The Labernese: A Bernese Mountain Dog Labrador Retriever Crossbreed

The Labernese: A Bernese Mountain Dog Labrador Retriever Crossbreed is a breed of dogs developed from the combination of two breeds: the Golden Retriever and the Bündner Schnauzer. They are known as “Labradors” because they were originally bred to work in mines where their hardiness made them useful. Today, they have become popular pets that enjoy being cuddled and loved like any other pet.

They are very intelligent and affectionate animals that make wonderful companions. They love children and will do anything for them. They are not aggressive towards humans or other animals, but they tend to get bored easily if left alone too long.

They need lots of exercise and mental stimulation so it’s best to keep them busy with some sort of activity every day.

The Labernese are generally considered to be a gentle breed, though they are not necessarily docile. They can be stubborn at times and may bark when annoyed. Their intelligence makes them quite sociable and friendly, but they can also be mischievous and playful.

They are good watchdogs, but they don’t always understand what is expected of them.

The Labernese is a large dog that can reach up to 90cm and 27kg when fully grown. They have a large head with floppy ears and big, brown eyes. The coat is short and dense with a water-resistant quality.

The body is slightly longer than it is tall, with a strong neck, medium-sized legs and big feet. The tail is thick and tapers to a point. The coat is either black, black with white markings or red with white markings.

The Labernese is a very healthy breed that suffers from few breed-specific problems. They are prone to obesity, so make sure you measure out enough food to keep them active. It’s also important to check their ears and teeth regularly and keep them clean and they may be prone to some eye disorders, as well as hip dysplasia.

The Labernese is a good choice for first time dog owners. They are generally healthy, but may be prone to some disorders. They need lots of human interaction, so it’s important that whoever owns one is around frequently.

They are very friendly and playful, but they also need a lot of exercise and activity. It’s best if they live in a house with a yard so they can move around as they please.

They can get on with children and other dogs if they are raised with them from a young age. They may chase smaller animals, such as cats due to their instinct to hunt. They also bark a lot so may not be the best choice for an apartment.

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America for a reason. These gentle, friendly dogs are absolutely perfect as family pets. They love children and are very tolerant, but they also require a lot of exercise and activity to stay happy.

They love to play and swim and make great running or walking partners. They are enthusiastic, energetic and incredibly obedient. They adore their owners and want to be around them all the time.

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They are very accepting of strangers and will happily welcome visitors in their home.

They are very easy to train and relatively clean dogs. They only really have two problems. They love food, so you have to be strict about keeping it out of their reach and they have a tendency to become obsessed with toys and stuffed animals and can tear them apart in minutes.

Other than that, they’re pretty perfect animals.

The long-haired variety of the breed does shed more than the short haired breed, especially during the Spring and Summer months.

The Lab loves people, other dogs and even cats. They are very energetic and enjoy playing outside. It’s important that they have plenty of exercise and a job to do or they will find their own job which isn’t always appropriate!

They are very intelligent dogs and very capable of solving problems. This can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s great when they know how to turn lights on and off or open the fridge and get the food that they aren’t supposed to have. It’s bad when they wake you up at 4am to let them out because they can’t work out how to open the back door!

These are very easy-going dogs who get on with pretty much everyone. They do however have a few conditions. They must have lots of attention from their owner or they can become destructive.

They also require a lot of exercise and activity. They cannot be left in a kennel all day while you work. They need to get out and get some exercise or they will become hyperactive, destructive and unhappy when you get home.

The strong sense of hearing these dogs have makes them good guard dogs. They will bark at any unfamiliar sounds or smells. They will even bark at shadows or moving curtains blowing in the wind!

They are very hearty dogs and not susceptible to lots of larger health problems that other breeds are prone to. They can live for 10 to 11 years on average. They shed heavily twice a year and drool a lot.

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They love food and will eat anything within reach.

Spirk’s Personality

You are a very friendly person and you get on well with both friends and strangers. You love to meet new people and chat. You also like to have a joke with people, particularly if you know them pretty well.

You have a few friends that you hang out with on weekends. You don’t go out of your way to make friends, but if someone is friendly towards you, you will happily become friends with them.

You are reliable and people can count on you to help them out in an emergency. You don’t get angry easily and can keep calm under pressure. If someone is having a problem, you will drop what you are doing to help them.

You are also a loyal friend. If one of your friends is in trouble, you will do everything in your power to help them out. Even if you don’t get on with them anymore, you still wish them no harm and would not see them come to any harm.

Spirk is a people’s person. He gets on with pretty much everyone he meets. His upbeat and friendly attitude is very contagious.

People who are having a bad day are quickly cheered up by his company.

He is very reliable and can always be counted on to help friends in need. He will often help people he hasn’t even met before when they need it.

He is a genuinely happy person and always tries to look on the bright side of things. Even if something bad happens, he is very resilient and can easily bounce back from disappointments.

However, he isn’t completely oblivious to problems and an argument can convince him that a particular course of action is foolish or misguided. He does have the ability to see things from others’ perspectives.

When he gets angry, Spirk’s cheerful demeanor disappears. He gets very sarcastic and is very impatient with people. If you were to make him really angry, he would lose his temper and resort to physical violence.

If he encounters someone with a nasty personality or who is being deliberately cruel, he doesn’t keep their company for long. He doesn’t like being around unhappy people as it tends to rub off on him.

His sunny outlook on life stems from his childhood. He had a relatively happy childhood and he enjoyed playing in the countryside near his home.

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Spirk’s childhood was fairly normal, but he did have lots of freedom. He lived in a small town called Wartsburg and he played in the fields and forests around where he lived.

His father was a hardworking farmer and his mother looked after him and his three brothers. They all lived in a small but comfortable home. His family was always happy and they never went without anything they needed.

Spirk only went to school for six years, but he caught up quickly and after leaving he got a job working on the farm next to his parent’s land. He didn’t like working on the farm because it was dull and repetitive, but it was only supposed to be temporary until he found something better.

He had lots of friends in school and was captain of the local football (soccer) team.

One winter he got very sick and had to stay in bed for almost two weeks. He missed a couple of months of school because of this illness. His father said he caught a cold, but his mother said that he was ‘lucky to be alive’.

No-one ever told him what exactly was wrong with him.

His father died from a fall while ploughing the fields when he was sixteen. He had been ploughing a steep part of the field when the horse suddenly pulled to the right. The plough suddenly hit a rock forcing it into the ground and his father lost his balance and tipped off the front of the wagon.

His neck was broken when he hit the hard soil.

He was very sad when this happened and cried for weeks. His mother was devastated as well and didn’t want to stay in the farmhouse anymore; she moved to Wartsburg and opened up a small shop. Spirk continued to live on the farm and look after the animals and crops until he left for university.

When he was nineteen, he suddenly grew very sick again. He vomited all night and had a high fever the next day. This continued for almost a week until he collapsed in the fields and starting having seizures.

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A passing doctor lived close by and came to his aid and he was taken to hospital.

He was diagnosed with Arterial Malformation (a birth defect where veins grow abnormally), which had grown over his heart. The doctor said it must have been what caused him to collapse. They removed the growth and he quickly recovered.

He was a little depressed after the operation as he now knew he couldn’t do hard labour anymore, but he was soon his old self again. He had been given a second chance at life and he wasn’t going to waste it like his father did.

He studied really hard for the next three years and got a scholarship to the local university. He loved it there and had lots of friends. He specialized in biology and nature.

He really enjoyed the classes about plants and flowers.

He gets a job as a biology teacher at your school once he graduates. He is really looking forward to it as he said it will be like one big extended class. He has been living with his mother in Wartsburg while he saved up money for the apartment, but he is moving into the old school nurse’s office.

He really needs you to do something for him though, he wants you to go over to his mothers house and check if there is an old family photo he can put on his desk. He says the picture is in a black frame, about 10 inches by 12 inches and has five people in it. He remembers who all of them are except for his mother.

He says she is a young girl in the photo and that his father, George, is standing behind her.

He gives you the address and tells you that it is only a few blocks from the school. He needs to know if you can do this for him by tomorrow morning.

Will you go and check out the house for him?

Yes, you will go.

You head outside and walk down the street until you get to Silvia’s house. You ring the doorbell and soon a middle-aged woman answers. You presume that this must be her mother.

Hello dear, what can I do for you?”

she asks kindly.

You explain that you are a friend of Silvia’s and that you need to see her about something important.

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“I’m afraid Silvia is taking an afternoon nap right now. I’m not going to wake her as she works nights at the hospital, so if it’s really important you will have to make an appointment to see her during office hours tomorrow.”

You decide that it can wait until tomorrow and leave.

The next day at school, you begin your new life as a student!

You have decided to live in an apartment near school. It’s not much but it only costs $200 a month which is pretty cheap overall. You get a job at the local pizza joint as a food delivery driver and with your mom’s payment for the house you now own, you are doing well for yourself.

Your first day of classes goes well and you settle into a nice daily routine over the coming weeks. Your teacher, Mr. Finkle, says you are a natural when it comes to art and biology, while history is still a bit of a struggle.

But you manage to pass your classes without any problems.

Your job drives you an hour in each direction so by the time you get home, eat dinner and do your homework, it’s usually time to sleep. You don’t get much time to socialize, but that’s kind of what you wanted when you moved here.

As the weeks pass, you learn more about your new home. Wartsburg has a population of just over twenty thousand and is known for its pizza and college football team. A lot of the locals have their own small businesses and are very friendly to you.

You even begin to make some friends among the natives.

The months pass and before you know it, graduation is drawing near. You hope that Silvia will be able to walk at the ceremony, as you really don’t want to walk alone. You feel like you haven’t spoken to her in months as you don’t bump into her anywhere and she doesn’t reply to your texts.

You hope she is doing well.

Finally, graduation day arrives. Your photo is in the yearbook so that’s something at least. You wonder what you will do after graduation.

The future is wide open as you have completed your high school education.

You get ready and walk to the school with your mother. You see a few seniors celebrating but nobody else from your class seems to be around. You meet up with your mom and head into the gymnasium.

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Everyone is already seated and you find your seat with mom.

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