When Can Puppies Go Outside: Is It Safe To Take Your Puppy Out

When Can Puppies Go Outside: Is It Safe To Take Your Puppy Out?

It is very important to know whether your dog can go outside or not. You need to make sure that your dog does not get sick from going outside too much. If you have any doubts about it, then please do not bring him/her inside!

The answer is yes, your dog can go outside after vaccines. However, there are some things you must keep in mind before taking your pup outdoors.

1) Do Not Let Your Dog Go Outside Without A Proper Vaccination Schedule!

You will want to follow the vaccine schedule exactly. Some dogs may be able to go outside without getting sick if they do not get vaccinated against rabies and hepatitis B virus (HBV). Other diseases like parvo, distemper, leptospirosis, canine parvovirus (CPRV), and even rabies cannot be passed to humans through saliva.

So you need to vaccinate your dog against these diseases.

2) Keep Your Dog Inside During Winter Months!

Your dog needs to stay indoors during winter months because cold weather causes the immune system of dogs to weaken. Dogs are less likely to catch disease if they remain inside all year round.

Let the dog go outside only if it is not winter time, but keep an eye on it at all times.

3) Watch Your Dog Whenever It Goes Outside!

Dogs are prone to lots of diseases. If you do not let your dog out too often, you will lessen the chances of it getting sick. Watch your dog whenever it goes outside.

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Take note if it vomits or displays any other sickness like diarrhea, loss of appetite, or tiredness. You need to make sure the dog stays healthy.

4) Dogs Are Also Prone To Getting Struck By Lighting!

Keep an eye on your dog if it is going outside during a storm. Dogs are prone to getting struck by lightning and other electrical activity. Understand that it is not safe to let your dog go out if there are storms in the area.

Even being a dog of steel, it can still get hurt or worse.

5) Dogs Also Get Scared Of Fireworks!

Fireworks are not kind to any animals. Dogs have sensitive ears that are prone to loud noises. Keep your dog inside if there are fireworks going off nearby because they can really scare the dog and cause them to run away or get lost.

Dogs are great companions. They can make life more fun. But you must keep them healthy if you want to enjoy their company for many years to come.

6) Watch Your Dog When Near Certain Chemicals!

Dogs are prone to certain types of chemicals. In particular, some forms of rat poison are very toxic to dogs. The most common type is called warfarin.

If you have any rat poison lying around the house, make sure your dog cannot reach it or eat any.

Rarer types of rat poison can actually cause a lot of damage to your dog’s health and possibly even be fatal.

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7) Watch Your Dog When Riding In A Car!

Even the safest of drivers can get into an accident from time to time. Make sure your dog is safely secured in a crate or carrier if you need to bring it with you in the car. It is not safe to just let them sit freely in the back seat.

Even a short trip can turn tragic if the driver has to suddenly break hard.

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