The Best Medium Sized Dogs for Family Living

The Best Medium Sized Dogs for Family Living: Small Size or Large?

Small size dogs are considered to be the most suitable for families with children. They have a smaller profile which makes them easier to carry around and they do not require much space. They are also very easy to train because their behavior is predictable and manageable. However, it is important to keep in mind that there may be some behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, hyperactivity, fearfulness etc. If these problems occur, then it would be better if you choose a larger size dog.

Medium size dogs are usually more than adequate for families with kids and they provide plenty of room to move around and play. They tend to be a bit reserved but still friendly enough to make them good companions for young children. However, they need extra attention from parents due to their large size and might get bored easily so it’s important that they receive regular exercise too.

Large size dogs are generally considered to be the ideal choice for families with kids. They are big enough to comfortably fit into any home and they offer lots of room for activity. They are also quite social animals so they will probably enjoy spending time with other family members. However, their size means that they might become bored easily and it is important that they receive regular exercise too.

What Makes a Dog Good For My Family?

All dogs possess unique personalities and it is these that determine whether or not they are a good match for your family. Some dogs are very playful, while others tend to be a little more relaxed. Some breeds are more affectionate than others and some have a high exercise requirement. It is important that you match your activity level and lifestyle with that of your potential new dog. Think about what you want from a dog and then choose one that seems as if it will suit your needs.

Below you can find a short list of what to look for in a family pet:

1. Get a dog that’s energetic.

You’ll all enjoy energetic dogs like Labradors and German Shepherds because they love to play and are always happy to see you. However, you should be aware about their high exercise requirements so make sure you provide them with plenty of walks, jogs and outdoor activities.

2. Get a dog that’s intelligent.

Smart dogs like Poodles and Border Collies have the natural instinct to obey commands. Training them is a breeze with the right approach and they can easily entertain themselves when left alone by busting out tricks that will impress all of your friends.

3. Get a dog that’s protective.

Dogs like German Shepherds and Pit Bulls have an innate sense of guarding your family and territory. They will warn you of potential dangers and are naturally suspicious of strangers, so they make great guard dogs. Just make sure you provide them with enough socialization when they’re young so they don’t turn out to be canine-cops.

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4. Get a dog that’s hypoallergenic.

Not all dog breeds shed their fur, so if you or someone in your family has an allergy then it is best to get a dog that doesn’t shed much hair at all. Hairless dogs like the Chinese Crested are your best bet or you can always choose a medium-long haired breed and simply vacuum a lot more often.

5. Get a small dog.

Many small breeds are considered to be ideal for families with children because their size makes them less intimidating and they are more likely to tolerate the pulling of their tails and ears. In addition, small dogs live longer and require less exercise. This makes them a better financial decision in the long run.

6. Get a hunting dog.

Dogs like Beagles have an outstanding sense of smell and were originally bred to hunt game. They make great companions for hunting enthusiasts because they have a great sense of smell and can track anything from a lost child to the deer you just shot. They do require lots of exercise though and need to be socialized from an early age.

7. Get a herding dog.

Herding dogs were bred to move livestock around, hence the name. They have an intense need to follow orders and will attempt to herd anything, whether it be cats, children or other dogs. This can be a blessing when you are trying to get your toddler to go to bed, but it can also be a nightmare if you have a running antelope or emu as a pet. They need a lot of exercise and should be kept on a leash at all times.

8. Get a hunting and herding dog.

Some dogs have the best traits of both herding dogs and hound dogs. These hybrid dogs combine the best features of two different breeds to create the ultimate family pet. A good example is the Blenheim, which is half Beagle and half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Now that you know what you want in a dog, it’s time to choose one! Take a look through your local newspaper or online and find a suitable breed. Make sure you look in the lost and found or shelters too!

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, it’s time to talk with your parents. A dog is a long-term commitment and it requires a lot of effort on your part, so you need your parents’ permission first. Once you have their permission, choose a name for your dog and pick it up from the nearest railroad station. There are endless possibilities!

Congratulations, you’ve just adopted a dog! Now the real fun begins!


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* Remember that dogs are a lot of work. Grooming, feeding, walking – you need to do it all! Some breeds are lazier than others, but be prepared to spend a lot of time with your new pet.

* A female dog will cost less to neuter and will typically contain their leg-lifting to outside. A male dog will mark its territory inside the house, so keep that in mind when choosing.

* Be sure to get your dog on a leash before taking it for a walk. Dogs have a natural tendency to run off and chase things. If yours does this and doesn’t return, you just lost a member of your family. A short leash will prevent this from happening.

Good luck! And remember: dogs are a lot of work!


* You don’t need a dog to be happy. Dogs are very expensive to own and require a lot of work. Make sure you’re ready to commit to this responsibility before taking one on.

* Female dogs are better for people who aren’t able to walk them often. They are the ones that tend to lift their legs a lot more, which means more clean up when you take them for walks!

* If you have a yard, get a herding dog that doesn’t have a lot of energy. They like to lie around and sleep most of the day. Some herding dogs can be very energetic, which means more walking for you!

* Remember that dogs are long term commitments! They live on average 11-13 years, so think carefully before bringing one into your home.

Do you really want to spend that much time taking care of another creature?


* Miniature Schnauzers, Poodles, and Pomeranians are great for city living. They don’t require as much exercise as other dogs and they don’t have extreme amounts of hair that you’ll need to clean.

* If you have a yard, lots of running room is needed. Get a herding dog or a retriever if you plan to get a large space for it to play in. Be sure to exercise it everyday!

* Be sure to neuter or spay your dog when it reaches 2 years old. Dogs that are not fixed can get aggressive, especially around other animals and people. Spaying and neutering can prevent certain types of cancer from forming in your pet.

To read more about dog care and training, go to the Pets page.

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You’d think that after all the years of raising animals and caring for goldfish, your parents would have caught on that you really want a dog. But, they still haven’t said yes. Every time you bring it up, they tell you ‘maybe later.’

Well, it’s later now and all your friends at school have dogs, why can’t you? You’ve taken all the responsibility in the past so why can’t you have a pet now?

It’s not all bad though. You get to walk home from school with your best friend Talia. She talks about her dog at home a lot and you have to admit, you’re a little jealous. “I can’t wait to play with April after school,” she always says.

“I can’t wait to play with Mr. Smith,” you always reply, being very original with your name choice.

Mr. Smith is the name of your penguin puppet. You always make up great adventures for him and his stuffed penguin friends. Talia thinks its very creative, but you think all the best stuff happens in Antarctica so you don’t have any other puppet friends to talk with.

So, did you do the math homework?”

she asks.

“Yeah, took me forever.

Did you read the chapter for English?”

I forgot, can you remind me what it’s about again?”

You and Talia have been inseparable since the first day of kindergarten. You’re even in all the same classes. The teacher always says you should enter a two person spelling bee competition because you would undoubtedly win.

Your walk home is quick, only ten minutes. You’re poor so you live in a bad part of town. Lots of lower income families live here, but you manage.

“See ya later!” Talia says when you reach your separate houses.

You wave goodbye and walk up to the small green house with a front porch that’s tilting to the side. The yard is unkempt and cluttered with junk no one has moved in years. Your mom is busy inside so you go in and slam the door behind you.

“I’m home!” you yell.

No answer. This is the norm for you, your mother works a lot and is rarely home. Sometimes you wonder if she even loves you.

She gave you a life and sheltered you from the awfulness of the world, but does that mean she loves you?

You’ll never know. But that’s ok, because you’re fine without it.

You head to your room and begin your daily 2 hour ritual. You play your clarinet for two hours everyday. This is the only time you feel free to do what you want. Your practice has improved greatly and you’re the best in your class.

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College scouts have been watching you, but your mom doesn’t know that yet.

Once you’re done you decide to go out back and practice your pitching. You’ve always had a good arm and all the trophies in the glass case in the living room prove it. Your curve ball is unstoppable and you can hit any target dead on.

Maybe you’ll be playing professionally one day?

Anytime your mom gets mad at you she says ‘I pay for everything, yet you do whatever the hell you want.’ This is why you don’t want to tell her that you’re applying to Juilliard or Boston Conservatory next year. She’d just say no because she works all the time and doesn’t want you to move. But you’re 18 and you can move out if you want.

As you practice, your stomach starts to rumble. You head inside to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You open the fridge and nothing is appealing to eat. All the food is expired and has been there since before your mom went back to work after you finished chemotherapy.

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