What Can Dogs Not Eat – Which Foods Are Not Safe To Share

What Can Dogs Not Eat – Which Foods Are Not Safe To Share?

The following are some of the most common foods dogs cannot eat:

1) Fish, Shellfish, Crustaceans (crab, lobster), Insects (bee, wasp or ant), Arthropods (roach, fly), Molluscs (clam or mussel).

2) Meat from Animals other than Carnivores.

3) Eggs.

4) Dairy products.

5) Seeds, Grains and Legumes (beans, peas, lentils etc.


Dogs do not have stomachs! They cannot digest any of these foods. These foods will cause vomiting and diarrhea within minutes if they get into their system at all. If ingested, it may cause death due to dehydration or even starvation in extreme cases.

The best way to avoid feeding your dog anything that could potentially kill him is to never leave out such items from the list above. Even if you don’t want to give up fish, shellfish, crustaceans, insects or molluscs for fear of poisoning your pup, there are still other foods that can be safely given to them.

Can I feed my dog human food instead of dog food?

Rice, yams, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes can all be given to a dog as a substitute for dog food. These root vegetables contain starches that will provide energy in times of need. Green leafy vegetables are also a good substitute and can easily be found in cans or frozen, for those who have busy schedules.

The occasional meat can be given as a treat. This can range from half a can of tuna fish to the muscle of a cooked chicken or even cooked liver every once in a while.

This will ensure that your dog is getting proper nutrition and enough energy for all his daily activities and exercise.

Can dogs eat pork?

Cooked pork can be a good source of meat and fat for a dog. However, it is not recommended that you give them large quantities of it due to the high amounts of salt and fat that it contains in it. It can also cause stomach upset if the dog has a sensitive stomach.

Avoid any uncooked pork products as these can carry parasites that could make your dog quite ill.

Can dogs eat cooked chicken bones?

Cooked bones can be given to a dog but only as a treat and only once in awhile. They should never be seen as a replacement for any other food that your dog should normally be getting.

Chicken bones are soft enough that they usually won’t splinter and damage your dog’s insides however it is possible.

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