Week Old Puppy – Thrills, Spills, And Problem Solving

Weekly Update:

The last day of the first week of Puppy Week was a big one! Last night I had to go out and do some work around the house so I didn’t get home until late tonight. When I got home it started snowing again which means it’s time for another round of puppy photos! Today’s batch are from our new neighbor, Laura. She lives across the street from us and she brought her little guy with her today.

He’s only been here a few days but already he looks like he belongs here. He even came over to play with me yesterday when I opened up the door for him.

I’ve never seen a dog before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after taking a quick look at him, I’m pretty sure he fits right in with all the other dogs around here. They’re all friendly and they seem really happy being together too. I think the best part is that they all seem to enjoy each others company. That’s something I haven’t experienced since my own dog died a couple years ago.

We went out for dinner and while there were no problems getting anything to eat, we did run into a problem with the waitress forgetting our drinks. Luckily she remembered though and brought us back both of them. After eating we decided to head back home because it was starting to get dark out now. On our way out we stopped by the hostess station to let them know that we were done with dinner and that was when I got my first look at her face. She was about the same height as mom but younger, probably around aunt Jen’s age.

As soon as she saw us standing there she lit up.

“Oh, I thought it was you!

How have you been? Are the girls still behaving themselves?”

she asked.

“Um, yes. I mean no. I mean…” mom stammered a bit and as she tried to find the right words, the hostess stepped forward.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to explain who you are. I know exactly who you are. In fact, I’ve been keeping up with everything you’ve been doing with the girls.”

You have? How?”

“Oh I have my ways…” the hostess said as she looked at us and pointed at us in turn. “…and I know all your names too. This must be Ashley and you’re Lisa.”

Mom was speechless for a moment but then she started talking again.

How did you know? Who are you?”

“It’s a small town, and as I said, I’ve been keeping up with everything going on with the girls.

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