When Can Puppies Leave Their Mother – When To Take Your Puppy Home


The age of a pup leaving its mother depends on many factors such as:

1) The number of litters it has had; 2) The quality of care provided by the breeder; 3) The temperament and health of the pup (and other factors); 4) Whether or not the mom was neutered during pregnancy; 5) How old the littermates are when they left her kennel.

There are some breeds that have been bred for years without ever having any litters. These dogs will never leave their mothers even if she’s in poor condition. They’re just too stubborn! If you want your dog to remain with its mother, then you’ll need to start looking for another breeder.

If you’ve got a very young puppy, chances are it hasn’t had enough experience yet and may be less likely to leave mom. You could try to get him into a foster home, but don’t count on that working out. Most shelters won’t accept puppies under six months of age.

If you’ve got a puppy over six months of age, chances are it’s experienced enough and probably doesn’t mind being away from mom either. There are no laws against taking a puppy home before the legal limit of seven weeks. That means you can bring home your first puppy after only five days!

Some breeders will let you take the puppies home before four weeks, but that’s only if they’re having problems with the litter and need to get them out of there quickly. Once again, be prepared to provide your own care because most veterinarians won’t want to deal with such young pups.

The absolute earliest you can get a puppy is two weeks, though some breeders won’t even do that because it deprives the mother of her milk. It’s not likely to have any health issues due to its premature birth, but it can be a bit more skittish and timid than the littermates that were born later.

When Can You Take A PUPPY Home?

There are several puppies in your home right now if you have children! Getting a pet for your child is a great idea and there are all sorts of animals to choose from. The first thing you need to do is decide what type of pet you want.

Is it going to be a dog, cat, fish, bird, or something else? Also, do you want an older pet or a puppy?

Each choice will have its good and bad points so let’s take a look at each one.

Older Pets

If you decide to get an older pet, visit your local animal shelter. These places are filled with great pets that need a home. Unfortunately, many people get pets and then don’t take care of them properly or can’t take care of them at all. When this happens, the animal ends up at the shelter.

When Can Puppies Leave Their Mother – When To Take Your Puppy Home - thelabradordogs.com

However, most shelters will do home visits before giving animals away so they can make sure the pet is going to a good, safe home.


Older pets tend to be cheaper than puppies.

You have a wide selection of animals to choose from at most shelters.

Many shelters do home visits, which means they will make sure the pet is going to a good home.


While older pets tend to be cheaper than puppies, they can still be expensive and some shelters ask for a donation.

Most shelters only give out animals of a certain age and this can limit your choices.

Picking an older pet involves more responsibility. You need to make sure the pet has a good home for the rest of its life, which means you need to provide it with proper care and be sure you can afford vet bills.

You should consider all these things before going to get an older pet.

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