


Also known as “cubs”, these have a rich milk chocolate color.


These light gray with black markings are very quick and active.


These tawny orange to light golden brown with tan markings have beautiful amber eyes. They are the most intelligent of all the colors.

Springadoring: A Sport?

A few years ago, a strange fad hit the Southern Province of Nocturne. It was the Springador races. These are a series of races that involve people on Springadors running them through various obstacles. Prize money is given to the winner and becomes greater if you clear all the obstacles. The fad has died down but a sport has risen in its place. There are now several leagues that you can join to pit your skills against otherSpringador riders.

However, there is nothing official about this. It’s all just for fun and organized by people who want to hold the event in different villages. The rules and regulations of the leagues vary from league to league. Some have small prizes, others just grant the winner bragging rights.

You can search for a league or create your own.

Rules and Regulations:

¤ Must be organized by at least two people.

¤ The race can take place anywhere.

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¤ If you are serious about the event, a larger prize (if any) should be offered to entice more competitors.

¤ The amount of Springadors you are allowed to have on your team varies from event to event.

¤ Register yourself and your team for the race.

¤ Races can last anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

¤ For a more organized event, a series of races can be held. Each rider competes in a separate race until there are only half of each remaining. The winners of those then compete in an final race to decide the winner.

Springador Racing

In these days of war and strife, many turn to the simpler things in life to get their mind off the constant worries. For some, it’s gathering around with friends to drink in a local tavern. For others, it’s betting on which raindrop will reach the bottom of a window first. Of course, for some it’s studying ancient tomes and learning magic. And then there are those who like to ride Springadors through obstacle courses!

Springador racing is a very simple sport to spectate. All you have to do is bet on a Springador to win the race (and making sure it finishes within a certain time, of course). Of course, you can also race and possibly win a lot of money!


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¤¤¤ You may only have three riders on a team.

¤¤¤ A rider may be replaced if they are unable to participate in a given week.

¤¤¤ A rider that falls off their mount must wait for the next week before racing again.

¤¤¤ You must declare what time you believe you can cross the finish line. This time limit is realistic, meaning don’t pick a time eight hours when everyone knows it’ll more likely be ten.

¤¤¤ The time starts when the judge says “Get Ready!” and then when the rider crosses the finish line.

¤¤¤ If a rider fails to cross the finish line in the predicted time, they are out. If all riders but one fall off their mount, that one rider gets a free pass to the next week (but if they fall off, they’re out). The last rider left wins.

¤¤¤ You may also bet on a specific rider to win. If your rider comes in first place, you win more money!

The front doors to the Guild are locked at this time of night, but there is a small side door somebody left propped open with a brick. The light from the moon and stars illuminate the path ahead leading to the stables.

After closing the door behind you, you start to traverse the path that will lead to the stable. The night is as silent as a grave, and not a single breeze stirs the air. Your footsteps squish into the ground with each step, consuming the only other sound.

Strange that there isn’t anyone else here… The stable hands should be working ’till dawn preparing all of the Springadors for the big day tomorrow… Unless something has happened!

You quicken your pace.

Cautiously, you approach a shadowy form standing in the distance. The stable looms just beyond it, and the Springadors inside are restless.

It isn’t until you’re practically on top of the figure that you can tell it is, in fact, a man clothed in a black cloak wearing a slouchy beany hat low over his eyes. He holds a cane in one hand and something glints in his other.

A sword?

An assassin!

“Alright, don’t move and nobody gets hurt,” the man growls. You can’t see his face, but you can hear the sneer in his voice.

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What do you want?”

you ask indignantly, trying to keep your cool.

“I’ve been hired to kill you.”

By who? Why?”

The man chuckles. “I don’t need to tell you that.”

Well, do you at least need to get a good night’s sleep before you kill me or something?”

“Hah, funny guy. No, I’ll just be getting to that right now if you don’t mind. Good night.

You hear him shuffle forward, and then a sharp intake of breath as he realizes you’re no longer there.

You’ve grabbed the mason jar of lightning bees that you keep on your belt and uncapped it. Now you just need to get close enough…

You lunge forward, smashing the glass container into the assassin’s face. He screams and falls backwards. You flip the cap and unleash the bees. They swarm over him, and he writhes frantically to get them off of him. He lets out a pained yell as they sting him all over, his beady eyes widen in pain and terror…

Then he collapses, rolling slowly onto his back. He doesn’t move again.

You cautiously step forward. He’s dead. Those bees inject a deadly poison when they sting you, large enough doses kill even the sturdiest of men.

You look down at the body with a bit of remorse. It’s never a good idea to just straight up kill someone unless it’s necessary. Then again, he was sent to kill you… If you had let him live, he would have continued trying to kill you.

You did what was necessary to stay alive.

You hear a buzzing, and look over at the bees. They seem to have calmed down a bit, and are flying in lazy circles around the mason jar. You unscrew the cap and take it off, then wave your hand over the opening. The bees don’t react, instead continuing to circle lazily around the jar. You blow gently on them, and they lazily drift outwards.

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You continue to do this, eventually getting them to leave the vicinity entirely. You can hear them on the opposite side of the stable, no doubt investigating something else now that they no longer have a reason to be in this area.

You walk over to the assassin’s body. It’s actually rather small for one of Ecalia’s guards… In fact, it looks nearly identical to the man who came into your shop earlier, if without the flashy clothing and smug expression.

Perhaps he wasn’t a guard at all? Perhaps he was a spy?

You reach down and unbutton the man’s cloak, finding a dagger strapped to his side. You carefully pull it out and find a notebook underneath it. You open it up, and several notes about different things pertaining to the Royal Guard are listed within. It’s obvious he was investigating them for some reason or another. Perhaps this is the same man that the captain of the royal guard warned you about.

You pause, frowning. You’re no spy, and you’re not interested in getting involved in whatever he was doing. You’ve got enough on your mind already. You slide the dagger into your sleeve and button the cloak back up. No need to alert any other spies to what you’re doing with their dead comrade.

It’s at that moment, the captain of the royal guard himself walks in. He stares at the scene before him with a mixture of surprise and horror. He sees you and hefts his sword, pointing it at you.


What did you do?”

It’s now or never. You can either run, talk your way out of this, or confront him.

(You can also just continue reading, but let’s be honest, that’s not nearly as much fun)

The captain seems like he’s seen a ghost. He’s staring at you in horror, and slowly moving his sword towards you…


What did you do?

!”. He repeats himself, more urgently this time.

Well, this isn’t good.

You don’t have a lot of options here. You can try to talk your way out of this, or run for it. You can also draw your own sword and prepare for battle.

Surely one of these will work…


Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Springador at thelabradordogs.com



You run for it!

The problem with running for it is that you were in such a hurry to leave the safety of your house that you neglected to sharpen your dagger, or get a new one entirely. This means that the only weapon on your person is the sword the assassin has strapped to his side.

You’ve never stolen anything from the body of a dead person before, let alone a sword. Still, you’re convinced that this is the best way to handle the situation. After all, you doubt that you’d be able to talk your way out of this one.

You pull the sword from its sheath, and are immediately underwhelmed by its weight and general unergonomic design. Still, it’s a sword, and one designed for a person who is at least half again as large as you, so you should at least be able to use it if your life is in danger. You just hope you won’t have to.

You exit the safety of the stables, and find that there is nobody else in sight. The courtyard and both halves of the path are completely abandoned, with no signs of struggle or violence whatsoever.

The captain of the royal guard is long gone.

You suspect that the assassin is long gone as well. After all, if you were an assassin who had just assassinated the captain of the royal guard in a secluded area at night, the last thing you would do is stick around.

With nothing else to do, you make your way back to your room and retire to bed. You toss and turn for some time, pondering your next move. As the sun slowly rises, you come to a decision. You need to leave this place. Now.

There’s nothing for you here anymore.

Springador - Picture

You pack up your belongings, checking to make sure that the documents you took from count Grey’s manor are still safely tucked away in your pack. You then leave your room, descending the stairs to the ground floor of the inn.

It is early, and there are few people up and about at this hour. You make it out the front door of the inn and onto the street with relative ease. The street urchins who usually hang around the entrance to the docks are still sleeping, coiled up together for warmth in a spot just a little ways down from where you are.

You turn your attention to the sky. The sun is peeking over the far horizon, but the sky directly overhead is still dark. Dawn is usually your favorite time to fish, simply because of how beautiful the water and sky look at that time.

You pause for a moment, just taking in the beauty of the dawn and letting the peace of it calm your spirit. This will be the last dawn you ever see in this world, in this life. You feel a certain sadness at that fact, but at the same time a certain peace.

You take one last look around, then set off towards the docks.

The assassins, Nicodemus, the guards, nobody can stop you from leaving this place. You have the documents that count Grey entrusted you with, and that should be enough to convince any bureaucrat that you’re not just some wandering vagabond looking for a free handout. If all else fails, they’ll have to accept you into Klyton because it’s the only option they have.

You reach the docks. A few fishing boats are already returning, looking as if they just went out last night. You don’t pay them any mind and instead begin scanning the boats until you find one that looks familiar.

“I’ll be coming with you today,” you call up to the captain.

Oh, ya are?”

the captain asks, approaching. He looks you over. “

Where’s yer stuff?”

“I don’t have any. I don’t intend to stay.”

Then what good are ya to me?”

“I can work and I know what I’m doing. I just need a ride to Hessla.”

The captain crosses his burly arms and squints at you in the rising sun.

“…” he begins to say, but then trails off.

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